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The Adventurous Yellow Kacheek

by bubbles150


In Neolodge Room number 598 was a female Yellow Kacheek wearing a: Pleasant Kacheek Wig, Seasonal Turtleneck Jumper, Hardy Blue Trousers and a pair of Wellington Boots playing on the floor with a Yellow Kacheek Plushie in her hands and a Rainbow Fountain Faerie Doll which was being held by her Petpet, a pink Hasee. In the Kacheek’s room was a Beauty Bed (which had Kacheek plushies on it and is near the window), a Purple Wardrobe (near the door), Pink Vanity Desk and Sunny Yellow Chair on the right side of her bedroom wall, a Pink Aisha Bookshelf (full of plushies and located above her Pink Vanity Desk) and a Fancy Rug which was at her door.

     “This is exactly what I needed. Thanks for taking the time to help me. You may come to visit me at my Rainbow Fountain any time! I’ll be happy to reward you with a brand-new colour!” The Hasee said, providing the voice for the Rainbow Fountain Faerie Doll after the Yellow Kacheek Plushie had given her a random item.

     “You know, Josi. Instead of allowing our plushies to get this reward all the time, why don’t we go on an adventure and see if we can find the Fountain Faerie herself and do a quest for her? Maybe we can be rewarded and I’d get the chance to become the Plushie Kacheek I’ve always wanted to be” the Kacheek suggested to her Hasee.

     “I love that idea, Lhaiza! But how will we get to Faerieland and find the Fountain Faerie?” Josi asked smiling at the Yellow Kacheek now known as Lhaiza.

     “We’ll have a look at the map of Neopia which will help determine how we’d get to Faerieland from Meridell. I know Acuarina recently got back from her adventure and told us all about it, she is certainly brave. Ours will be different as we’re interested in going to Faerieland and meeting the Fountain Faerie so we can hopefully get a request from her” Lhaiza said remembering that Acuarina had told them about hers and Raine’s journey.

     Josi listened to Lhaiza in great excitement. She could hardly wait to go to Faerieland. “When will we go and will we ask Acuarina and Raine to come?” she asked wishing they could go right now and thinking about how much fun it would be going with Acuarina and Raine.

     Lhaiza looked out her window only to see it raining, she then smiled and looked at Josi. “We can’t go now since it’s raining, we can prepare for things though and go next week sometime when the weather is better. And sadly no, Acuarina and Raine said they’re planning to go on another adventure, I remember them saying that” she said.

     Josi nodded “will we start writing down the things we need for our journey? We have to figure out how long it will take to get to Faerieland from Meridell” she asked.

     “Yes, but first, we’ll clean up this mess then we can plan our journey” Lhaiza said as she picked up a few plushies that were on the floor. Josi helped Lhaiza put the plushies away.

     “Should we bring any of the plushies? Josi asked eagerly thinking it would be fun for them to go on an adventure too.

     Lhaiza smiled. “Of course! We can’t go without them, but remember, we need to ensure what we bring will fit in the Explorer Backpack and that there’s room for other things” she said.

     “Couldn’t we go to the Shop Wizard to buy another Explorer Backpack?” Josi asked thinking it would be better to bring more items.

     “That’s very tempting, Josi, however, I think I’d struggle with two Explorer Backpacks. Though I just thought of an idea, I could go to the Shop Wizard and buy one of the newly released Team Virtupets Gym Bags to store things in! That way I could carry more items with and with you on my shoulder it shouldn’t be too much trouble. I could put all the camping items in the Team Virtupets Gym Bags” Lhaiza said. She imagined how difficult it would be having two Explorer Backpacks full of items and then figured it would be easier to carry an Explorer Backpack and the Team Virtupets Gym Bag.

     “Ah, that’s an amazing idea, Lhaiza! We should do that. Can we please go to the Shop Wizard now so we can buy The Team Virtupets Gym Bag?” Josi asked, eager to go camping and forgetting that it was raining outside.

     “No, we can’t today, however, we can write a list down on what we need to get from the Shop Wizard. We can buy them when the weather is better” Lhaiza said before turning her attention to Josi who looked disappointed.

     “Cheer up, Josi! It will be worth the wait, I promise. Let’s tidy up our room and then go have lunch at the restaurant in the Neolodge, I’m hungry and I know you are too” Lhaiza said imagining herself eating a Fresh Green Salad and having a drink of Orange Juice at the restaurant with her friends at the Neolodge’s busy restaurant.

     Josi smiled at the thought of food. The Hasee began helping Lhaiza tidy their room which took about an hour to do due to the mess they’ve made that morning.

     “What will we do after lunch, Lhaiza?” Josi asked after they finished cleaning up.

     “We could write a list of things we need, then colour in the Maraquan Colouring Book with our Deluxe Set of Colouring Pencils, there’s not much to do in weather like this, Josi” Lhaiza said as she opened the door to their room. Josi smiled and nodded. She loved colouring in and helping out with lists.

     “Will we buy a bike to ride to Faerieland, Lhaiza?” Josi asked remembering that Acuarina had used one in hers and Raine’s journey.

     Lhaiza shook her head then walked out of her room, allowing Josi out after. She closed and locked her door. “No, I was thinking of buying a Blue Scooter. It would be fun riding one all the way to Faerieland!” Lhaiza answered smiling as she imagined herself and Josi on the Scooter, making their way to Faerieland.

     The two made their way to the Neolodge’s restaurant and were greeted by a waitress. She showed them to their table and gave them a menu each to read. Lhaiza thanked her and took the menu, Josi did the same and the two read what there was to eat. The waitress smiled and waited for the two to make their order. Josi and Lhaiza decided to go with a Fresh Green Salad each for lunch, and a Strawberry Jelly for dessert, with a drink of Orange Juice each. The waitress wrote down their orders and took the menus then left them.

     “Will we be staying in the Neolodge at Brightvale?” Josi asked then had a look around seeing how busy the restaurant was. Many Neopets sat with their friends, Petpets and Petpetpets, they appeared to be busy talking, laughing and eating.

     “Yes, of course, Josi! I’ll send a Neomail to them and let them know about our future stay. We’ll also stay in the one at Faerieland for about ten days since that will be about how long it will take us to look for The Fountain Faerie” Lhaiza answered.

     “Ah, I can’t wait! I really can’t! I’m just too excited for words, Lhaiza” Josi said.

     “I’m really excited too, Josi. I can’t wait to become a Plushie Kacheek” Lhaiza said.

     “Is there a Faerie that paints Petpets?” Josi asked.

     “No, we’d have to go to the Petpet Rainbow Pool and paint you with a Petpet Paint Brush. What colour would you like to be?” Lhaiza told her.

     “I’d love to be a Plushie Hasee. I love the colours and thought it would be so cool if we matched colours!” Josi said smiling to Lhaiza.

     “Plushie Hasee are so cute, Josi. Yes, I’m happy to buy the Plushie Petpet Paint Brush for you. We’ll do that when we find The Fountain Faerie or the Grey Faerie. That way we can both change colour to plushie on the same day” Lhaiza said excitedly imagining herself taking a dip in the Rainbow Fountain and coming out as a Plushie Kacheek, then going to the Rainbow Petpet Pool to paint Josi Plushie. The waitress came back with their meals and put them on Lhaiza and Josi’s table. Lhaiza and Josi thanked her and began to eat their lunch.

     “They always know how to make an amazing Fresh Green Salad, don’t they, Josi?” Lhaiza said after she finished her Fresh Green Salad.

     Josi nodded in agreement after finishing hers. “Yes, they do. We should make our own sometime, Lhaiza, it looks easy to do. I’m looking forward to our dessert” she said smiling to Lhaiza as she looked at their empty plates. Moments later, the waitress returned with two Strawberry Jellies and a Simple Ivory Love Spoon each, she placed them on Lhaiza and Josi’s table and took away the empty plates, Lhaiza and Josi thanked her then began to eat their Strawberry Jellies, the waitress then left.

     After finishing their Strawberry Jellies and their Orange Juice Lhaiza and Josi left the table and went back to their Neolodge room to work on a list of items they need to bring with them for their journey. Lhaiza unlocked their Neolodge room’s door and opened it, letting Josi in first, she then followed after, closing and locking the door behind her. The Kacheek then went to her Pink Vanity Desk and pulled out a Black Meowclops Notepad, a Basic Pencil and a Babaa Pencil Sharpener before sitting on the floor with Josi.

     “Alright, what should we bring with us, Josi?” Lhaiza asked as she opened the Black Meowclops Notepad to the first page and got ready to write things down. She placed the Babaa Pencil Sharpener on the floor next to her.

     “We’ll need our Explorer Backpacks, Team Virtupets Gym Bag” Josi began watching as Lhaiza wrote them down.

     “Okay, so far I wrote down Two Explorer Backpacks and one Team Virtupets Gym Bag. Since we’re going on a Blue Scooter, I could put one of the Explorer Backpack on the handlebars” Lhaiza said as she imagined herself do just that. Josi and Lhaiza came up with a large list of items to bring, the two friends planned to spend the next day (depending on the weather) at the Shop Wizard buying all of the items they need to bring with them. Lhaiza planned to practice using the Blue Scooter since she had never used one before.

     Lhaiza wrote the last few items down on the list and smiled. “I think, that’s everything we need to bring, Josi. I don’t think I can fit any more items in, shall we do some colouring-in before we head down for dinner tonight?” Lhaiza said noticing that her Hasee was looking bored.

     “Yes please, that sounds like fun, Lhaiza!” Josi said. Lhaiza got up and put the Black Meowclops Notepad and Basic Pencil back into her Pink Vanity Desk’s top drawer. She then opened the drawer underneath it and pulled out a Maraqua Colouring Book, a Mynci Colouring Book and their Deluxe Set of Colouring Pencils. “Which one would you like?” Lhaiza asked referring to the colouring books.

     “May I please colour in the Maraqua Colouring Book?” Josi asked excitedly. She loved Maraqua.

     “Yes, of course!” Lhaiza answered smiling as she gave Josi the book. She placed the Deluxe Set of Colouring Pencils on the floor and opened her Mynci Colouring Book, both Lhaiza and Josi were soon happily colouring in the pages of their books. The two friends chatted away as they coloured in the pages. Soon Lhaiza and Josi put the Deluxe Set of Colouring Pencils, Mynci Colouring Book, Maraqua Colouring Book and Babaa Pencil Sharpner back into their draws then left to go have dinner. They returned back to their room after enjoying a Whole Mushroom Pizza and a Strawberry Trifle each.

      The next few days Lhaiza and Josi couldn’t go out to the Shop Wizard as it was still raining. However, during the weekend they were able to go as it was sunny much to their delight. The two friends went to the Shop Wizard and spent most of the day there, asking him to search for all the items they needed. He instructed them on where to find the shops for the items they needed. The two friends busied themselves by visiting the various stores he recommended, buying up all the items on their list, and putting everything neatly into the Explorer Backpacks and Team Virtupets Gym Bag. Once they were certain they had everything, Lhaiza and Josi thanked the Shop Wizard and returned home with their arms full of items they needed for their journey.

     Two days later, Lhaiza and Josi finished packing for their journey to Faerieland and drew up two maps just in case they lost one. The last thing that Lhaiza needed to get was the Blue Scooter, she and Josi returned to the Shop Wizard for the final time to buy it. Lhaiza thanked him for his help then she and Josi rode the Blue Scooter back to their Neolodge room. Lhaiza leaned her Blue Scooter against her Beauty Bed and picked up one of the Explorer Backpacks and put it on her back, she then put on her Team Virtupets Gym Bag and slung her second Explorer Backpack on her Blue Scooter’s handlebar. The Kacheek smiled.

     “We’re ready to go, Josi! We’ve got food, drinks and everything ready for the adventure. I can’t wait to tell everyone about it!” Lhaiza said as she took one last look at her room to make sure she had everything. She then pulled her Blue Scooter away from her Beauty Bed, picked Josi up and put her on her shoulder and walked out of their Neolodge room with the Blue Scooter. After closing and locking the door behind them, they rode off on the scooter.

     “I’m so excited, Lhaiza. I just can’t wait to get to Faerieland! We’re spending a couple of nights in Brightvale then off to Faerieland for ten days!” Josi said excitedly, as Lhaiza rode the Blue Scooter out of the Neolodge.

     “We should be at Brightvale by sometime tonight if we don’t get lost!” Lhaiza said. “It takes about two and a half days to get to the Faerieland but so worth it!” she told Josi as she continued riding her Blue Scooter, the two took a break around lunchtime to have something to eat and drink before resuming their journey. Soon night-time fell, and Lhaiza could see Brightvale coming closer insight, making her ride the Blue Scooter faster in excitement. “We’re nearly in Brightvale, Josi!” she said happily. Josi looked ahead of her and could see Brightvale’s castle in sight. They entered Brightvale and stopped for a moment to look around. Not many Neopets were out as it was night-time, however, but there were lights on in nearby cottages and shops. The light from Kreludor (Neopia’s moon), also helped light up the darkness. Lhaiza looked around to see where the Neolodge was, Josi pointed it out and the two friends made their way over to the Neolodge and checked in. They found their room number which was surprisingly the same number they were staying in at Meridell, only the room had different furniture.

     After a goodnight’s sleep and some breakfast, Lhaiza and Josi explored Brightvale. They went into every shop and bought items they thought they might need for their journey to Faerieland. The next day they explored Brightvale Castle and played the Wheel of Knowledge before returning to the lodge for the final night in Brightvale.

     Lhaiza and Josi woke up early the next morning and packed all their items in their Explorer Backpacks and Team Virtupets Gym Bags. Lhaiza picked up Josi and put her on her shoulder and walked with her Blue Scooter out of the Neolodge, giving the keys to the receptionist before making their way to Faerieland. It took them two and a half days to get there but when they did it was worth it. Lhaiza and Josi rode their Blue Scooter to the entrance of Faerieland and were amazed at how beautiful Faerieland looked.

     “Wow! I can’t believe we made it! I’m so excited and can’t wait to look for The Fountain Faerie and The Grey Faerie” Lhaiza said as she looked at Josi and then the scenery ahead of them.

     “I’m too excited for words. What will we do first, Lhaiza? Will we look for them or go to the Neolodge?” Josi asked as she looked around her.

     “We’ll go to the Neolodge to unpack our bags and then start exploring after we have something to eat” Lhaiza answered, figuring that Josi would be as hungry as she is.

     “Yay! I’m not sure what I’m most excited for, exploring or eating” Josi said smiling to Lhaiza. Lhaiza laughed as she rode her Blue Scooter to Faerieland’s Neolodge. When they arrived, Lhaiza checked in and went to their room which again was the same number as the one she lives in back in Meridell. Lhaiza and Josi unpacked the bags, put everything away, and decided to start searching for The Fountain Faerie. Josi sat on Lhaiza’s shoulder as Lhaiza rode the Blue Scooter out of the room and locked the door behind them then made their way out of the Neolodge.

     “Where should we look, Lhaiza?” Josi asked. “She could be anywhere” she added.

     “How about The Healing Springs? Maybe she’ll be there?” Lhaiza suggested and started making her way to The Healing Springs.

     “That’s possible! If she’s not there, where would we try next?” Josi asked.

     “The library?” Lhaiza guessed imagining where The Fountain Faerie could be. Lhaiza and Josi soon made it to The Healing Springs and were excited to see that they found The Fountain Faerie there. At least they thought she was the Faerie they were after.

     “Welcome to my home of healing and relaxation. What can I do for you today? Maybe I can heal you, or perhaps you would like to purchase some of my healing potions?” The Healing Springs Faerie said.

     Lhaiza looked at The Healing Springs Faerie in great excitement thinking she was The Fountain Faerie. “Hello, I’m Lhaiza. May you please change my colour to Plushie?” she asked excitedly as she got off her Blue Scooter and put Josi on the ground next to her. She walked up to the Faerie expecting to change colour to Plushie.

     “I’m sorry, you have mistaken me for my sister, The Fountain Faerie. Unfortunately, I haven’t got her powers to change you to Plushie. You can find my sister at the Rainbow Fountain and if you complete a quest from her, she’ll grant you access to the Rainbow Pool so you can change colour to Plushie. The Grey Faerie borrows rewards from an elemental Faerie or the Fountain Faerie after you complete her quests” The Healing Springs Faerie said, as she spoke a male Faerie Draik dressed in the Draik Archer outfit holding a Faerie Quest Cookie flew nearby, overhearing the conversation. The Draik looked at his Faerie Quest Cookie then at Lhaiza and Josi who thanked The Healing Springs Faerie and walked away.

     “Now we’re on the right track, Josi! We just have to get quests from either the Grey Faerie or Fountain Faerie, that shouldn’t be too hard, should it?” Lhaiza said still determined to become a Plushie Kacheek. Just as she spoke, the Faerie Draik flew down to Lhaiza and Josi.

     “Hi, I heard your conversation with The Healing Springs Faerie and I heard you want to become a Plushie Kacheek. I want you to have this Faerie Quest Cookie, you need to take it to the Faerie Quests and they’ll activate it for you. It gives you nine days of Faerie Quests and a possible chance of getting the Fountain Faerie or Grey Faerie” The Draik said smiling as he handed the Faerie Quest Cookie to Lhaiza. “You can find the Faerie Quests in Faerie City, good luck and I hope your dreams come true” The Draik then started to fly off.

     “Wait! I just wanted to say thank you for your help” Lhaiza called out, however, the Draik couldn’t hear her as he was too far away. Lhaiza and Josi noticed it was getting dark, the two friends made their way back to the Neolodge for dinner and a goodnight’s sleep. The next morning after breakfast they took the Faerie Quest Cookie with them to Faerie City and found the Faerie Quests. After activating the Faerie Quest Cookie, Lhaiza and Josi received the Dark Faerie’s quest for the first day and completed her quest even though it took hours to find the item she wanted. Every day the two would go there in hopes to meet either the Grey Faerie or Fountain Faerie. On the last day, they received a Grey Faerie Quest. She wanted a Puppyblew which Lhaiza was happy to find for her. She and Josi searched everywhere in Faerieland and met a Spardel who was curious to know what they were looking for.

     “Oh, I know where the Puppyblew are, follow me!” the Spardel said then took the two friends to The Neopian Petpet Shop. Though it took a few hours to get there, the wait was worth it. Lhaiza thanked him, she and Josi entered the shop and found a Puppyblew who was perfect for the quest, she bought the Puppyblew and returned to the Spardel who was waiting outside. Lhaiza gave the Puppyblew to The Grey Faerie who borrowed The Fountain Faerie’s reward, giving Lhaiza access to the Rainbow Pool. Lhaiza thanked her and the Spardel then went to the Rainbow Pool with Josi, where she was able to change her colour to Plushie.

     Lhaiza thanked the Fountain Faerie and left with Josi to get Josi’s Plushie Petpet Paint Brush from the Shop Wizard. After buying it they made their way to the Rainbow Pool which took about five hours to get there from Faerieland on the Blue Scooter. Josi and Lhaiza went to the Petpet Rainbow Pool to change Josi’s colour to plushie. Excited, the two friends made their way back to Faerieland and when they got there, they stayed in the Neolodge one more night before packing up all their items and returning home to Meridell. It took them five days to get home from Faerieland. When they returned to their Neolodge room, the two unpacked their Explorer Backpacks and Team Virtupets Gym Bag, put everything away and leaned the Blue Scooter against the wall in their room then went to the restaurant for dinner before going to bed. After a goodnight’s sleep and breakfast, Lhaiza and Josi met up with their friends and the two told them about their exciting adventure, their friends wished they could’ve joined them.

     The End.

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