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The Origin of the Magical Wand of Magicalness

by pixie_tea


What is a true friend to you? How a true friend is defined is different to each Neopian or Neopet. At times, a Neopian or Neopet may not truly know the meaning of a true friend until they come across one. Would you like to hear a story about a friend and the impact they had on my pet and me as well as how the Magical Wand of Magicalness came to existence? You would? Great! Let us take a walk together and I will lead the way. We do not have that far to walk. I really want you to meet my pet, Karainbow the Pastel Kacheek, because after we meet up with her, the telling of the story will begin and it will be like no other adventure you have ever been on. This story’s purpose is to bring everyone on a once in a lifetime adventure and inspire everyone to surround themselves with those who bring out the best in them.

     We finally see Karainbow the Pastel Kacheek waiting at the end of the road in Neopia Central. What is Karainbow holding? You may wonder why this little purple pouch means so much to Karainbow and me. Have a seat and she will make some tea and tell you a story. Actually, she does not have to make tea because of the contents that lie within this Purple Gift Pouch, all of which were passed on to Karainbow and me by my friend.

     Never underestimate this Purple Gift Pouch because it can hold an infinite amount of items since it was enchanted to do so by a faerie. Karainbow reaches inside the Purple Gift Pouch and takes out the Magical Floating Tea Set. The Magical Floating Tea Set makes tea for everyone to drink. Before Karainbow tells the story, she takes out the Dice of Ultimate Probability and rolls it. Sometimes you roll a five and sometimes you roll a periwinkle. The dice lands on a periwinkle, which will make the storytelling even more interesting because the scenery will change shortly. Since the dice landed on a periwinkle, Karainbow does not have to do the storytelling, you will actually see it for yourself.

     Karainbow then takes out the Magical Wand of Magicalness from the pouch and waves it. Right after Karainbow waves the Magical Wand of Magicalness, we have all gone back in time to see the past. Though going back in time, nobody can see us. We are now in Maraqua. You may wonder: how is it possible to breathe underwater? Good question! Because with the Magical Wand of Magicalness anything is possible and that is why we can breathe underwater. It all started when Karainbow wanted to visit Maraqua to meet the legendary Karpoh the Koi. After Karainbow and I met Karpoh the Koi, we learned that he works for pirates and gathers treasures for them, hoping that he would be allowed to join their crew. Karpoh was very friendly and had a positive outlook on life. He is a hard worker and has a strong mind after growing up as an orphan. After meeting Karpoh, Karainbow and I decided to head home.

     As soon as we were about to head back home to Neopia Central after seeing Karpoh, a Maraquan came up to us and asked for directions on how to get to the Shenkuu Lunar Temple. I gave the Maraquan the Handy Compass along with the Map of Neopia since I no longer needed them. The map will help the Maraquan reach the Shenkuu Lunar Temple in no time and the compass will always point in the right direction. The Maraquan became my friend from then on. As a token of appreciation, they passed on the Purple Gift Pouch to me that holds all of Karainbow’s lucky charms. Helping my aquatic friend reach their destination gave me the opportunity to learn about them.

     Two items symbolize my aquatic friend perfectly and they are the Maraquan Moehog Music Box and the Interlocking Gears Set. One of the things that my friend appreciates the most is music and that is why the Maraquan Moehog Music Box is a good representation of them. Music is a form of art just like this music box. Time, dedication, creativity, and a wide range of imagination were poured into the creation of this Maraquan Moehog Music Box. Same with music. Each piece of music composed is hard work. Music can be thought of as a way to express oneself or to bring forth a message. It can be about anything. Many times, those who compose music make it about themselves and so a part of them was put into that work of art.

     To appreciate music, we would have to use one of the five senses and that would be the sense of hearing. Tourists coming to Maraqua are welcome to visit the Maraquan Moehog Music box any time they want. Each time this music box is turned on, the Maraquan Moehog will keep swimming to bring eternal happiness, good health, good luck, and success to all. This music box’s purpose is to make everyone see the true them as well as hear themselves because at times what we see may not appear that way in our minds. We may see distortion. However, this music box will make you see and hear the real you just the way you are and it wants you to know that the real you is great and to never forget that.

     The Interlocking Gears Set is another great representation of my aquatic friend. This item is so unique and different from any other item. It stands out in the crowd. The different parts of this item are able to move when everything is working properly. If there was a jam somewhere in a part of that item, it will no longer be able to spin or move and so each individual part will have to always work together to function and be there for each other just like true friends do. A true friend accepts all of you and is not judgemental, someone you can be yourself around and someone who will walk with you every step of the way when you need help. They will also want the best for you, celebrate with you on your wins, and genuinely be happy for you whenever good things come your way.

     Karainbow the Pastel Kacheek decides to interrupt the storytelling or rather story-seeing at this moment and takes out the Jar of Sunshine from the Purple Gift Pouch. The Jar of Sunshine was given to Karainbow after my friend came back from their trip to the Shenkuu Lunar Temple. This Jar of Sunshine has always brought out the best in my friend and lights the way no matter how dark it can get at times. My friend decided that Karainbow should keep the Jar of Sunshine to light the path so that she can walk on it as well as promote and inspire others to spread kindness. Where Karainbow and I reside, the weather at times can be cloudy and quite draining. With this Jar of Sunshine, the light is always there no matter what and brings out the best in us. This jar is meaningful to my pet and me because it showed us that things may not be ideal at times, but that does not mean it will remain that way forever and eventually at some point, everyone will see the light and find their way out when they feel sad or trapped.

     Before the Jar of Sunshine was given to Karainbow, my friend used it one last time to read the map of Neopia and the Handy Compass that I passed on to them to find the Shenkuu Lunar Temple. Once my friend reached the Shenkuu Lunar Temple, they stayed there for years to study astronomy and learn about the different phases of the Kreludor, Neopia’s first and only moon. It was a pleasant surprise when my friend came back to visit Karainbow and me and brought back a souvenir with the purpose of making others see that everyone is the star and to remind others to keep on shining. The brightest star out there was captured on the trip and brought back by my friend and was used to make the Magical Wand of Magicalness and that was how the Magical Wand of Magicalness came into existence. Karainbow the Pastel Kacheek will always take the Magical Wand of Magicalness wherever she goes and cannot wait to see the magic that the future holds every time she waves her wand.

     I hope this story inspires everyone to surround themselves with those who bring out the best in them because when you surround yourself with a great support system, not only will you be happier, but also healthier too! Plus they can inspire you to do great things as well as make you shine even brighter.

     To my brilliant and creative Maraquan friend who is one of the kindest Neopians I ever came across and always bringing out the best in others, this story is dedicated to you, my true friend.

      The End.

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