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Don’t-wait-for-reset Game Trophies

by ashley_ru


You know how you always hear that you should try for this or that trophy at the beginning of the month, as it’s much easier because of reset? That’s absolutely true, most trophies are a lot easier to achieve in the first few days of the month.

     However, this strategy leaves you with nothing to do for long periods of time, when you can only practice and wait for reset.

     But what if you’re feeling bored and want to add some shine to your user lookup during that time? What if you have a lot of free time towards the end of the month and decide to spend it on account improvement?

     Rest easy, as there are actually plenty of trophies you can acquire - or at least work towards - at absolutely any time! Let’s look at them together.

     What is reset?

     If you’ve never heard of reset, here’s a quick explanation. Each game has its own high score table, and the first 17 people on it receive a trophy at the trophy awarding time. That’s usually sometime after 8:30 pm every day.

     On the 1st of each month, all names and scores get erased from the high score table; this is known as reset. As you can imagine, the new scores on the table will be lower in the beginning, making it much easier to qualify for a trophy.

     There are a few exceptions to this mechanism, but more of that later.

     The flash games

     Farming games

     • Dueling Decks

     • Eliv Thade

     • Hannah and the Kreludor Caves

     Okay so these are totally normal games as far as the high score table is concerned, but if you’re bored and determined enough you can get these trophies even at the end of the month.

     The peculiarity of these games is the fact that you must “farm” for points. You should not play with the goal to win the game quickly. Instead, you should try to keep on playing for a long time to score more points. For how long? Until your score is high enough for the trophy you want.

     Breaking into the specific games, in Hannah and the Kreludor Caves you can just repeat the first level over and over as many times as you want. It’s a slow but very safe strategy, that will eventually get you the score you need.

     For Eliv Thade, play on easy mode and just keep moving by 1 or 2 spaces at a time (unscrambling 4 or 5 letter words). Again, slow but safe.

     In Dueling Decks things get a bit trickier. You need to try to prolong the game as much as possible, making sure neither you nor your opponent runs out of cards. This means you might have to purposefully lose a turn sometimes. It can be helpful to make physical copies of the cards to keep track of the order they’re going to appear in and to know their values in advance. I suggest playing on hard mode, as scoring on the other modes is just too slow. It may require more than one attempt to get the score you want though.

     Just a word of caution: sometimes your score might need to be reviewed. In that case, it’s possible that other people sent higher scores before you and that your score, by the time it gets reviewed, will no longer suffice for a trophy. So if you can, and if you’re not bored out of your mind yet, you might want to get a score as high as possible instead of stopping as soon as you surpass the scores currently on the high score table.

     Perfect score games

     In these games there is a maximum score you can reach for completing the game - a perfect score. And eight of them have a peculiarity: their high score tables work differently from the others. Here it doesn’t matter what your position is on the high score table: as long as you submit a perfect score and appear on the list when trophies are awarded, you will receive a gold trophy!

     These games are:

     • Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway

     • Chia Bomber 2

     • Clockwork Codebreaker

     • Dungeon Dash

     • Faerie Caves II - Fyora's Quest

     • Grand Theft Ummagine

     • Ruins Rampage

     • Ugga Drop

     If you submit your score when the list is full, you will be placed in the 99th position, while the 1st name will be bumped off the table. As such, it doesn’t really matter what time of the month you play, these are trophies you can go for at any time you wish. In fact, it might be better not to play immediately after reset: if too many other players submit a score you could be bumped off the list, and if that happens, you will have to wait until the following month to try again, as you can only enter the HST once per month.

     There are other games with perfect scores too, but they don’t automatically award gold to all players on the HST. It is still possible to get bumped up in the table though, so even if you aren’t among the first 17 players when you submit your score, you might still get the trophy at a later date.

     When you submit a perfect score, your name will appear under the last perfect score already on the list. As before, if the high score table is already full of perfect scores, you will be placed in the 99th position, while the 1st name will be bumped off the table. As other people submit their scores, your name will be bumped up, until you’re hopefully in a position that qualifies you for a trophy at the time they’re awarded.

     One such game is Neopian Battlefield Legends, where gold is pretty easy to achieve with the help of a good guide.

     The classic “easy trophies”

     These trophies are probably some of the easiest on the site. Here you’re not competing against other players. You just need to play until you satisfy some requirements to get your trophy, so it doesn’t matter when you start playing.

     Also, luckily for you, none of these need to be played in one sitting, which would be exhausting. Even if you abandon a game midway, it will remain there, and you can just get back to it later. Careful though: even some of these games reset if you don’t play them at all for a long while. Both Pyramids and Sakhmet Solitaire reset after a period of three months.

     The games and their trophy requirements are:

     Cellblock: beat tournament 1 level 4 for the medal, tournament 1 level 8 for bronze, tournament 11 level 4 for silver, tournament 11 level 8 for gold.

     Cheat: beat round 3 for bronze, 5 for silver and 7 for gold.

     Go!Go!Go!: beat round 2 for bronze, 5 for silver and 8 for gold.

     Pyramids: win twice for bronze, five times for silver, two times in a row for gold.

     Sakhmet Solitaire: win twice for bronze, five times for silver, two times in a row for gold.

     Snow Wars: beat level 2 for a medal, 5 for bronze, 7 for silver and 10 for gold.

     The long term goals

     Cumulative trophies

     • Neggsweeper

     • Scarab 21

     • Pyramids

     • Sakhmet Solitaire

     These high score tables are also different from regular ones.

     As you play, the points you earn during each game will add up, and the high scores you see are cumulative.

     The scores on the high score table don’t reset at the beginning of the month. Your high score, on the other hand, will reset to 0 if you go three months without playing. As long as you keep playing at least once every three months, though, your score won’t reset, so there are users with pretty insane scores on the high score table.

     These trophies are far from easy to obtain, and getting even a single one of them may require years of effort. Literally. Still, if you’re truly determined and willing to put in the time and effort, this is definitely a good way to keep yourself busy year-round.

     Note that Neggsweeper and Scarab 21 also have a separate high score table and trophy for single game scores, while in Pyramids and Sakhmet Solitaire you can win the Bonus trophies if you win a certain number of games, as seen before.


     Both the original Neoquest and the more recent Neoquest II come in three difficulties: Normal, EVIL, and InSaNe! You will need to start on normal mode, as you can only access the others after clearing the previous ones. If you want the gold trophy, you will need to clear all three modes.

     These games involve a lot of clicking and waiting for pages to load, and are often considered long and boring. While it’s true that they’re long, NQII in particular, the good news is that you can take as much time as you need to finish them and, if you don’t overload on them, they can actually be a lot of fun (at least in my opinion)!

     Just remember that NQII resets after one year if you don’t make any move during that time. On the other hand, Neoquest is tied to your active pet: if you change your active pet you won’t see your game anymore, but don’t worry, it’s still there! You just need to make that pet active again to keep on playing.

     Prepare your scores before reset

     • Sewage Surfer

     • Shapeshifter

     You can play these games until you clear the second to last level whenever you want, but then you should wait, yes, until reset to finish the last level. Why? Well, these games are long (Sewage Surfer has 50 levels, shapeshifter 100!), challenging and frustrating. Playing all the levels required for a trophy in a single day would be daunting. Furthermore, Shapeshifter has a limit to how much you can play in a single day, so if you played only on the first of the month you might not reach the score you’re going for even playing as much as possible.

     That’s why what you should do is prepare yourself in advance, making sure you have the score you want by reset. You can do this playing any time of the month, or even over the course of a few months. Make sure to leave at least one level uncompleted though, or your game will end and your score will be sent automatically, forcing you to play the game all over again from the beginning!

     Well, that should be plenty to keep you busy year-round! I hope some of these suggestions will inspire you to get your next shiny trophy :)

     If you need help with any of these games, both Jellyneo and The Daily Neopets have great guides for most of them.

     Best of luck!

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