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Required Reading: Booktastic Books

by cherry_icee12


They are a smart people up on Kreludor. How exactly do you think the Grundos managed to live on the moon? Take it from a Neopet species far more interesting and advanced than Neopians: there are cool things to be found on the moon. That goes for books, too! The Booktastic Book store, located on Kreludor, stocks an impressive collection of unique books. These books do not count for the traditional Neopian Book Award, but instead for the Booktastic Book Award. The Booktastic Book Award is a much smaller, cheaper collection of books, and the collection is full of fun, unique titles. In this article, we’ll be chronicling some of the most interesting Booktastic Books out there.

     Alien Aisha Invasion (r99)

     Alien Aishas are as Kreludan as space rocks. These beautiful creatures appear time and again, setting up their vending machines and dispensing gross food. While they do seem to be a mostly docile and kind people, this book asks what would happen if they suddenly snapped, and their Nerkmid collecting was nefarious? This gripping thought exploration behind one of the most unique creatures in Neopia and Kreludor will have you lying awake at night, thinking about hoarding your Nerkmids.

     How to Earn NP the Easy Way (r101)

     Who isn’t curious? This nugget of knowledge purveys all the finest tips and tricks for readers to make some profit. When you think about the big, red button that it mentions… does it bring to mind the Lever of Doom? Maybe? Well, maybe not. While this enticing tome does have some great hints on turning a profit, the book itself comes at a price. As a surprise from the Space Station Trick-or-Treat Bag, released in 2010, this book may cost the pretty penny it could teach you to make.

     Kreludan Recipes (r35)

     Kreludans love to bake — that’s just a fact. So many of the books in the Booktastic collection are about baking and cooking, whether that is baking pies, kreluberries, or avocados. So, instead of running out and buying your pet tens of books on Kreludan baking, why not just buy them one? Kreludan Recipes provides a great collection of family dinners, easy breakfasts, and snacks that will be sure to keep your whole Neopet family happy. The best part is that Kreludan Recipes is really affordable. Eat well without breaking the bank!

     Tale of Lag (r101)

     Ah, lag. Whether it is interrupting a haggle on an expensive restock, or making Neoquest II difficult to play, everyone is familiar with lag. Tale of Lag, while a bit of a struggle to work through, will illuminate why exactly lag occurs. Chapters 2-7 deal with Meepits and their obsession with chewing on wires. Chapters 8-10 deal with spilt coffee in inopportune locations. Your Neopet may take a few tries to finish Tale of Lag, but in due time, they will come to understand that just like death and taxes, lag is inevitable.

     The Big Book of Intermediate Evil Plots (r97)

     World domination is a massive undertaking, just ask Dr. Sloth. Sometimes, it’s even difficult to haggle well with a shopkeeper, even if you have a five-finger discount! Look no further than The Big Book of Intermediate Evil Plots. This book is the perfect starter for a Neopet that has just discovered their dark side. Help educate them on the little plans they can execute to grow eviler, and soon enough, you will have a full-blown Xandra on your hands! That may be less than ideal, but hey! She got stuff done!

     Under the Surface Parts I & II (r90 & r91)

     Under the Surface is one of those books where you just can’t wait for the sequel. The story tells the tale of a Garrlox the Grundo, who was abandoned in a Kreludan mine generations before present day. Villagers of a nearby settlement would often see glowing yellow eyes at night, after his disappearance, but no one paid it much mind. Eventually, generations turned and the town changed, and Garrlox’s name was forgotten forever, until one day, three young Grundos journeyed out to the mine. They saw the eyes, yellow and wild, and brought the creature food and water, until one day, the old mineshaft caved in. Part I ends here.

     Part II begins with the three youngsters contemplating what happened to that yellow-eyed creature in the cave, and eventually, they grow curious enough to return back to the collapsed mine. They find it to be completely levelled with rocks strewn everywhere and assume the yellow-eyed creature escaped. Days later, the power in the town starts giving out.

     Has that caught your attention? Pick up Under the Surface and see what happens.

     Zenor Kevix: A Biography (r92)

     Unless you live under a rock, you must know that Kreludor is consistently one of the best teams in the Altador Cup. Year after year, they bring teams to their knees, and could be considered a proving ground for any team looking to snag a podium position this year. This book is Zenor Kevix’s tell-all story, where Kevix explains the pressure and prestige of being a star Yooyuball player. He shows how he came from space rocks and launched forward to Altadorian Gold through hard work and his team. Kevix also chronicles internal Altador Cup politics, such as the bitter feud between Layton Vickles of Darigan Citadel and Derbi Asar of Lost Desert. Zenor Kevix: A Biography has a little something for everyone.

     How Purples Got Their Spots (r100)

     This is one of the rarest books in the entire Booktastic collection, and for good reason. The question this book has attempted to answer has been considered taboo. While the battle between Purple and Orange has long subsided on Kreludor, some passions never quite fade, just lay dormant. The research inside of this book shows the link between Purple and Orange Grundos. One researcher purports that, hundreds of years ago, all Grundos were Purple with Orange spots. His claim is countered by another researcher who insists that Orange came first, not the other way around. While this book is dense with theory, data, and numbers, it provides some interesting insights into a question that has gone unanswered — but this answer comes at a price. As a r100 book, this tome is only available to those who are willing and able to drop millions of neopoints. For most Neopian and Kreludans, Purple will just remain a mystery.


     As you can see, Kreludor boasts a rich body of literature, and this article only scratches the surface! Each book shares a different version of the Kreludan experience. Whether it is baking, history, or devilish Slothy plots, Booktastic Books will broaden your Neopet’s horizons, and if you’re lucky, maybe even snag them a trophy. Good luck, and happy reading!

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