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Which Neopian Book Best Fits You and Your Neopet?

by skittlesrock10292


Which Piece of Neopian Literature Fits You and Your Neopet?

     Have you ever thought about ALL the books in Neopia? Have you ever wondered which book would be best for you and your pet to read together? There are thousands of diverse, unique books around Neopia. How do you decide which ones are best to read? We all want our pets to be smarter, but sometimes deciding which book to purchase can be a daunting task. I have created, through years of extensive research and test groups, a simple quiz to figure out which book would be the perfect fit for you and your beloved pet.

     The process is simple. I have come up with a series of questions that will help determine the perfect book for you and your pet. The questions are multiple-choice, and all you need to do is get a pen and paper and write down if you answered A, B, C, D, or E. At the end after the questions, use your answers to figure out which book best fits your personality!

     1. Out of these worlds of Neopia, which would you prefer to visit?

     A: Meridell

     B: Maraqua

     C: Lutari Island

     D: Mystery Island

     E: Neopia Central


     2. Which, from this list of secret avatars, most appeals to you?

     A: Caption Contest - Funny

     B: Grundo - Discarded Plushie

     C: Beauty Contest

     D: Nimmos Pond

     E: Library Faerie


     3. Which of these colours do you find the most appealing?

     A: Red

     B: Black

     C: Purple

     D: Green

     E: White


     4. If you could eat ANY of these snacks, which would you choose?

     A: Bar of Chocolate

     B: Deluxe Ice Cream Machine Sundae

     C: Exotic Fried Noodles

     D: Vegetable Dip Platter

     E: Fiery Faerie Chicken Nuggets


     5. If you were to enter one of these site contests, which would it be?

     A: Caption Contest

     B: Poetry Contest

     C: Beauty Contest

     D: Storytelling Competition

     E: User Lookup of the Week


     6. Which of these annual events do you look forward to the most?

     A: April Fools Joke

     B: Altador Cup

     C: Charity Corner

     D: Festival of Neggs

     E: Daily Dare

     Ok, got your answers? Now it's time to figure out which piece of Neopian Literature fits you and your pet the best! Figure out which letter you answered the most, and scroll below to find your answer!

     If you answered mostly A…

     The book that best fits you is “Jokes and Riddles”!


     You love a good laugh! Your neofriends would describe you as charismatic, funny, and someone who is always there to cheer them up! You know how to keep a conversation going, and you're very easy to talk to. Sometimes you try to use humour to deflect, but you are always looking to put a smile on someone's face. You most likely visit King Skarl daily and really make him roar with laughter. You count down the days until April Fools Day, and plan out your pranks months in advance.

     Some other pieces of Neopian literature you might enjoy include Quiggle Joke Book, Hilarious Chia Jokes, and Big Book of Laughs.

     If you answered mostly B…

     The book that best fits you is “A Bad Day Turned Worse”!


     For those of you unfamiliar with this title, it is a wonderful story of a Noil looking to find his way home. Some would say this Noil is lost or sad, but I think otherwise. You're a dreamer, always searching Neopia for things to create happiness. While sometimes you might be indecisive, you thrive in groups, therefore the Altador Cup is where you do best. You love your pets, in a real true way. Your friends would describe you as loving, caring, deeply intricate and wise. You always try to find the good in every situation.

     Some other pieces of Neopian literature you might enjoy include Serious Sadness, Love Poems for the Lovelorn, and Bruce Blues.

     If you answered mostly C…

     The book that best fits you is “Art Designs”!


     You are most likely an artist of Neopia! You love activities that show off your creative side, like the Beauty Contest, or the Random Contest. Colours mean a lot to you, and you find a deeper meaning in everything. Your friends would describe you as emotional, caring, generous, and a fun soul. You most likely love Charity Corner, or the Money Tree, because you love to give. You learn best in a visual way and can be a great problem solver. While sometimes your emotions and empathy can get in the way of decision making, you always have the best intentions. You “feel in colours” and express yourself through clothing and customizing your Neopet.

     Other pieces of Neopian literature you might enjoy include Corn Art, How to Code for Artists, and Painting Poogles.

     If you answered mostly D…

     The book that fits you best is “Butterflied Pages”!


     You might describe yourself as a “hippie”, and you may even have a few disco painted pets. Nature is your favourite place to be, and you find peace among the trees and grass. Being indoors is not your favourite activity, you may even be reading this is an open field of flowers. Your love for your pets is a real bond, and nothing gives you more joy than feeding and playing with your Neopets. The Festival of Neggs might be your favourite Neo event, as you get to explore the lands and use your natural exploratory instincts. Your friends might describe you as passionate, down to earth, caring, and emphatic. You may be easily distracted but it's only because you are busy thinking about how you can give back to nature.

     Some other pieces of Neopian literature you might enjoy include Treelurker, Growing Exotic Plants, and Garden Tea Party Ideas.

     If you answered mostly E…


     The book that fits you best is “The Smart Way to Earn and Save Neopoints”!

     You are the brains of Neopia! You provide the community with wisdom and insight. You love to problem solve, and a good old fashioned math equation is the perfect activity for you and your Neopet on a Friday night. You follow the Neopian Stock Market hourly and are always the first to solve the Faerie Crossword. Your friends might describe you as intelligent, motivated, and they would comment on your sarcastic but loving personality. Your neofriend circle might be small, but the friends you do have mean the world to you. If someone was looking for a good way to budget their Neopoints, you would be their first call.

     Some other pieces of Neopian literature you might enjoy include Neopia on 500 Neopoints a Day, and Brain Tree Solutions.

     SO there you have it folks! I hope my personality quiz has given you some insight into which genre of Neopian literature you might enjoy the most! But just because you answered mostly A, or mostly E, hopefully you will branch out into different types of Neopian literature and expand the mind of you and your Neopet!


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