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The Move

by hannahcreep



      I hated how mom shoved us all away. I hated the Haunted Woods! I hated that side of the family. They were so creepy and weird. They’re weirder than Spike, Konjik, and Ann combined and they’re weirdos! I can at least be a little zen knowing I can have Mimi, my ghost Mauket. I don’t know whether she cared where we were going but I hope she hated the Haunted Woods as much as I did; it would be something else we have in common.

      With my backpack secured and my Mimi on my lap, things felt more serene. I almost forgot where I was going but after the carriage made its way over the mountain, I was reminded why I didn’t like the Haunted Woods. The creep factor was dialled up to an 11 the moment I got out of the carriage. Mimi didn’t even want to get out of the carriage until I was a good distance away and she realized I couldn’t come back.

      The carriage dropped us off at the edge of the Haunted Woods, right before the grass and trees started to wither. The aesthetics of the Haunted Woods drove me crazy; it was like an emo’s dreamland. As someone who owns five different types of shampoo, this place drove me crazy. I was happy I was able to float because walking and having my feet touch the dirt probably would’ve given me the heebie-jeebies.

      The worst part about the walk wasn’t getting into the Haunted Woods but how far I had to walk to get to my cousin’s house, considering they were in the middle of nowhere. My cousin Chris insisted on being far off from the hustle and bustle of the fairgrounds and didn’t want the ghost petpets that roam the main city to interrupt his work. Harmony didn’t care either way because all she needed was her music to rock out to. Yan was never home so he didn’t care where he lived and Lazir was just a weird cousin who didn’t care about anything but his idols.

      After making it to the main city of the Haunted Woods, I had to take a turn to Neovia since the house was right past it. I got a few dirty looks on my way through Neovia, considering I was a ghost and a majority of ghosts stayed in the main city of the Haunted Woods. It wasn’t that I was completely unwelcomed but I was definitely an oddity to these guys. I didn’t like that; I liked being the popular and feared queen bee, not the freak show with a freaky petpet. I don’t regret this colour though, it totally works for me.

      After leaving Neovia, I had to walk down the dirt path to my cousin’s house. I heard birds screech and trees creak as I walked down a path with plants growing back onto it, it seemed like barely anyone had walked on it in a long time. Someone needed to clean it because I felt like this wasn’t allowed. I heard Hannah was trying to get the town to send someone over and clean the path but every time she asked, she got laughed at. I didn’t understand Hannah’s perseverance (or her stubbornness to get things done. It made needing to clean my Usukis annoying) but she was my mom so I couldn’t argue with her logic.

      One of the first things I heard when I walked up the road was what sounded like a Jazzmosis CD being played. That was my first sign that I was close. Not only did I not like the location of my cousins but their taste in music was awful, all four of them. Would a little M*YNCI be so bad? They had music that either didn’t fit what they were like or fit them too well. When the music switched over to the Mellow Marauders, I knew I was in the right place.

      Once the trees cleared, I saw a mutant Ruki working with a blowtorch on something metal inside a small hut with an open side. He didn’t notice me walking up or if he did, he was ignoring me. “Chris, what’re you doing this early?” I asked, annoyed by the loud music.

      Chris looked up at me and said, “Working. Are you here to collect our stuff?”

      I rolled my eyes and said, “I’m only here to help you move, not do everything for you. You better be willing to help or Hannah is gonna be mad I had to do all the work.”

      Chris gave me a disapproving frown and said, “I’ll help after I’m done. Lark, please show Ursula inside before her eyes roll to the back of her head.”

      A little Lizark I failed to notice in the shadows came out of the hut and held out his tiny hand for me to hold. Mimi hissed at Lark, considering she barely like my siblings’ petpets and hates anything less familiar. I pulled Mimi to my side and held Lark’s little hand reluctantly. The feeling of scales on my hand was unfamiliar and felt icky. I didn’t like it, considering I barely touched anything I didn’t want to.

      Lark led me through the front door of the house and walked me through the living room that was filled with boxes and trash bags. I guessed that this was everything they owned, considering this family was the newest and didn’t own as much at the other three families. They didn’t mind, considering they were going to be moving to my home and I was going to be forced to share all of my stuff.

      He walked me over to the first room: Harmony’s room. I could hear Twisted Roses blaring in the room and I knew I was going to be forced to listen to a few of their albums. It all sounded like screaming to me, no real lyrics. I opened the door and was greeted by a blue Acara in a room full of protest signs. Stuff like “Mutants are pets too!” and “Shut down the petpet lab ray!” Harmony was a big advocate with a big voice but was just like any other edgy teenager. When I came in, she was actually in the middle of making a poster that stated, “Recognize Lutari Island!”

      “Harmony, why?” That’s all I could ask with the ridiculousness of the poster. Everyone knew Lutari Island was a place so why did it need to be recognized.

      “Oh, hi princess. Sorry you don’t understand with your head in the clouds but Lutari Island is an underrecognized island and doesn’t have something as basic as an Altador Cup team yet a tourist trap like Kiko Island does! Since we’ll be living closer to it, I’ve decided to make this my new cause.” I hated when she called me princess. Whenever someone else called me princess, it felt like a sign of respect but how she said it made me despise the word.

      “Whatever. We’re gonna be moving soon so you need to make sure everything is packed up. I don’t want Hannah yelling at me and you don’t either. Or maybe you do, considering you’ll have to get used to her supervision when you move in,” I chuckled.

      I saw Lark had let go of my hand and left me after also noticing Mimi hissing at a different petpet on the ground. It was Harmony’s Juma, MarMar. I thought Jumas were super cute and they were one of my top choices of petpets after I got Mimi. I thought that some Shenkuu petpets were extremely adorable and was slightly jealous I couldn’t have a Mauket and a Juma. MarMar nudged my legs for me to pet her so I gave her a slight pet on the head. Harmony had one of the cutest petpets in our extended family, but I will never understand why someone like her would want something cute instead of something that “helped one of her causes.”

      “Just be ready by the time the carriage comes in to move you guys,” I said.

      “But the carriages don’t come this far into the woods. You must have seen the path on your way here,” she said as she continued to paint her sign.

      “I know but Hannah is too stubborn to not make them come here. They probably don’t come here because they don’t want to, not because they can’t,” I said as I closed her door and moved onto the next room.

      The door was labelled “Lazir” and covered in stickers that resembled the top bad guys: Dr. Sloth, the Darkest Faerie, etc. While Harmony is an edgy teen, Lazir was more of an edgy brat. I don’t really know what his deal is because he’s never shown that he’s evil but he basically idolizes everyone who’s ever tried to take over Neopia. He’s a little freak but at least he was a normal colour instead of something freaky. I tried to open the door but the door was locked. Since I didn’t really respect his privacy, I used my ghost ability to go through walls to float through his door. Inside his room was a yellow Kacheek, reading a biography on the life of Dr. Sloth, probably for the one-hundredth time.

      “Lazir, we’re gonna be moving soon so are you packed up and ready?” I asked.

      He looked over at me and hissed like a freak. “Echo-9x, why didn’t you warn me there was an intruder?!” he screeched.

      His petpet Fleurbik came over to me and started swinging his head at my legs but since I was floating and intangible at the current moment, his head was just swinging back and forth while he made what I assumed to be angry beeping noises. “Riiiiiight. Lazir you know who I am. You need to be packed up and ready because I really don’t want Hannah yelling at me.”

      “Back vile female! I’ll be done when I wanna be done,” Lazir said as he put his nose back into his book.

      His horribly-named Fleurbik kept trying to push me but I just floated out the door instead. Lazir was such a freak, I swear. He tries to be a supervillain of some sort but can barely handle being outside of his room. I was nervous to share a home with someone that delusional. Speaking of delusional, I had one more room to check: Yan.

      The door to his room was slightly open so I pushed it open with ease. The room only had a bed and a petpet bed in it, as if it was brand new. At least someone packed up all of their stuff. That or Yan didn’t have any stuff. The more I thought about it, the more I was starting to think it was the latter. Yan was a Halloween Grundo, only because he was an intern at ReaperCo and his ability to use a scythe allowed him the internship. That being said, he was never home. I wasn’t worried about how I was going to share a home with him, considering that, odds were, his room was going to be empty 99% of the time.

      After checking all of the rooms, I decided to let Mimi roam free because I was going to need both hands to move everything. I felt like as if I wasn’t going to have any help, even though my cousins were more than capable of moving all of this themselves.

     To be continued…

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