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Avatar Goldmine

by wizzkid_


Eventually, Rysony plucked up the courage to run back to Turmaculus and ask why there were so many Merdiell flags and buntings around the island. The Turmaculus chuckled, as he had already been awoken by some rude Neopet 20 minutes prior, ‘Oh yes. It is the Altador cup season, you see.’ Rysony’s eyes popped out in disbelief, Ry had followed the tournament closely previously, but since he was so focused on his task, he’d completely forgotten about it! The Turmaculus explained that it was being held in Brightvale, about 50 miles from their current position.

     ‘Why don’t you go and visit the Altador cup, I hear it’s a fantastic atmosphere!’ The Turmaculus insisted.

     Rysony agreed and decided to whistle for Harry once again.

     After a short trip across the west, Rysony stood in Brightvale in awe, dodging a yooyuball as it flew past the top of his head. The noise of fans cheering became deafening as he approached the floodlights of Brightvale Arena stadium, home to Brightvale Yooyuball Club. Rysony grew excited recalling the years he used to watch the Altador cup games on the television with his sister and Ellen at home, wearing their Shenkuu team scarves, hats and full kits.

     Rysony decided to walk around the campsite and find somewhere to lay out his tent ready for the night. Suddenly, he heard a strong and confident voice ‘Look who it is! The superstar at the Cheeseroller!!’ It was Omareh, who he’d previously seen at the Cheese roller contest. ‘I’m going to be playing for Maraqua! As Omareh wagged his tail excitedly. You coming to watch my games?!’ Rysony explained that he wishes he could watch but didn’t have a ticket.

     Omareh looked somewhat surprised ‘Oh. You know what, it’s your lucky day, I have a spare ticket for the evening game tonight, Maraqua Vs. Moltara. You should come along!’ As Omareh handed the ticket to Rysony he said, ‘I better be going, got training!’ Omareh and Rysony shook paw/fins in respect, and Omareh wagged his tail away, towards to the direction of the stadium.

     Rysony held tightly on the ticket that Omareh had just given to him, in disbelief. It had always been his dream to go to an Altador cup game. He wanted to send a Neomail to Ellen via his WeeWoo, but he knew he didn’t have time. The game was starting in a couple of hours! Ry folded the ticket carefully and slid it in his pocket.

     Shortly after Rysony managed to find space to pitch his tent and decided to go and explore the stadium before the game. On the way to the stadium, Rysony walked through the soggy grass hearing a ‘squelch’ as he walked.

     As he walked, he overheard in a conversation that all Neopians were to purchase a special ticket, to be able to take part in the side games to help their team gain points. Rysony wished he had one of those special tickets. However, Ry decided to watch and cheer on Shenkuu. He stood and watched as fans from various teams had mixed results. He saw them shoot penalties in Shootout Showdown, make an impressive number of slushies at the Slushie slinger and finally, holding his ears tightly, he walked past the ‘Make some noise’ in the side stadium. I for one won’t be participating in that one! He joked to himself.

     Ry saw a stand, with the ever-known TNT (The Neopets Team). He chuckled, remembering how foul a mood Ellen had been in when she received a warning from them for using bad language. They were hosting their own tournament, and anyone could participate in this ‘fantasy league’ game as the fans could predict who the star players would be to win prizes.

     ‘This’ll be fun!’ He thought to himself eustatically. Ry grabbed one their forms and took a pen that had been neatly stacked in a pot. After some consideration, he decided to go for the Lost Desert goalkeeper, Leera Heggle, a Maraquan defender Oten Runeu, paired with a defender from Kiko Lake, “Poke” Cellars. The exciting attacker from Krawk Island, Feldon “Dinksy” Collibridge, and finally he thought Omareh might surprise a few. As he finished scribbling the names, he handed the paper back to the TNT, over the other side of the stand. They smiled and wished Rysony good luck.

     Ry suddenly heard an announcer declare that the Maraquan and Moltara game was about to begin in the next half hour. Rysony hadn’t realised how fast time had gone by! He quickly checked his ticket to see where he was sitting and started making his way to the stadium so he could be there in time for the start of the game.

     Ry soon found his seat and realized he had a specular view of the stadium. He could see both teams stretching and doing their warm-ups.

     Shortly, Rysony was startled by sudden loud thumps, what almost felt like a mini earthquake. He then spied a scary-looking male Darigan Krawk stomping towards him, spilling bits of her popcorn. She was followed by a human Neopian in her late 20’s with green eyes and a yellow headband who was constantly apologising apologetically to all the Neopets and Neopians. Rysony thought to himself optimistically ‘Please, please anywhere but next to me’ Unfortunately, a few seconds later, this young lady and her Darigan Krawk proceeded to sit in the seats next to Rysony. Ry gulped as, he looked at the Krawk. The Neopian, who sat on his left spoke ever so humbly to say, ‘Hey I’m Neq, and this is Lordrion, my Darigan Kra..’ Lordrion announced Omareh was a close friend of his and asked abruptly whenever Rysony knew him. Ry, with a slight hesitation replied ‘Er ye...’ Lordrion interrupted, to continue speaking ‘Us too!! I went school with him! Omareh’s the man isn’t he!!’ Lordrion started to brag how he would’ve been competing for AC/DC, as their captain if he hadn’t gotten injured.

     Neq scoffed and rolled her eyes as Lordrion continued making what seemed like a ridiculous statement. ‘This better be worth missing the latest episode of Neopian Times tonight’ as she muttered.

     Anyway ‘I’m Ry’ As Rysony politely introduced himself to Neq and Lordion, with a gentle smile as the game was about to begin.

     The stadium fell completely silent for about 5 seconds until Lordrion jumped out of his seat when he saw Omareh through his binoculars. ‘That’s him, Omayy!!’ As he slapped on Neq’s arms excitedly.

     ‘Quiet please’ Neq glared at Lordrion annoyedly.

     Rysony felt a sense of excitement as he saw the teams come out. Omareh noticeably stood in his position flexing his puny fins. Within 5 seconds, the middle of the ground had divided apart as the Yooyuball jumped out into the air, and back to the ground. Rysony could hear a loud roar from the fans, cheering on their sides, as all the players fought to get the first touch on the ball. Moltara players were attacking to the right, while Maraqua players were attacking to the left.

     He cringed as players from the opposing teams tackled each other kicking up dust. Omareh managed to grab the ball and make an impressive solo run into his own half, soaring past 3 of his opponents to kick the ball skilfully into the bottom corner, giving the goalkeeper no chance. The crowd roared as the announcer shouted ‘GOOAAAL!’ Omareh celebrated his first goal of the game by mischievously wagging his tail at the crowd. Lordrion leaped into the air, spilling all his popcorn, causing Neq to scream angrily at Lordrion ‘Hey! That cost me 5k!’ ‘Heh, isn’t he wonderful.’ She chuckled nervously. Ry decided to take the calmer approach to celebrate Omareh’s goal, by clapping gently.

     The players got back into their own positions, ready to restart the game as the next Yoouball came out. To everyone’s groans, it was a Darigan ball which means it was extremely difficult to control. Rysony chuckled, as he watched the players struggle to hold possession, or even to kick the ball in the right direction. After a couple of minutes of missed goals and battles between teams, Moltara managed to get back into the game thanks to a scrappy goal by an unknown player called Aldric Beign. This caused Moltara’s fans to erupt in cheering like how Rysony had never heard before! This goal lead to the half time whistle.

     The 2nd half, brought out a Snow Yooyu, fire Yooyu and Normal Yooyu, Omareh scoring 2 out of 3 goals with these Yooyus, meaning he scored a hat-trick. Finally, the Clockwork Yooyu came and exploded after 8 seconds, causing all the players around the ball to fall to the ground. It didn’t matter, as the referee had blown the whistle to call full time.

     After the whistle was blown, all the fans including Lordrion chanted Omareh’s name. It seemed like he was their new hero! He had won the game for Maraqua with his hat-trick.

     Rysony decided to stick around and soak in the atmosphere, when he felt a thud on his forehead. He looked up to see a WeeWoo fly away. Neq picked up the letter she had seen fall on the ground and handed it to Rysony. Ry was left confused, wondering what the letter could be about. The letter had a colourful stamp displaying all the TNT staff members, on the back of the envelope. Rysony gulped as he knew it was from TNT.

     ‘What did I do now?’ Rysony wondered.


To be continued…

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