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The Returning Neopian’s Guide to Neopoint Banking

by kiss_from_a_faerie


     Well hello, fellow returning Neopian. It’s been a while, no? A lot has changed! To name a few things: there’s a new area of the Lost Desert that was discovered, Boochi’s no longer targeting your pets (for better or worse), and your bank account balance is only so many Neopoints?! And your 12-year old self thought that 1 million NPs would be the epitome of the game. Who are all these billionaires lurking about?

     Luckily, there are ways for you to get your bank account going at a pretty rapid pace. Here are some tips for how to go about making back those NPs you missed out on while living in the foreign E-Ar-th land. Note: This guide does not include restocking because I am not a successful restocker and therefore am ill-equipped to provide any advice on this skill.

     1) Make sure you’re earning maximum interest – Each of the tiers of Bank Accounts offers a different rate. Junior Savers earn a 4.5% daily interest whereas Diamond Deposit earns 9%. That’s double what you can earn just by having 100,000 NPs in the bank. So whether you have 1,000 or 1,000,000 NPs tucked safely away, be sure that you’re earning the maximum interest for those hard-earned Neopoints.

     Tip – Pick a minimum to have in the bank to earn the interest you want! It will pile up quickly!

     2) Do Your Dailies – Ever heard the saying that an Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away? Well, some daily games per day gets you many more Neopoints in the Bank! Yes, yes, that doesn’t quite rhyme, but you see my point.

     Some of my favorites:

     a. Daily Puzzle: In visiting the community page, you’ll encounter this day’s daily puzzle. Pick the correct answer from the four choices and you will win some Neopoints! The Puzzle always asks about something Neopia related and if you’re completely bamboozled, head on over to the Games Board where there is usually a discussion about this day’s puzzle.

     b. Trudy’s Surprise: A (newer) edition to Neopia, this Daily Game that after 25 consecutive (no missing any days!) days, you can earn 100,000 NPs! That’s already enough for that Diamond Deposit interest rate (See 1).

     c. Ghoul Catchers: The off-site app Ghoul Catchers, is another great way to make some Neopoints as you can make up to 50,000 per day ridding mansions of ghouls. Play your way through Brightvale, Faerieland, Terror Mountain, The Lost Desert, Shenkuu, and Altador. Not only can you win Neopoints, but as you pass each level you can get a Collectable Charm for your Stamp Album. Pretty excellent!

     d. On-Site Games: You can play each on-site game a maximum of 3 times every day! If you’re able to win at least 300 NPs per game-play, and you play only 3 games per day, that’s 1800 NPs per day. Already with that in the bank, you’re at a 5% interest rate as a Neopian student.

     i. My favorite and go-to daily games are Fashion Fever (it’s always fun to play dress up!), Kass Basher (one day, I will have the tree for my bat!), Snow Roller (Xamphers are so cute – you could even win one as a prize!), Ultimate Bullseye II (a classic), and for the moment, Feed Florg (the avatar eludes me, but I have found much entertainment in this game).

     Tip – Find three or four games that you enjoy and make them part of your daily routine. Don’t forget to answer the Daily Puzzle or spin for Trudy’s Surprise! Don’t forget to catch those ghouls too!

     3) Take Some Risks and Bet on Some Pirates – Food Club has become all the rage, or it was always the rage but now more people are gambling on which pirate will finish the meal the fastest! Head on over to Krawk Island. At Warf Wharf, just behind Little Nippers you’ll find the Food Club (and yes, this is a club you can talk about!). Your bet maximum is based on every day your account has existed, so older accounts have the opportunity to risk more. But this should not stop “younger” accounts from betting! Food Club is where you can turn 500 into 100,000 by picking the Pirate with the strongest stomach that round. A word to the wise – Food Club takes some time, be sure to play every day as each Pirate’s odds change and every day is a new opportunity.

     Tip – When first becoming a Food Club bettor, spend some time on the Food Club Chat on the Games Board. A great community to get a feel for how the game works and which pirates generally do well. If you’re a little shy about jumping into the arena on your own, many long-time Food Club bettors post their bets and you can follow along.

     4) Don’t spend all your Neopoints in Too Many Places – The best way to save Neopoints fast is to spend no more than what you make. If you’re only making 900 Neopoints per day but buying out Kauvara’s Magic Shop, you’ll find your bank account may stay relatively low for a longer period. Keep track of the Neopoints your bringing in and what you’re sending out.

     Tip – Have “spending days” where you can shop to your heart’s content. This way the other days you’re saving up and putting those Neopoints to work earning interest. Another way is to have a minimum bank balance goal and maintain it.

     5) Click Around the Site – While Boochi may no longer be out and about, there are plenty of other random events that pop up. From raining Mortogs to paintbrush boons, and even Neopoints landing in your lap! Be sure to explore Neopia and spend time adventuring in new places. The more you click, the more likely you get a random event! And often, those give you Neopoints, or rare items you can either hoard or sell.

     Well, there are five quick tips for how to build up your Neopoints and feed your bank account. Best of luck to all you Neopians out there and welcome back to Neopia – whether you’ve been gone 5 minutes or 5 years.

     Happy Twenty-Years Neopets! Here’s to Twenty More!


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