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How to Dedicate Your Neopet's Life to Slorgs

by jubileek


     If you’re a Neopet owner looking to for something fun and exciting to do, why not adopt a Neopet in need and dedicate its life to the best Petpet - the Slorg.

     There are many ways to go about helping your Neopet show its love for this slimy companion. They’re truly quite friendly, no wonder so many Neopian items have been designed with their representation in mind. In honor of Slorg Day, this guide can get you started with the honorable task.

     Step 1: Brush up on your reading

     Though it might seem counterintuitive to simply read about these marvelous Petpets before even buying and painting one, becoming educated on Slorg behavior and physiology is imperative to raising a happy Slorg. Therefore, browse through these titles, and whichever other books about Slorgs catch your eye (even if they’re fiction!) prior to rushing out to purchase your Neopet’s first slimy friend.

     If you’re truly new to the Slorg scene, your first related read should be My First Slorg Book. This rudimentary edition is appropriate for the youngest Neopians while still remaining factual and informative.

     Next, move on to Slorg Care, focused on - you guessed it - proper Slorg-rearing techniques. After thoroughly perusing this book, you should be more than well-versed in how to go above and beyond for your Slorg.

     Finally, The Slorg and I provides a more relaxed story about a Slorg and his companion. This lively novel should get you quite excited for your times with Slorg that are yet to come!

     Step 2: Make sure you have all the pampering essentials

     Prior to getting your new Petpet, ensure that your Neohome is Slorg-proofed and that you have at least some of these cool items that your Slorg is sure to appreciate.

     A treat is always nice to give as a... treat to your Petpet when it behaves well or does a neat trick. For Slorgs, Slorg Biscuits are sure to hit the spot.

     When you aren’t home, your Slorg probably still will be, and they should have food available to them at all times. A handy way to leave said food out and provide consistent feeding times is to place food in a Slorg Feeder. Complete with a timer, this gadget is a must-have for the busy Slorg owner!

     For a slimy place to remind your Slorg of its ancestors’ home in Neopian nature, contemplate buying a Slorg Habitat.

     Step 3: Acquire a Slorg

     Now that you are more informed on the ways of the lovable Slorg, and have all the things needed for its care, you are prepared to seek out the cute beast in the flesh. Ruminate over the color and temperament of Slorg that is most suitable for your Neopet.

     Available in upwards of 45 colors, selecting the type of Slorg that is right for your Neopet may be done with no effort at all on your part. Or, it might be quite a difficult decision to make. In the latter case, I suggest a nice Halloween Slorg for a basic colored Neopet, a pricey Maraquan Slorg for a Neopet with refined tastes, or a White Slorg for a Neopet that is colored to look like food.

     Step 4: Decorate your house in celebratory fashion

     Your new housemate will surely be grateful for decor which is similar in design to it. Slorgs are very conscious of their surroundings, you know.

     These Petpets are quite fond of the outdoors, so backyard furnishings are of utmost importance in a house dedicated to Slorgs. First purchase a soothing Slorg Fountain, and pick a place where it and the Slorg-Shaped Topiary will look best together in the sunlight.

     Moving indoors, albeit being nearly as slimy (on the outside) as its namesake, the Slorg Wardrobe is a spacious choice (and one that is dry on the inside) when selecting an appropriately themed armoire.

     Step 5: Buy new toys in a similarly celebratory fashion

     The variety of Slorg-themed toys available for purchase is great! From items geared towards young Neopets to plushies and Usuki sets that can be cherished for generations, you have lots of options when selecting Slorg toys.

     With its bright colors and easy-to-grasp string, the Faerie Slorg Pull Along Toy is a fantastic first Slorg toy for a small Neopet.

     More timeless Slorg toys include various plushies and Usuki sets, two of which fit my personal fancy are the Strawberry Slorg Plushie and the classic Slorg Usuki Set.

     Step 6: Update your wardrobe

     Given that you took my recommendation and bought a Slorg Wardrobe while going through Step 4, you can now fill that roomy storage space with all-new Slorg clothing and accessories! If you didn’t buy a Slorg Wardrobe and opted for another Slorg furniture piece, you might instead have to place these items on the floor... or wherever Neopians without Slorg Wardrobes keep their clothes.

     Daily activities might necessitate that you keep your long hair back. What accessory better to do so with than a Slorg Hair Tie?

     For keeping warm during the colder months, pairs of Friendly Slorg Gloves and Slorg Slippers are nice corresponding clothing articles to protect your extremities.

     Step 7: Get your school supplies in check

     Schooltime, a sometimes boring time that nearly always involves leaving your Petpet behind, is also the perfect time for reminding your fellow students of what you’re missing at home! In the shoes of a Slorg lover, the options for Slorg school supplies are numerous.

     A Blue Slorg Calculator will make math class more fun. Coupled with Slorg Scissors, the pair will see adequate use during a normal school day. Carry both around in a Pink Slorg Backpack to really cement your appreciation for Slorgs in everyones’ memory.

     Collect the collectibles

     For a truly dedicated, steep investment into the Slorg fandom, consider purchasing a r99 Foil Slorg Stamp. It’ll set you back at least 12 million NP, but at least you’ll have shiny, golden foil memoir bought by your hard-earned money.

     Aisha Slorgrider (TCG) is a r103 card that can be added to your Neodeck, though the scene it depicts might not be that Slorg’s favorite memory.

     The Attack of the Slorgs Stamp is a less rare item than either of the other two collectibles mentioned so far, yet its collectibility is on par with both of them. Commemorating a Slorg-centric game, this stamp might be even easier to obtain than the avatar like it.

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