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Throwing A Bori Day Party!

by aleu1986


     It is the month of Collecting, a grand month filled with pet days and of course the spooky celebration of Halloween. But before that takes place, we celebrate the day of a timid, but hardworking Neopet: The Bori.


     If you`re a fan of this species, and perhaps own a few yourself, you might want to throw a party in their honour. Read on to get some tips and inspiration on how to throw a great celebration for your Bori.

          The Food

     One of the most essential things to any celebration is the food! There are of course a huge number of delicious Neopian dishes you may serve, but when it comes to a Neopet day party, serving a meal that is somehow related to the species in question makes the most sense. You don`t need to serve something from their native land – making the dish resemble the Neopets appearance is enough! Take some inspiration from the food below.

     Bori Veggie Special


     This dish is a light and healthy alternative, and can be varied in different ways. The ceramic bowl is shaped like a Bori head, and the food is arranged to make up the face. Cottage cheese for the ears, and the rest of the ingredients lie on a soft bed of white rice. The red for the eyes can be made of tomato or paprika, the yellow nose can be either cheese or carrot, and the green veggies lined along the side can be broccoli, spinach or Brussel sprout, all depending on your preference.

     Your guests are sure to love this cute and tasty-looking platter!

     Bori Cheese Sandwich


     If you don`t feel like cooking rice and chopping up vegetables, these cheese sandwiches are quick and easy to make. The only equipment you need is a sharp knife to cut the bread!

     Our recommendation is to use a whole-grain bread, as they are healthier and more filling than white loaf. Put two slices of bread on top of each other, and carefully cut a slight crescent to make up the Bori ears, then cut out a shape resembling that of a Bori head. Put a cherry, raspberry or strawberry at the tip of the sandwich to make the nose. The sandwich itself you fill with lettuce and cheese, and two olives make up the Bori eyes.

     You should make the sandwiches the day of the party rather than the night before, to avoid them getting dry.

          The Treats

     Most Neopets have a sweet tooth, and the Bori is no exception. The Bakery and the Chocolate Factory both offer a selection of Bori themed treats, so you can buy something ready-made if you`re not too confident in the kitchen.

     Banana Bori Cupcake


     This sweet, succulent treat contains ripe banana and real vanilla! Moulding the dough to make it look like a Bori is tricky, so this is something we recommend leaving to the professional bakers. These Bori Cupcakes can be purchased at the Bakery in Neopia Central.

     Also available in Blueberry, Cherry and Lime. Pick up a few of each flavour to satisfy even the most picky of guests.

     Cherry Bori Lolly


     Always a hit with young Neopets, these Bori Lollies make the perfect sweet treat for after dinner. It`s perfect if you don`t want to bother with dessert – plus they can be eaten anywhere, which means you don`t need to keep your guests sitting at the table for too long.

     The Bori Lolly also comes in Lemon, Lime and Orange flavours.

     You may also consider serving ice cream and slushies, as these cold treats are very common on Terror Mountain, the native region of the Bori.

     The Games

     No party is complete without games! Below we have listed our favourite Bori-themed toys and games that are sure to be a hit with your guests.

     Bori Dart Game


     This is a fun game for both young and elderly Neopets. Included with the board is a set of coloured balls with black velcro resembling the back plates of the Bori. Toss the balls one at a time and aim for the Boris face! Various amounts of points are awarded depending on where the ball gets stuck.

     The balls are made of soft material, so the game is safe to be played indoors.

     Green Bori Ball


     This fun, bouncy ball in the shape of a green Bori is sure to please the guests that are wanting to stretch their legs and move around after sitting at the table.

     Make up contests and fun games – bounce the ball off the wall of your NeoHome, see which guest can kick it the farthest or throw it the longest, the possibilities for fun are endless with this cool toy.

     Bori Tennis Set


     If you buy multiple sets, you can make your guests form teams or just play in a large group. The rackets come in the festive colours of orange and blue, and a bouncy green tennis ball is included. This game is recommended for outdoor play only.

          Other Tips

     Before it`s time to decorate your porch and front lawn with pumpkins and spyder webs for Halloween, spruce up your Neogarden with a cute Bori gnome!

     At the Garden Centre there are several cute Bori gnomes for sale at reasonable prices, this little guy is our favourite:

     Leaf Carrying Bori Gnome


     He will cheerfully wave at all your guests as they arrive to celebrate Bori Day!

     If you wish to dress up your very own Bori as a garden gnome, there is in fact a clothing set available. Perhaps an idea for a Halloween costume?

     Baby Bori Balloon


     Decorate your NeoHome with these adorable balloons! You can also save some NeoPoints by handing them out at the end as party favours. Your guests are sure to enjoy them!

     Deluxe Bori Cracker


     Open this cracker for a fun surprise! Hidden inside is a paper crown and a small toy. These fun crackers make great party favours, but it`s also amusing for the guests to open them at the table. The paper crowns are sure to be a hit with the younger crowd.

     I hope you have enjoyed this article, and have found some inspiration to throw a Bori Day celebration party of your own!

     Happy Bori Day!

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