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Beware The Zomutt!

by manifestbethany


     Beware the Zomutt!

     A shock of light blue fur emerged from behind the Ice Caves' headstone in the Game Graveyard. Large floppy ears twitched as the Neopet raised his nose to the sky and scented the air. The Baby Lupe's red bandanna was disheveled and his eyelids drooped. He had spent the last hour challenging himself with the now retired puzzles in the Ice Caves.

     He didn't earn any Neopoints from the game, since it was retired. He had earned a little bit of pride from completing the puzzles, and he felt a little smarter.

     Caspianboi's jaw expanded with a deep yawn as he watched the sun fall below the horizon. He hadn't planned on staying in the Game Graveyard past dark, but he had lost track of time. The graveyard was located in the Haunted Woods, and he could barely see the tip of Edna's Tower off in the distance. He couldn't even pick up a sound from the Gypsy Camp, where he knew a warm fire was probably roaring to keep away the cold.

     A shiver vibrated through his body when he realized he was alone in such a spooky place.

     “I better get out of here!” He mumbled under his breath as his stomach gurgled to remind him that he had skipped dinner. He was so very hungry. He hadn't eaten anything since the Bacon Omelette he had for breakfast that morning.

     The Baby Lupe's eyes lit up with determination when he remembered the Chocolate Lupe Treat waiting for him at home. His mouth watered in anticipation. Chocolate was his favorite snack and he wondered if the Chocolate Factory would be open this late. With this new goal in mind, he began his frightening trek through the dark ominous graveyard.

     After only a few swift paces, a thick haunting fog began rolling in through the game tombstones, and he heard a faint whisper coming from behind him.

     “Caspianboi... beware the Zomutt.”

     The small Lupe's tail went stiff and his giant eyes widened with fear. A light breeze ruffled his fur and chilled him to the bones.

     “Who's there?” He stuttered, “W-w-what's a Zomutt?”

     The whispers grew louder.

     “The Zomutt will surround and cover you! Beware!”

     Caspianboi quickened his pace. The fog was now so thick, he could barely see the ground. Leaves rustled and twigs snapped beneath his clumsy paws. Where had this fog come from? Every sound made him jump with fright.

     Out of the corner of his eye, he thought he spotted a Ghost Ona: glowing red eyes and two small star-shaped antennae floating in the air. The haunting Petpet disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. Was this the creature who kept whispering the Zomutt warning?

     “Beware!!” The voice boomed loudly this time.

     Caspianboi let out a soft whimper and began running at full speed toward the graveyard's exit gate. “Leave me alone!” he howled.


     His paws flailed in the air; the blue ball of fur tumbled to the ground. The Baby Lupe had tripped over a heavy object in his path and lost his balance completely. The fog was too thick to see what had caused him to fall, and his front paws throbbed from the impact. Dust clung to his tear stained face as Caspianboi prepared to be attacked by this dreaded Zomutt.

     He could hear the sound of leaves crunching as an unknown pursuer raced toward his present location. Scrambling in the dirt, he managed to reorient himself and get his paws underneath him. He crouched down, belly to the dust and tail swishing from side to side. He was ready to face the monster.

     It almost seemed like the thick fog parted, creating a path for the gray and green colored creature to walk through. Piercing emerald eyes glowed and fixed their gaze upon Caspianboi. The Zomutt. The creature had slowed its pace and now carefully crept toward the cowering Baby Lupe. Two sets of ears flowered from the Zomutt's head like petals and tiny horns rested on its crown.

     Caspianboi squeezed his eyes shut as the Zomutt lunged forward.


     Did the Zomutt just lick his face?! The Baby Lupe was startled by the playful licks from the spooky graveyard occupant. His heart had nearly leapt out of his chest due to fear, but his fear quickly subsided.

     “Ok, ok! Please stop!” Caspianboi laughed as the mutt's tongue continued to bath his face in drool. The creature seemed so excited to have Caspianboi to play with.

     The poor little Zomutt just wanted a friend! The scruffy Petpet bounced around with excitement, scampering in circles around its visitor. It was actually kind of cute, its ears flopping wildly to and fro and its paws kicking up dust as it continued running laps around the Baby Lupe.

     It was almost as if the Zomutt's happiness began to chase the fog away from the graveyard. The air cleared and a bright full moon hung over head.

     It was then that Caspianboi noticed the large object that he had tripped over earlier. A wooden chest sat on the ground a few paces away from the Baby Lupe and his new companion. Curious about this trunk, he trotted over and dragged his paw across the leather clasp that held the chest closed. Delicate patterns of trees and Spyders were etched within the treen lid.

     “What do you suppose is in here?” He questioned the cute little Petpet.

     In response, the Zomutt pressed its head into Caspianboi's back, nudging him closer to the wooden trunk. Maybe this was a gift?

     “I guess you want me to open it.” The Baby Lupe pried open the chest with his paws. The lid creaked loudly as it clattered against the side of the trunk. Peering inside, Caspianboi tilted his head and blinked his eyes multiple times while he confirmed the contents.

     Within the trunk was a complete Zomutt costume! A hat, bodysuit, and face paint! It was a perfect replica of the silly little mutt prancing around the graveyard.

     Caspianboi giggled as he picked up the costume in his paws. “Well, I guess the Ghost Ona's warning was right! If I put this costume on, the Zomutt WILL actually surround and cover CLOTHING!”

     What a silly night it had turned out to be.

     With a little awkward wiggling, the Baby Lupe slipped into the costume, placed the hat on his head, applied the face paint, and joined the Zomutt. They both pranced around the Game Graveyard and howled at the moon with pure joy. It was a strange gift to receive, but the little Lupe was delighted to have a new friend, and so was the Zomutt.

     “Beware the Zomutt!” He yowled in between fits of laughter. Caspianboi shook his head wildly and the set of ears on the hat wobbled. He sure looked silly!

     The Ghost Ona floated out from its hiding spot behind a game tombstone. Its tiny wings flapped slightly as it flew over the heads of the real and pretend Zomutt. The star-faced Ghost Petpet must have been afraid of the Zomutt until now.

     With two new friends to play with, the Zomutt was filled with absolute delight! He licked the Baby Lupe's face once again.

     Caspianboi forgets that he was hungry.

     The End

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