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Fact or Fiction? Kadoatery Folklore!

by ayakae


     Over the many, many years I have been hanging around the Kadoatery, I’ve developed certain… perceptions about feeding Kadoaties. Call it the Kadoatie culture if you will—surprisingly, even the simple act of feeding Kadoaties is associated with beliefs and superstitions! Whether such superstitions are true or not and/or whether or not you believe they exist regardless of their legitimacy, it is always fun to joke around about them. Just for fun and giggles, I’ve compiled a list of folklore surrounding the Kadoatery. I hope anyone who has spent any amount of extended time relates with and laughs at these superstitions, because of some of them are just plain ridiculous when you think about it!


     If you feed enough Kadoaties, you get to take one home!

     This belief was very much prevalent back when the Kadoatery first opened, and at one point was even confirmed as valid by TNT in the Editorial. For some reason however, the idea never came to fruition, and the belief now only serves as a reminder of a time long gone. The idea is certainly interesting, though—who wouldn’t want a Kadoatie? ^___^

          If you say the ‘m’ word (i.e. merge) when main is split up, then they would never merge.

     This is the belief I’ve seen the most out of everything on this list. Heck, I even believe it sometimes! The gist of it is this: by saying the thing you really want the Kadoaties to do, Kadoaties are even less likely to do so. Kadoaties are just brats that way—they never listen to what us poor feeders want. In reality, it’s just an entertaining way of expressing frustration and resignation at main being split up. And of course, it’s always fun when main actually does merge after hours of not saying the dreaded ‘m’ word!

          Once an unbuyable item gets fed, another one pops up to take its place.

     If you’re only a bystander to this whole mess that is Kadoatie feeding, you might notice that the Kadoaties on top have extremely expensive tastes. These particular Kadoaties are very hard to please—the foods they’re asking for are more than a million Neopoints each, and not all of us have the finances to sponsor such cravings! Once in a blue moon, however, a very rich donor takes pity on these poor petpets and feeds the expensive food item… only for the greedy Kadoatie to be replaced with another greedy Kadoatie! Drat!

     In reality, however, unbuyable Kadoaties actually come and go—not as often as regular Kadoaties, of course, but they are definitely not there permanently! I suppose unbuyable Kadoaties are just a lot more noticeable and conspicuous because they’re extremely hard to get rid of, giving the illusion of them propagating. Additionally, unbuyable Kadoaties are always going to show up no matter how many times we feed them and no matter how many available Kadoaties are left. It’s just the way the system works.

     (Feel free to shake an angry fist at them regardless, however.)

          Main splits whenever you have something important to do.

     Imagine this: there you are waiting for the Kadoatery to refresh because you have something to do that can be done within the 28-minute interval between main going and main pending. Sounds like the perfect plan, right? Not with these brats.

     The reason minis are so annoying to feeders (and especially to those who timekeep) is because there’s more to look after. Main is simple—all you have to do is refresh seven minutes until Kadoaties are hungry, then wait 28 minutes for them to go hungry. Mains with minis are much more of a handful because they affect when other Kadoaties are being fed just as much as main does, so if you think you can just ignore minis and only focus on main, you’re absolutely wrong! All you can do is refrain from using the ‘m’ word and hope that you get those blessed 28 minutes of doing whatever back as soon as possible.

     P.S. Bet you didn’t think feeders had actual lives outside the Kadoatery, huh? ;)

          Unbuyable Kadoaties are less likely to split and become minis if you ignore them.

     Minis are annoying! I don’t want to even acknowledge that newly-fed Kadoatie because it means acknowledging the chance of a mini! Please stop saying that it’ll be a mini because we really don’t want that to happen! And maybe if I pretend that it doesn’t exist it’ll just fade into the background with the rest of main! Don’t tell me that this theory has no basis in fact because I can believe what I want to believe! Do I need more exclamation marks?! #minihatersunite

          When unbuyable Kadoaties are fed, regular Kadoaties pend for much longer.

     I’m not exactly sure how this theory came about, but there’s a belief that if an unbuyable Kadoatie gets fed when main is pending, main is less likely to go soon. More likely than not, it’s probably really just something people created as a way of expressing annoyance that an unbuyable Kadoatie was fed in such a way that it’s bound to be a mini. After all, minis are annoying for everybody.

     (Pro-tip: If you want to ensure that no mini is created when you feed an unbuyable Kadoatie, feed when everybody else feeds! Wait until most if not all Kadoaties are hungry before feeding.)

          When you look away, Kadoaties come out to play.

     Have you ever sat there waiting ages for them to go hungry, then suddenly get distracted by a phone call or someone needing to talk to you? Only for the main to have gone by the time you get back? Believe me, we’ve all been there. There’s only really two options for a situation like this: wait for the next main and hope you don’t get distracted again? or angrily give up the day, complaining about the injustice of it all?

     Either option is acceptable.

          The more you wish for Kadoaties to go hungry, the longer they pend.

     This functions similarly to the ‘m’ superstition—the more you want Kadoaties to do something, the brattier they’ll be! Of course, how fast these petpets go hungry is completely random and not at all based on convenience. Whining about the Kadoaties’ lack of consideration, however, is much better than just admitting you missed main because you desperately needed to go to the bathroom.


     Well, this was certainly a fun article to write. I never really realized how much lore there was about feeding Kadoaties until a mewbie asked why I was ignoring a mini’s existence (#minihatersunite). While there’s no evidence to back up any of these aforementioned claims, it’s just something to laugh about and relate with other people who have been in the same situations. It creates a sense of community, if you will, no matter how ridiculous these superstitions are. In the end, we’re just in it for the fun of the game.

     P.S. #minihatersunite

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