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Skeith Day Personality Quiz

by a_ramsell


     Do you love Skeiths so much that you wish you actually were one? There are so many amazing Skeiths to emulate; how’s a Neopian to choose just one? Here’s a fun quiz that will help you find out which famous Skeith best represents you. Grab a pen and paper and get to it!

     1. Which one word describes you best?

     A. Reliable

     B. Suspicious

     C. Amazing

     D. Dedicated

     E. Hungry

     F. Brilliant

     G. Tenacious

     H. Athletic

     2. What’s your favorite land?

     A. Neopia Central. Classic!

     B. Neovia. Eerie and mysterious.

     C. Maraqua. As long as I don’t have to get my hair wet.

     D. Krawk Island. It’s a pirate’s life for me!

     E. Meridell. Medieval is where it’s at.

     F. Brightvale. Learning is cool!

     G. Altador. Loyalty and bravery reign supreme.

     H. Darigan Citadel. They appreciate my…tenacity.

     3. Which quote sounds most like something you’d say?

     A. “It's great to see you again. What can I do for you today?”

     B. “Problems cannot be solved overnight with magic potions! Success is only achieved through hard work!”

     C. “Just stay out of my way. I'm sure you'll be no competition catching the varmints, but you wouldn't want to get hurt by my awesome whirlpool technique.”

     D. “Tell me old friend, has yer memory gotten THAT bad?”

     E. “Bring more food!”

     F. “Well you're not the sharpest tack in the drawer, but that wasn't too bad.”

     G. “It is hard to wait, knowing our enemies are too blind to see our strength and fear it. But we must strike at the right moment.”

     H. Eh, talk is cheap. I’m more the strong, silent type.

     4. Which of these hobbies do you like best?

     A. Organizing and counting things, or maybe making really awesome line graphs and pie charts.

     B. Experimenting using my chemistry set.

     C. Combing my lustrous hair. Oh, and hunting for treasure, when it suits me.

     D. Board games, I suppose.

     E. FOOD!

     F. Reading books. Lots and lots of books.

     G. Training exercises. One must always be battle-ready.

     H. Working out. Gotta stay in shape.

     5. Which of these foods sounds most appealing to you?

     A. Apple Pie. Wholesome and delicious!

     B. Honey Crumpet. Sweet but hearty.

     C. Fresh Oysters. Mmm, tastes like the ocean.

     D. Pirate Negg. Yarr, pirate-y!

     E. Roast Pork. Fit for a king!

     F. Flaming Blooble Fruit. Delectable and sophisticated.

     G. Nectar of the Heroes. But only after a victorious battle.

     H. Mortog Stew. What? Mortogs are good. *shrugs*

     6. Which of these games is your favorite?

     A. Trouble at the National Neopian

     B. Bruno’s Backwoods Breakaway

     C. Petpet Plunge

     D. Dubloon Disaster

     E. Extreme Potato Counter

     F. Biscuit Brigade

     G. Chariot Chase

     H. Cellblock

     7. What quality do you value most in others?

     A. Honesty

     B. Inquisitiveness

     C. Good looks

     D. Oath-keeping

     E. Fealty

     F. Intelligence

     G. Bravery

     H. Team player

     8. How do you like earning your Neopoints?

     A. Collecting bank interest. So easy!

     B. Restocking, preferably snagging pricey potions

     C. Outsourcing. I like it when others do the hard stuff for me.

     D. Pillaging! Yarr!

     E. Taxing my subjects. They owe me.

     F. I don’t worry about such matters as earning Neopoints.

     G. Proving my worth in the Battledome, of course.

     H. Games, especially action-based ones.

     9. Which book sounds most appealing to you?

     A. The Smart Way to Earn and Save Neopoints

     B. Book of Bruno

     C. It’s All About the Hairdo

     D. Pirates vs. Ninjas: The Novel

     E. Jokes To Make Skarl Laugh

     F. Scroll of Knowledge

     G. Battledome Techniques

     H. Altador Through the Ages

          That’s it, you’re done! Tally up your answers and note which letter you chose most frequently. Got it? Great! Now for the moment of truth…


     Mostly A: Bank Manager

     Steadfast and reliable, you are most like the manager of the National Neopian Bank! You take your job seriously and are always ready to help, no matter the task. It’s a tough, thankless job, but someone’s gotta do it.


     Mostly B: Edmund

     Edmund’s claim to fame is a lapse of judgment that caused him lots of trouble during the Tale of Woe plot. However, thanks to a helping hand, Edmund is back on his feet and better than ever for having learned some valuable lessons. If you got mostly B, you can likely relate to Edmund’s story!


     Mostly C: Sir Pompadour

     In case his name didn’t give it away for you, Sir Pompadour is most proud of his shining mane of hair (though one must admit, he has FANTASTIC hair). This vain Skeith prefers to keep his hands clean and his hair dry by having others do his dirty work for him. If you got mostly C, you likely value vanity and good looks as well. Maybe the two of you can trade styling tips!


     Mostly D: Bartleby

     Bartleby is a salty old sea dog, but he’s not ready to hang up his cutlass just yet. This loyal pirate is a faithful friend, always ready to defend the honour of his mates. Cheers to you if you are most like Bartleby! *raises grog in tribute*


     Mostly E: King Skarl

     If you chose mostly E, it might be because of your extreme fondness of food, which is a trait you share with the King of Meridell. There’s more than meets the eye with this grumpy old king, though! He is also famous for his fairness and his superb leadership skills. These qualities have earned the King fierce loyalty from his subjects.


     Mostly F: King Hagan

     You value wisdom and knowledge most of all, just like Hagan, King of Brightvale. This is admirable, but don’t let pride get in your way! King Hagan wants his people to be well-educated, but his pride can get the better of him when it comes to his brother, King Skarl. King Hagan is all too happy to see his brother flounder, but think of all the great things that could happen if King Hagan shared his wealth of knowledge with his brother’s kingdom!


     Mostly G: Commander Flint

     Commander Flint honed is battle skills during the fall of Faerieland and is the formidable leader of the Brute Squad, of Obelisk War fame. This brave Skeith never backs down from a fight, and likely neither do you! You should be proud to be most like Commander Flint.


     Mostly H: Mungo Lifler

     Mungo Lifler was the goalkeeper for the Darigan Citadel Yooyuball team in Altador Cup I. He was known for having “the best hands in the business,” but lacked the needed athleticism in other areas, despite his dedication to training. If you chose mostly H, you likely also value teamwork and athleticism.

     Hopefully you enjoyed celebrating Skeith Day with this fun personality quiz! Happy Skeith Day!


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