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The Best Avatars For Halloween!!

by zuniak


     The leaves have started to change and fall off their branches, Neopians everywhere have picked the pumpkin patches clear, the air has gotten a cold chill to it, and everything seems positively spook-tastic. Ghouls and goblins are starting to surface from the depths and the Haunted Woods seem just a little scarier than they usually do. Don't get me started on the creeps in the Deserted might be best to avoid that place this time of year, you might lose more than just a wallet full of neopoints!!

     October doesn't need to be totally full of frights though, it's an amazing time to dress up in costumes and collect candy with your best friends, play harmless pranks, and shout "Boo!" at the top of your lungs. It's also a good reason to swap your avatar and neo-signature on the neoboards and show those people in the trade chats that you mean business and nothing can scare you into their insultingly low offers on your rare items. So in between getting your Neopets Masks ready and baking pumpkin pies, why not go after some of these scary avatars?

          Edna - Cackle

     This rare avatar comes from the queen of Halloween herself, Edna. You'll have to head off to the witch tower and fulfill one or two...or a million of her quests. No one knows quite what recipe or combination of ingredients will satisfy this green Zafara's tastes, but if you are able to strike it just right she will award you her cackling avatar.

     If you aren't familiar with Edna, she is an old witch that has a history of creating bizarre recipes and potions capable of transmogrifying neopets. One of the oldest rumors about her is that she actually fell into one of her potions which turned her into the Zafara that she is today. She still spends most of her time with her bubbling cauldron, living high above the Haunted Woods. You might want to be careful when you are dealing with her, she's not actually that great at creating potions and stews and more than a few Meercas have been injured in the process.

          Stamp Collector - Haunted Woods

     Obtaining this avatar might be more reasonable to set as a goal for Halloween NEXT year, as it takes an incredible amount of hunting to find all the stamps. You need to complete the Haunted Woods page of your stamp album before you will be awarded this rare avatar. Unfortunately for you, these stamps are nowhere near easy to find. In fact, they are probably some of the rarest in all of Neopia. Don't let this discourage you though, just start small. Cheaper stamps like the Brain Tree Stamp and Esophagor Stamp can be found pretty easily in user shops or the Neopian Post Office. One of the rarest stamps you will have to track down is the Scary Tree Stamp, hopefully you get lucky and find a good price on one at the Trading Post. It might set you back a few hundred million neopoints though!!

          Ixi - Sophie the Swamp Witch

     Sophie is a green Ixi, somewhat similar in color to Edna, but her avatar is much easier to achieve. I don't want to spoil the surprise and reveal all the secrets on how to obtain it, but I can give you a hint: you might stumble across it while seeking some halloween costume inspiration.

     But why would you want to rock a Swamp Witch avatar for Halloween? Well, for one, she's a WITCH from the SWAMP. What is more spooky scary than that? She's also known to live in a damp hut surrounded by Meowclops, one of the most unsettling petpets of all time. A common misconception about Sophie is that just because she is a swamp witch, that also means she's evil. Quite the contrary, actually, she helped clear a curse over Neovia and saved all the citizens while battling against the Darkest Faerie...which leads us to our last, and possibly scariest avatar of them all...

          The Darkest Faerie

     Rumor has it this avatar can only be obtained in the dead of night, when the sun has disappeared and there is only moonlight to guide your path. If you aren't familiar with the Darkest Faerie, you may be asking me why I consider her avatar the scariest of them all...

     She was one of the original founders of Altador, which seems like a noble thing, but she betrayed the other founders and started a reign of terror. It was a long, terrible battle where she was eventually vanquished by Queen Fyora and balance was restored to Altador, but that wasn't the last we heard of this evil faerie. She returned, one thousand years later, and set her sights on the peaceful kingdom of Meridell. From there she went to conquer Faerieland and was eventually defeated again.

     If you want to represent true horror this Halloween season, no one embodies evil quite the way the Darkest Faerie does. I'd tell you the exact way to achieve her avatar, but that place is too difficult for even me to recommend sending you.

     There are many more avatars that may speak to you for this October fright fest, so I suggest poking around Neopia and seeing what you can come across. Maybe you'll find something that will suit your fancy better. Just be careful where you go roaming, you never know what will be hiding in the depths of places like the castle of Eliv Thade or near the Esophagor's lair. There is a reason this time of year is so scary, and that there are so many terrible tales that surface from the darkest corners of Neopia. Always travel with a trusted friend and well trained Neopet, just in case one of these evil characters challenge you to a fight in the Battledome!

     And now that you are ready for Halloween. Happy Halloween to everyone! Make sure you have a great time in the spookiest day of the year!

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