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Species Customization: Poogle

by aleu1986


     In honour of Poogle Parade, aka Poogle Day, I have put together a selection of customizations using the species-specific clothing of the precious Poogles. If you`re looking for inspiration to dress up your Poogle in honour of their special day, I hope this article will give you some new ideas!

          Female Retro Poogle


     I like this wig, not only because it suits the theme of Valentines and picks up the pink in the outfit, but because the hair is up and away from the Poogles face. This species has a large head with a round, plump face, so a wig that hugs their cheeks and frames their face is not always the best look for them, in my opinion. With that said, I`ve listed a few other wigs that suit this ensemble below. I chose to go for blonde wigs as I think they suit the pink and white outfit well.

     If you want to cover up the table top in the foreground, try adding Slushie Slinger Table Top or Magnificent Milkshakes to keep with the cafe theme. I chose not to add any other elements in this customization, such as a garland or curtains, as the background has plenty of detail and colour in it.

          Items used:

     Retro Poogle Skirt, Shirt, Scarf, Shoes.

     Valentine Cafe Background

     Curly Valentine Wig

     Light Pink Lipstick

     Also try:

     Glam Curled Wig, Blonde Quiff Wig or Dyeworks Yellow: Curled Updo Wig. (Also available in the original brown).

          Male Retro Poogle


     To create a male version of the retro look, keep the Retro Poogle Shirt and Shoes. With the simple addition of the Pompadour Wig and a pair of blue jeans, you got yourself a cool retro look for your boy Poogle. Instead of the Retro Poogle Shirt, you can try Bowling Shirt for a nice pop of colour.

     The milkshakes carry the theme of the background, but if a garland is really needed, is up to you to decide. I personally think it looks a bit bare without it, and the Colorful Paper Lantern Garland fits in nicely with the muted tones of the ice cream parlour.

     Items used:

     Colorful Paper Lantern Garland

     Magnificent Milkshakes

     Old School Ice Cream Parlour

     Hardy Blue Trousers

     Pompadour Wig

     Retro Poogle Shirt/Shoes

     Also try:

     Slushie Slinger Table Top

     Basic Blue Trousers or Cuffed Ripped Trousers

     Deadly Doll Poogle


     What a good little guy! He`ll be your friend until the end!

     This themed look of the doll costume can be varied by changing the face paint and choosing different backgrounds to place your Deadly Doll Poogle in different settings, such as a classroom, a haunted forest or a bedroom. A popular choice is to make your Poogle look like a trick-or-treater on Halloween, or go for the Toy Shelf look as I have done here.

     Items used:

     Deadly Doll Poogle Bottom, Top, Shoes, Wig

     Petpet Plushie Garland

     Toy Shelf Background

     Chadleys Collectors Contacts

     Adorable Freckles

     Infectious Smile of the Shootout Showdown Goalie

     Kanrik Collectors Weapons Belt

     Fyora Voodoo Doll Handheld Plushie

     For a female look, try Wavy Red Wig or Layered Orange Wig.

     Also try:

     Gift of Neocash Surprise Box Background

     Inside a Mystery Capsule Background

     Dark Blue Contacts

     Armin Collectors Contacts

     Nutcra-cker Face Paint

     MME13-S4b: Voodoo Skull Face Paint

     Playful Scarecrow Makeup

     Battle Scar Marking

     MME13-S2a: Petpet Voodoo Doll Garland

     Autumn or Winter? Your choice!


     This is an example of a neutral customization that can easily be changed to look more masculine or feminine if you prefer. Add the Winter Poogle Skirt and a longer wig for a girl, or add a shorter wig or a hat for a boy.

     The Winter Poogle outfit itself (particularly the jacket) feels more like autumn/fall to me than winter, but I`ve added a winter ensemble for you to consider as well.

     Items used:

     Golden Leaf Lined Street Background

     Autumn Shrubbery

     Autumn Umbrella

     Short Center-Part Wig

     Basic Orange Trousers

     Winter Poogle Jacket and Boots

     Also try:

     Basic Khaki Gloves

     Brown Newsboy Hat


     Here I`ve used the complete Winter Poogle set, and essentially created a winter version of the autumn look above. I`m personally not a fan of the scarf, but used it here to show the complete ensemble.

     Items used:

     Winter Poogle Wig, Jacket, Scarf, Skirt, Boots.

     Snowy Leaves Street Background

     Snowy Holiday Umbrella

     Snowy Picket Fence

     Also try:

     Beret N Wig

     Green Velvet Holiday Cap and Wig (looks best paired with a pair of trousers instead of the skirt).

     Maractite Poogle


     Glow is the keyword here, and I couldn`t resist making this Poogle the life of the party! I love the Blue Light Damask Markings and how it complements the lines of maractite on the clothes.

     For a female look, add the Black and Blue Wig. It`s a perfect match for the black and blue colour scheme of the clothing.

     Items used:

     Maractite Lined Poogle Shirt, Trousers, Wig, Shoes, Bangles.

     Glowing Good Time Party Background

     Dyeworks Blue: Golden Scattered Light Garland

     Glowing Slinkys

     Dyeworks Blue: Light Damask Markings

     Also try:

     Commemorative In the Spotlight Garland

     Glowing Body Paint

     Daily Dare NC Challenge Gamers Scarf

          Green Poogle


     Green Knit Poogle Purse and Green Poogle Rag Doll also belong to this clothing set, along with the dress and the red bows, but I chose to leave them out of this example. The rag doll can certainly serve its purpose, but the purse just sits in front of the Poogle and doesn`t really add anything to the look, in my opinion.

     With the cute green dress and the pretty bows I get a childish vibe from this clothing set, and recommend customizations featuring settings like a picnic, a classroom or a birthday party. Perhaps put her in the Old School Ice Cream Parlour as seen in a different example in this article?

     The combination of green and red makes it a perfect choice for the holiday season, including Illusen Day!

     Items used:

     Black Poogle Shoes

     Red Poogle Bows

     Green Knit Poogle Dress

     Floral Courtyard Background

     Clothesline Garland

     Fence of Flowers Foreground

     Also try:

     Swing Set Background

     Backyard Summer Background

     Spring Clothes Line

          Sleeping Poogle


     There are different ways to build a customization around this fine clothing ensemble, and below I offer a few suggestions.

     By combining Lacy Poogle Sleeping Cap and Gown with the Spooky Old Foyer Background and Glowing Handheld Candle, you`ve created a simple, but effective customization. Perhaps your Poogle was awakened by a strange noise, and went downstairs to investigate.

     You can also create a look with your Poogle standing in the clouds, to create a dream-state, or even a customization based around Maths Nightmare. By using Tired Eyes and putting your Poogle in outdoors backgrounds, you can create a humorous take on sleepwalking! The Lacy Poogle Sleeping Gown is a versatile item, not limited to customizations centered around sleeping or dreaming, you can use it in a Neovian setting or a tea party, for example.


     In this example, I created a Wonderland tea party. You can remove the Jungle Party Table for a tidier background, or add Tree Stump Tea Party to the foreground for added whimsy. I chose to keep the foreground rather bare and simple for this customization in order to properly show the Poogles outfit.

     Items used:

     Lacy Poogle Sleeping Gown

     Adorable Wonderland Shoes and Tights

     Dyeworks Blue: Wonderland Gloves

     Pastel Mushroom Garland

     Mad Tea Party Teapot

     Mad Tea Party Background

     Jungle Party Table

     Charming Wonderland Wig

     Also try:

     Cheerleader Poogle Wig

     Checkered Ribbon Wig

     Fishtail Braided Pigtail Wig

     I hope you enjoyed looking through my Poogle-themed customizations! I have several other customization and fashion related articles, so feel free to browse that selection as well.

     Happy Poogle Day!

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