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Neopian Events - How to Plan Ahead

by _polonius_


     Neopian Events - How to Plan Ahead

     It’s always great to see Neopians with accounts that show that they have been loyal members. However, I’m typically surprised when I see that they haven’t participated in many of Neopets various events or plots through the years and earned the trophies that accompany them. While plots can sometimes be hit/miss there are some standard events that we Neopians have come to count on to net us account hardware.

     Annually Neopets does three standard events per year that it is possible to not only participate in, but to earn prizes and a fancy trophy for your look up (of some kind anyway). For many years I wasn’t necessarily as aware as I am now of the benefits of participating in events that Neopets hosted. Some of the rules and the parameters for playing seemed difficult to follow and in the end my playing was spotty. I typically was left with a Participation Medal. However, I have finally started making sure that I play as much as possible when life allows. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter in the end what level you play at, just that you have a good time doing it.

     Currently the events that come around during the year are Charity Corner, Festival of Neggs, The Altador Cup, and Daily Dare. Charity Corner is typically done around December while the Altador Cup and the Daily Dare are held in June and July respectively.

     Charity Corner: Charity Corner is all about “de-cluttering” that safety deposit box. Supposedly. Points are awarded for certain rarities so the crux of the event is not giving away things that you could sell for more. Originally this even worked very differently, however, now it is a little more of an organizational task. If you plan ahead though you should be able to work it to your advantage. One of the fan sites has a great list that you can use to get started ahead of time in order to earn the points you are interested in.

     Festival of Neggs: (non-trophy event) Every year Neopets hides eggs for us on the site - which is super fun. Sometimes there are prizes, a stamp, and even an avatar. This one I put on the list given that these items can be included - but they are a little iffy. The one big crux of this “event” is that almost always you need to not miss a single day.

          Altador Cup: The infamous Altador Cup. A Neopian “Sporting” Cup - this consists of mini games that the user plays over and over in order to increase their rank for a given team. The main game of the cup is Yooyuball (which is a little like soccer for Neopets) and involves a lot of sore fingers. This game nets you the most points overall. Side games for the cup are Make Some Noise (a two finger tapping game), and Slushie Slinger (a game to serve slushies to angry customers). The number of games per day you can play are capped so people can rank only at a certain rate. Even so ranks can be achieved quickly. Prizes for the AC are awarded at the end of the cup and can be quite lucrative. The Altador Cup typically lasts an entire month.

     Daily Dare: A gaming tournament between AAA and Abigail. Rules have varied year-to-year, however most recently you have been able to choose each day who you’d like to challenge. Successfully challenging AAA through the event will guarantee you a gold trophy and the best prizes. You can also mix and match challengers or challenge Abigail through the tourney. It is tracked if you complete the task the day it is released with gold checks on each game day.

     I would consider all of these “events” in that you participate in them, they are hosted, last longer than a day, and they produce trophies, and prizes. Not a perfect definition I know.

     Events are wonderful opportunities for several things: a trophy, typically a new avatar, and prizes that can net some income. All of these do take some planning however - plan, plan plan.

     Research the previous years events on one of the fan sites. All of the events are not new so information is available. Find out how long it lasts and calendar it out.

     Make time on a daily basis to play or login. It isn’t atypical for an avatar or a trophy to be based on if you have played or checked in on a daily basis.

     Know what you want your prize level to be in the ideal world and know what you are okay with your prize level being considering your real world commitments. Sometimes that Double All-Star Trophy and prize package sounds great - and you’re on track … but you need to know what your real world commitments are first. School, home etc. and plan accordingly.

     Play! Make sure to play - and do so daily if possible if it is just that one or two games of yooyuball or slushie slinger. Sometimes one game will make the difference.

     For Charity Corner. Start looking at lists now and purchasing or hoarding up your items. It’ll save you time and points later on.

     Occasionally other events come up around the site that can follow the same rules. If it is a plot with an unknown timeline - it is always good to remember to check-in daily. Some of the events that are celebratory in nature have been known in the past to give avatars based on check-ins … (The Fall Charity Corner Guide, Festival of Neggs Y13 etc.)

     Now for the rewards! Certainly trophies (shiny!!!) and the avatars are amazing - I do confess to having a huge weakness for these. However, a serious reward comes from the prizes. Many of these events have some prizes that (while they fluctuate) can be fairly staggering and in the millions. Play your points correctly and you can cash in big.

     Hope this article moves you towards better use of Neopian events. Lots of rewards out there!


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