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Superb Summer Reads

by mewemy


     Summer is quickly coming to a close and what a better way to wrap up this month then with some good old summer reading! So get nice and comfy in your soft hammock underneath your favorite oak tree with a tall glass of iced cold tea because we will be starting this list off with an all-time favorite! I’m about to give you the inside scoop on the best Neopian books to read to your pet during the warm summer season. You aren’t gonna wanna miss out on these books if you’re looking for a way to not be bored to death on your time off from school.

      To start this short list off we will be looking at ‘Fyora’s Favorite Summer Recipes’, for all the home chefs out there! Having had successfully created a multitude of these recipes myself, I can vouch for the deliciousness of these faerie meals. The Queen has put together all the yummy delicacies served at the faerie castle in Faerieland into this one book that will surely impress anyone at the summer BBQ. Celestial Salad, Delicate Faerie Nachos, and Faerie Meatloaf are just a few of the tasty summer meals that you’ll find in this recipe book. More of a dessert person? Don’t you worry, she included plenty of those included as well! Fyora Day Cupcakes or Strawberry Faerie Sundae are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth! With clear step by step instructions and high quality pictures accompanying each meal you’ll have no issues following along and recreating the recipes. Stop by Faerie Foods in Faerie city if you’re interested in sampling the meals found in ‘Fyora’s Favorite Summer Recipes,” I promise you won’t regret it.

      Cooking not your thing? No worries, I have another great book that you might enjoy. ‘Beach Vacations’ is the perfect read if you’re looking to lay back and relax this summer. This book details some of the hottest tropical spots to visit such as the secret beaches on Mystery and Lutari Island. You’ll be an expert on all the best locations to take your neopets and friends with little effort to no effort. Maybe you’ll even become an expert tour guide yourself one day with all the new knowledge you’ll get from this book. It isn’t just beach locations that are included in this informative read either. Find out the closest locations for tiki retreats, bon fires, restaurants, hula dancing, and so much more! Vacations will never be the same again so get ready for your all-time best summer yet.

      Next on our list isn’t exactly a book for reading but a book filled with postcards to send to all of your neofriends! “Summer Postcards,” is great if you’re looking for a heap of postcards that are already written and stamped for you. With gorgeous photographs taken from all around Mystery Island and Maraqua and wonderful phrases such as, “Wish You Were Here” and “Thinking of You.” Your friends will surely love to have one of these sent to their neohome. The best part is, you don’t have to actually travel to any of the locations on the postcards to obtain them as they are all right here included in the book. There are a total of 100 unique postcards with perforated edges for easy removal. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to begin writing to your friends and a more fun way!

      We are going to change this list up with the final three books being fictional reads with the perfect summer vibe. Ideal for when you’re on your beach vacation, “Shoyru Summer” is a humorous romance novel about a young Shoyru named Sara who gets a job giving Tiki Tours at mystery island where she gets into adventure after adventure with her best Tom the Mynci. Read this book to see how the tale unfolds and Sara falls deeper and deeper for her hilarious friend. You will fall in love with this tale just as Sara fell for Tom and her life gets turned upside down. Will she stay at Mystery Island to continue giving out tours and meeting all the wonderful tourists or return home to Meridell and put the summer behind her?

      “Trudys Day at the Beach” is a funny must read although it’s quite long so be ready to be reading all day long. Read all about Trudy’s adventures as she trods around Neopia gifting Neopians’ prizes from her caravan and making jokes along the way to put a smile on everyone’s face. Trudy the Ixi is quite a character and you won’t want to miss out on all the shenanigans she gets herself into. Don’t be fooled by her silly behaviour though because she is quite the warm hearted girl that you’ll have no choice but to love.

      The last book on our summer reading list is a short but interesting tale titled, “Tropical Sunsets.” This one is a sci-fi mystery about how Neopia’s sunsets suddenly began to grow more and more sinister with each passing summer’s night. Not only did the sunsets begin to turn to an eerie blue color but when the sun went fully down strange things would begin to happen to the inhabitants of the Haunted Woods. Is everyone going to be okay and what is really at work here? Zombies roaming the streets, children disappearing, and items mysteriously disappearing from pets’ neohomes. Read this exciting book to find out exactly what mystical thing is happening here!

      So don’t miss out on these fantastic summer reads to end the season just right! You can pick up your own copies of these great books at any of the following shops: Magical Book Shop, Faerie Book Store, Brightvale Books, Booktastic Books, Neovian Printing Press, or Molataran Books found all across Neopia. So get a move on and get a copy of each I promise you won’t regret it. Thank you so much for catching up on this edition of seasonal reads and catch us next time for the perfect stories to enjoy in the autumn while sipping on your pumpkin spiced latte!


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