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A Guide to a Perfect Spa Day

by starlaced


     As I meet my neofriends over at the Coffee Cave (at their new Roo Island location nonetheless) we ultimately start talking about our neopets. What I've gathered from our conversation was that my neopets could be smarter, stronger, faster...ok so maybe I'm not winning any Battledome matches soon but I can say this: my neopets are definitely the happiest!

     If you don't believe me, I've interviewed all three pets:

     I've asked my active pet, LionChaton if he could elaborate on his mood, and he has said:

     "I'm delighted!"

     "You're the best owner ever!" -AgentPerrys, my Lupe.

     "Thanks, but I'm thirsty" -PeachesKyree, my Kacheek. Not really the answer I was hoping for, I'm afraid. Perhaps it's because she is dehydrated.

     Now that we've got the proof out of the way, I'll let you in on a little secret: my pets are mega-happy because I take the time to give them a weekly spa day! Hear me out: between all the playing, Mystery Island touring and attempting to steal from the Snowager, a pet's hairdo just doesn't look the best. Especially my Kougra, who has a knack for getting into all the mud there is on Mystery Island.

     I'll have to give credit where it's due though--I've luckily run into the very nice shopkeeper of Neopia Central's exclusive grooming parlor (good luck getting an appointment before Fyora Day!) at Neopian Health Foods (beauty does start with what you eat!) as she was reaching for some fresh Asparagus. I didn't let go of the Asparagus until she agreed to tell me all her secrets...just kidding, sort of.

     So, here are her tips for giving your pet the best spa day:

     1) Always start with a good bath. The foundation to a beauty routine begins with getting rid of all the grime on your pet from hiding in the dung pile at Meriacres Farm way too many times during Kacheek Seek. A classic is Bar of Soap. If your pet has been sitting in the dung pile for quite some time, the only thing that'll make it better short of improving your Kacheek Seek skills is Peophin Fragrant Soap. It's made from the finest fragrances Neopia has to offer, after all.

     2) A good shampoo and conditioner set is unbeatable for giving your pet the mane it deserves! My favorites are Usuki Magical Conditioner (and I'm not saying this just because I'm a Usul!) and Illusen Organic Replenishing Shampoo. Your pet will go from dung-smelling to forest glade in no time!

     3) JubJub Foot Scrub. Even if you don't have a JubJub, this is a good scrub for your pets' often over-looked paws, feet,, I guess Kikos have no feet, so maybe skip this step for Kikos. And Jetsams, Flotsams, Tuskaninnies...oh dear, there's quite a few foot-less Neopets out there.

     4) I've found the Zafara Bath Poof a useful accessory for getting excellent exfoliation! Don't worry, it won't exfoliate your freshly painted pet color away.

     5) Cucumber Eye Patches. Any spa day isn't complete without cucumber on your pet's eyes! 'Nuff said.

     6) Towels are often overlooked. You can't just dry your pet with any old thing, can you? A basic and nice Towel is useful for drying, but if you'd like to really make your pet feel like it's been painted Royal (or if it is!) Mutant Grundo Towel is a favorite. The print is a bit out of this world, but trust me on this, nothing feels plusher.

     7) Finally, after your pet is sparkling clean and dry, finish off with some lotion, hair product, or cream. I like Golden Altadorian Lotion (I hear it is a favorite of Orie Dinelle of Team Brightvale) but please avoid Snot Lotion. I don't know how it got there but every few days a strange Meerca comes in and buys it, so I've got to keep it in stock, and I do have to earn a living you know. Disco Print Styling Gel and Cucumber Eye Cream are my other two recommendations--nothing like a bit of groovy gel for a Kyrii's curls.

     8) Now that you've gotten the bath out of the way, it's time to move onto the fun stuff-real grooming! Now, I'm not saying that you can't do it better than we can at the Grooming Parlour, but it's best you come in. You don't want to accidentally give your Ogrin an uneven mane now, do you? But if you haven't made it to Neopian Mega Riches yet, I'll tell you my preferred tools. Although it's a bit pricey and I don't stock it very often (can't give away all my secrets!), Faerieland Comb is the best comb out there. Have you met a faerie with a bad hair day? Didn't think so!

     9) If you prefer a brush, (or if your pet's not particularly furry, I'm thinking of you Jetsams!) I really like the Cloud Paddle Brush-aptly named because it feels just like a cloud!

     10) Now, while your pet would have the full spa experience if it visited the Grooming Parlour, you can help recreate it at home by offering some refreshments afterward, like Sliced Strawberries, refreshing Minty Iced Tea, or if your pet is feeling a bit peckish, a delicious Carrot Wrap ought to do the trick.

     Unfortunately, those were all the tips I got out of her before she distracted me ("ooh look, it's an Earth Faerie!"), clenched the Asparagus and ran away without even haggling. I'm determined to get the rest of her tips about styling and makeup, but these will have to do for now. Perhaps I'll run into her at the Bakery.

     I think I should share my pets' favorites as well:

     AgentPerrys, my Magma Lupe, really likes Fire Faerie Hairspray but as a word of caution, don't use this at home or in the Lost Desert...Moltara is a good spot to keep your pet's hair flaming hot!

     LionChaton loves his Kougra Nail Clippers. I'm still trying to get him to stop clawing up all the carpet in our NeoHome but these clippers are a good start.

     Finally, I keep my starry Kacheek PeachesKyree super sparkly by using Starlight Hair Gel. She's got a short coat so I brush it in with a Starry Hair Brush for extra twinkle.

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