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Seasonal Styles: Legendary Loot and Usuki

by jubileek


     It is the month of Hiding, also known as another month of arbitrary festivities. That means it’s time to release a set of Seasonal Styles curated by me, the color expert, Pixke. If you’re unfamiliar with my feature, Seasonal Styles are lists of pairings between various categories of Neopian objects, as guided by the time of year and other factors beyond color (though I do love coordinating colors). This article sees the combinations of rare Usuki toys, like those celebrated at the upcoming annual Usukicon, with valuable prizes that can be obtained from daily activities to partake in across Neopia. Matches were made based both on item backstories as well as (of course) colors!!

     While the rarest or most exclusive objects were not always selected, all included have a rarity of 90 or above and a value of at least about 100,000 neopoints. You could therefore say this list is for connoisseurs. Whether that be fans of matching things in general, or matching rare items, or matching Usuki to items, or matching Usuki to rare items, or finding matches for dailies prizes or rare items or… oh, sorry! The point I was trying to make is that this list might seem oddly specific but really is for everyone. Anyways, let’s just get started with it.


     Maraqua Collectors Usuki (r101 / ~300k NP)

     Simple Maractite Coin (r101 / 1.5-2m NP)

     Anchor Management

     Who knew this grouping, with two components each starting with the letters M-A-R-A, would be so great? Besides me, of course. In addition that common prefix, the unfashionably square hairline on the Maraqua Collectors Usuki reminds me of the repeating linear pattern of the Simple Maractite Coin. While Anchor Management usually gives me (and probably you too) pirate plushies worth 5 NP, it apparently gives some lucky Mallards items of real value, like this here coin. I’ll also have you know that the Simple Maractite Coin is the only prize worth more than pocket change exclusive to this daily. The odds are not in our favor, but I’m going to keep braving those watery depths in hopes of one day receiving one, and I think you should too.


     Zafara Double Agent Usuki (r98 / ~100k NP)

     Rotting Riches Scratchcard (r111 / 3.3-3.6m NP)

     Haunted Scratchcard Kiosk

     I don’t consider buying scratchcards every day to necessarily be a healthy habit, especially from my the most expensive source in Neopia, but I digress. Nabbing a Rotting Riches Scratchcard from the Haunted Scratchcard kiosk is extremely unlikely on most days, though one day maybe you’ll get lucky! Upon the rare chance you do, be sure you’re aware that a Zafara Double Agent Usuki pairs with said scratchcard just lovely, and not just due to their complementary color schemes. Modeled after the sly Zafara spy, I consider the similarly mysterious and hard to find namesake Usuki to be the best Usuki match for the elusive Rotting Riches Scratchcard. Unfortunately, though, it wouldn’t be the best Zafara Double Agent toy match for the scratchcard, since I would say the plushie is superior since it gives an avatar. If you were wondering about my opinion on the matter. Or if you weren’t, you can read it too. Or not.


     King Skarl Usuki (r99 / ~700k NP)

     King Skarl Erisim (r101 / 1.1-1.5m NP)

     Grumpy Old King

     This special unpaintable Petpet, while painted in the likeness of King Skarl, is hopefully not as grumpy as he. At least, I personally wouldn’t want an angry slithering creature as a petpet! We can’t see his fangs though, so I will assume for now that King Skarl Erisims are neutral in their resting state. Regardless of contentedness, the King Skarl Erisim is obtainable as a prize from telling a funny joke to King Skarl himself, yet the chances of either are pretty unlikely. Maybe buying one from a trading Neopian is a quicker (and more definite) option. Package the Erisim with a King Skarl Usuki for a cute gift for one of your snuggly grumpykins (Neopets) today!


     Illusen Usuki (r101 / ~2m NP)

     12 Leaf Clover (r101 / 1.5-2m NP)

     Pick Your Own

     Do you have another, happier Neopet who might be in the mood for a cheerier set of gifts than that offered by the King Skarl bundle, but with items hailing from the same Neopian land? Then I have just the two things in mind! A 12 Leaf Clover apparently holds three times as much luck as the 4-leaved variety. Let it first be known that while the 12 Leaf Clover is available from Pick Your Own, an activity that can be completed daily, only completing it on one day of the year might get you the Clover: the 17th day of Running (March), or Illusen Day as it is also known by in Neopia. It should then come as no surprise that I selected a Usuki in the likeness of the kind, pleasant Earth Faerie and Meridellian Illusen to be the perfect partner for such a lucky item.


     Regal Prince Usuki Set (r99 / ~5m NP)

     Kings Lens (r135 / ~16m NP)

     Coltzan’s Shrine

     Truly a pairing for the bourgeoisie (and maybe conceited, since there are so many mirrors involved) Neopets, this one is. With a Usuki item originating from an almost 15 year old Usukicon Gift Bag, and one of the rarest prizes from Coltzan’s Shrine, the combination costs a lot to make! I am grateful and surprised when Coltzan grants me with speed or a dubloon, so I would be ecstatic if he ever gave me one of these fancy weapons. Not like I’d never use it in battle and just have my owner profit off of it or anything. I would definitely utilize the item bestowed upon me by a surreal force how he intended it.


     Usuki Dream Jetski (r99 / ~150k NP)

     How To Cheat At Bagatelle (r101 / ~2m NP)


     Similar to buying scratchcards daily, wasting away NP on a visibly rigged game day after day might not be the best financial decision. But hey, there’s the miniscule likelihood that you’ll win an aptly named book that is worth more than you hopefully spent on all those slim chances: How To Cheat At Bagatelle. You might also win a lunch box worth a cool 1 million NP. But I don’t think I’ve ever won anything from Bagatelle and you probably won’t either. And to be frank, this match was made almost entirely on color. I don’t think bright purple and yellow belong together under virtually any circumstance, but I also didn’t design these items. So as a matcher, not designer, I am matching two bright purple and yellow items. Together - and only together.


     Negg Faerie Usuki Set (r99 / ~700k NP)

     Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water (r101 / 1-1.5m NP)

     Underwater Fishing

     The magical Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water will change your active pet’s color to a random shade. While the term ‘rainbow’ is in its name and Usuki items with ‘rainbow’ in their name exist, those items are not fancy enough for us today. However, the Negg Faerie Usuki Set is. A super rare item, the Negg Faerie Usuki Set features not only Kari’s green dress but also three neggs, each bursting with different color schemes. Those aspects are enough to persuade me into coupling these colorful, sophisticated rares!


     Year 8 Usuki (r99 / ~400k NP)

     Silver Brightvale Job Coupon (r135 / ~400k NP)

     Wheel of Knowledge (or Extravagance)

     Did you know that Brightvale Job Coupons can only be obtained in nature from the Wheels of Knowledge and Extravagance (the Wheel of Excitement gives out regular coupons and the Wheel of Extravagance gives both)? I sure didn’t, until my owner helped me learn that fact just now. Interesting. Unlike some of the other festive Usuki which can only be obtained from Usukicon Gift Bags, the Year 8 Usuki interestingly continues to stock at Usukiland. Both the Year 8 Usuki and a Silver Brightvale Job Coupon have a pewtery sheen and shimmer with allure, making this grouping a no-brainer for me to make and for you to purchase! As a disclaimer, no matter how fake I might seem, this paragraph and the piece as a whole are not being sponsored. I am just super enthusiastic about these unique pairs.


     Space Prom Date Usuki Reject (r99 / ~2.5m NP)

     Red Juppie Tombola Coin (r101 / ~750k NP)


     Based solely on monetary values, the most valuable Tombola Coin is a great match for the most valuable (red) Usuki! Both are red with fury over their uselessness, I think. Not much to see here. Move along, folks…


     Grey Faerie Usuki Doll (r98 / ~400k NP)

     Zomutt (r101 / ~350k NP)

     Test Your Strength

     Here we have more gray (but sadder) things - a Grey Faerie Usuki Doll, and the result of few Neopets’ strength - a Zomutt. Also another Usuki which has a more expensive Doll counterpart, not unlike the Zafara Double Agent Usuki. While appearing to be melancholy, this pair might provide your Neopet with some solace if they like, at the very minimum, solemn grey presents. And also in parallel to the Zafara Double Agent pairing, daily habits of gambling at biased games has scientifically been proven to be unhealthy for Neopets and their owners. Then again, I am a color matcher and not a scientist :(

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