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Form Your Beauty Routine

by sessduh


     I constantly tell my pets, “Don’t forget to follow the beauty routine I wrote down!” You see, I didn’t spend thousands of neopoints on morphing potions and paint brushes for my pets to neglect their beauty regimen! Facial care is very important and should be promoted to our pets daily. It is important for your pet to look their best so they can feel their best! Neopets who tell me they just splash water on their face and go on about their day make me coil in horror. A well rounded process for good looks include face wash, face mask, serum, lotion, and lip balm. There are also specialty products that can help your pets’ problem areas. I have researched extensively to present to you products for your pet’s refinement.

     Now I would like to share with you some products you can find around Neopia to enhance your pet’s beauty routine!


     Face Wash

     Kau Milk Face Wash: This is a gentle cleanser that leaves the face hydrated and soft. This moisturizing milk wash is safe for even the most sensitive of pets and so gentle it can even be used around the eyes. It leaves your pet’s face elastic and bouncy (as a Blumaroo!)

     Sandy Body Wash: Does your young pet suffer from all over body acne? Well, pimples be gone with this body wash that features tiny sands from the Lost Desert to exfoliate. It is an effective blemish fighting treatment to minimize pimples and zits on your pet.

     Hypoallergenic Facial Cleanser: If your pet is sensitive, this cleanser is for them! It is a mild wash that uses all natural ingredients and is safe and effective. Soothing, nourishing, and refreshing, this face cleanser is popular with residents of Shenkuu.

     Rainbow Blumaroo Soap: This is a cleansing soap that melts all traces of dirt and grime from your neopet to reveal glowy fur, scales and any and all pet surfaces! The rainbow properties are said to make your pet’s colors stand out. No more dullness, even long after your pet has used a magical paint brush.


     Face Mask

     Korbat Face Mask: Made with Korbat droppings. Yes, Korbat dung. Wait, wait, hear me out! This mask resurfaces to reveal greater clarity and improved texture. It really works! This is a stronger mask that should only be used to pets who are not prone to sensitivity (and umm, have sensitive noses).

     Face Mask with Cucumbers: A classic! This mask can be used by humans and Neopets alike. Keep your face looking hydrated! Purifies skin by eliminating the impurities for a visibly fresh and radiant complexion.

     Peanut Butter Face Mask: Warning! Not advised for pets who are allergic to nuts!



     Rejuvenating Serum: This powerful serum significantly reduces the look of aging for your pet. A serum infused with gold flakes, this is rumored to be a favorite amongst the faeries in Faerieland. This will keep your pet looking youthful and free of wrinkles. Pfft, why would you even want a Baby Paint Brush after using this stuff!

     Mortog Serum: Neopians are always surprised after playing “Kiss the Mortog” that their lips end up supple. This serum is handmade in Meridell and incorporates the Mortog secret stuff.

     Boiled Bagguss: Bagguss is a food originating from the Lost Desert. Its' oil is a thick goop that can be applied directly onto your pet. The oil is all organic and is compatible and appropriate for all pet types.



     Buzz Honey Lotion: This is a whipped body butter enriched with honey for super-soft fur, scales or pet surface. Honey is rich in antioxidants and there are many benefits to using this on your pet. It smells good too!

     Chokato Lotion: Chokato is a tropical food item originating from Mystery Island. Chokato is a natural anti-inflammatory compound and when used on your pet's face or body, it improves the tone and texture.

     Snot Lotion: Some pets just aren’t into facial care! If you are having trouble convincing your Mutant, Skunk, or Zombie pet to moisturize his face, I suggest trying Snot Lotion. I’m convinced there is a lotion for everyone!

     Illusens Sunscreen: Meridell is a bright and sunny land. This sunscreen was specially formulated by Illusen herself to provide pets with broad-spectrum protection from the sun’s harsh rays. Ideal for outdoor activities, this is a popular sunscreen for Yooyu ball players.


     Lip Balm

     Space Faerie Lip Balm: Faeries sure have their facial care regimen down pat. This lip balm drenches lips in hydration so your pet can withstand travel from the Haunted Woods to Virtupets Station.

     Sun Kissed Altadorian Lip Balm: This lip balm leaves lips smooth with a dewy, luminous finish. There is a slight citrus smell left on the lips when this balm is used.

     Pirate Lip Balm: Has your pet been on the open seas? Well, rough seas make for rough lips! This balm makes your pet’s lips soft. Warning- your pet may end all sentences with “arr” when applied.


     Honorable Mentions

     Ruby Eye Cream: The ingredients in this eye cream include rubies mined from Lutari Island. It is for the pet who wants a restorative cream to open up their eyes and make them appear larger.

     Emerald Face Cream: Your pet’s face will be sparkly after applying this cream. It’s not recommended for stealthy painted pets.

     Pegleg Wax: Pirate pets tend to neglect their… umm.. grooming needs. This wax is for your pirate pet’s wooden extremity. The wax extends the life of your pet’s pegleg and adds a shine.

     After Sun Aloe Gel: With warm weather, it’s a common occurrence for pets to get sunburnt. This gel soothes sunburns. The aloe used in this gel is grown in Mystery Island. It is the purest and strongest on the market.

     Trudys Face Cream: Trudy is the ixi who lives on Terror Mountain. Cold weather facial care is just as important as hot weather facial care! Trudys Face Cream is a great solution for Terror Mountain residents who face cold winds and harsh weather.

          Well, there you have it! Lots of beauty products to help your pet look their best. I hope this list helps you with forming a beauty routine for your pet!

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