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Fifteen DO's and DO NOT's to be a Rich Neopian

by nice_collector


     Neopia is a fun place to live, isn’t it? You have plenty of activities to do: You can enjoy playing games, collecting stamps, reading thousands of books, dressing your Neopets with brand new clothes, buying exotic food...Long story short, there is no single reason why you should be bored around here. The only problem is that to do all of those cool stuff, you need one important thing: Money!

     It’s safe to say that hardly nothing good comes free. There are a lot of people who complain about the difficult of gathering neopoints, because they spent them all, buying clothes to their loved Pets or improving their gallery collections. Otherwise, it is a myth that being rich in Neopia is a privilege for a few. Indeed, if you do visit the right places, play the correct games and put your NPs on the correct investments, you will definitely not fail on your goals to have a lot of neopoints on your bank account and to complete your collections you’ve always dreamed about. That’s why I’m here: To coach your way through opulence with 15 tips of how to be a more optimized entrepreneur. So let’s talk business!

     1. DO Play games: You need to start gathering neopoints from somewhere. Unless the Money Tree leaves you with thousands and thousands of neopoints or you win the Neopian Lottery, playing games is apparently the fastest option and an easy way to begin. There are more than 200 games on Neopets, and definitely a lot of them can give you up to 3k NPs a day, just remind of checking the game ratio before playing it, so you can figure out how many points you need to score in order to achieve 1,000 NPs. Also, after the app “Ghoul Catchers” has been developed, you can earn up to a limit of 50,000 neopoints by playing it. So let’s say you play it every day and also earn about 20k NPs with regular games. That’s 70k A DAY!

     2. DO Enjoy the events and plots around the year: There are lots of events realized in Neopets, e.g. Daily Dare, Games Master Challenge, Altador Cup, Festival of Neggs and eventual new plots. These happenings can be very generous. That’s because most of the items that these events release are unique and new, and will be by some point “retired”. That means if they are useful at some point, e.g. books, stamps, wearables and backgrounds, they will be priced nicely, and you can take advantage of that by selling your items on your shop or trading post.

     3. DO NOT Visit The Wheel of Extravagance: Unless you are fascinated with the avatar and need it more than anything else, stay away from that wheel. It will definitely take away a lot from your savings. It costs you 100k NPs to do a single spin, and you will be surprised of how many times you will get nothing back from it.

     4. DO NOT Leave neopoints out of your bank account: Some trophy collectors claim that the Tax Beast has never visited them in over 10 years, but believe me: It comes exactly on the moment you least expect it.

     5. DO NOT Leave expensive items on your inventory: The same tip from rule #4. If you have an expensive item, for sure The Grundo Leader is watching you and waiting for the perfect opportunity to steal it from you. And there is no turning back.

     6. DO Buy Stocks: If you spend 15,000 neopoints buying stocks, you will lose the opportunity to win 1,875 neopoints over one year, if you had left the money in the bank and if you had the Ultimate Riches account. By selling the stocks for at least 17k, you will pay off your investment. Most of the stockers prefer to wait for their investments to appreciate more so they have a big profit. Let’s say you spend 15k NPs buying 1,000 shares and wait until they reach 60 nps a share. That’s 45k NPs of profit for a single 15k investment!

     7. DO Play the Food Club: Specially if your account is old enough to a bet big amount of money, you can get good profits daily by winning, e.g. you bet 10k neopoints on 10 different bets, if you get a 20:10 return, you won 100,000 NPs!

     8. DO Your Dailies: By visiting the daily locations where you can get items, you can easily sell them. Also, occasionally you can with some NPs as well. There are tons of examples, such as Anchor Management, Coltzan’s Shrine, Daily Puzzle, Grave Danger and The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity.

     9. DO Fight in the Battledome: Besides the normal 1,5k NPs you get by fighting, there is an extra amount of 15 items given to you. You can win all the regular and red Codestones, which can be sold easily on your shop and give you a good amount of NPs. And the best part: You don’t even need to have the strongest pet! All the opponents leave different kinds of items when you beat them, so it is suitable for all players.

     10. DO Buy items from neopian shops regularly: Most of the items restocked on the many shops around Neopia are easy to sell, because they are normally food, books, stamps. So you can have an easy profit with not so much time and money invested. E.g. let’s say you buy a Fluff Be Gone for 370 NPs, if you sell it for 700 NPs on your shop, that’s almost 100% profit in one single item! Also, you could get lucky and restock a high end item, worth even millions of neopoints, who knows.

     11. DO The five daily jobs on Faerie Employment Agency: The majority of jobs requested on the agency are profitable, even more if you finish them quickly, earning yourself a bonus return. The longer the time requested for the job, bigger the return. With time, you will develop a sense of choosing the best jobs, thus giving you a chance of getting a nice profit daily.

     12. DO Play Dice-a-Roo: It’s only 5 NPs to play a single game. Most players think it is really tough to win the Jackpot, but it’s definitely not. I have already won dozens of times, and if you get the 10x multiplier, the amount of money you get is even bigger! Also, there is a chance that, after the green dice, which is the third one (after red and blue dices), you can get a r1-r49 item in the “Food” category. Of course there are some junk ones, but some food like “Carrot”, “Cheese” or “Yooyuball Pizza” can be sold for something close to 2,000 neopoints.

     13. DO NOT Feed your Neopets with food that you did not win by doing your dailies: Your pets require being fed at a regular basis. This rule may sound a little bit unorthodox, but think about it: If you have five pets, and you have the habit of buying items to feed them, think about the money you waste by not doing so with food that is “hidden” in your safety deposit box! Also, there are special places where you can feed your pets for free: The Movie Central, which lets all of your pets have one single meal per day, and The Soup Kitchen, where, if you own less than 3,000 NPs, you can feed all your pets until they get bloated!

     14. DO Remember to visit the Healing Springs constantly: Besides curing all your pets healing points and diseases, the Healing Springs can also feed your pets! That way, based on the same thought process explained on item #13, every time your pets get fed by Marina, the Water Faerie, it’s money you will not spend to do so. You can visit her every 30 minutes, so it’s safe to say that doing so at a regular basis, your pets will be constantly full.

     15. DO NOT Forget to visit the Trudy’s Surprise: The amount of neopoints you get is based on the number of icons that you match during the spin. Having the worst luck during the 25 days streak will give you an average of 17,800 NPs per day, considering that you do not forget to play it one single day (doing so will reset the number of days left to claim your 100k prize to 25).

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