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Top Neopian Magazines

by sessduh


     Neopia’s Top Magazines

     This Neopian loves to gift magazine subscriptions to my Neopets. It is the perfect gift because it keeps on giving. I’ve rounded up a list of some of my personal favorite reading splurges AND the most popular magazines in all of Neopia.

          A Magazine

     “All of the latest news about Aishas written by Aishas!”

     A Magazine gives confident, smart Aishas the tools they need to explore and reach their dreams. Aishas are naturally magical and very intelligent Neopets. Within these magazine pages you can find articles featuring magical potions and many book reviews. Aishas are widely read naturally and interested in a variety of subjects, so the magazine varies issue by issue. Each issue does feature an interview with one of Neopia’s most famous Aishas. I especially enjoyed the profiles on Princess Amira, current ruler of Sakhmet and Jerdana, Altador’s most famous socceress.

          Altador Cup Magazine

     “Keep up with all of the latest news with this daily magazine.”

     Emotions, passion, commitment- these words evoke fans of the Altador Cup. The Altador Cup is the gaming competition that many Neopians take part in each year. The Altador Cup Magazine is the authority on happenings within the tournament. This magazine brings you spectacular action photography and in-depth coverage of Yooyou ball. My favorite feature is the player profiles. Who knew the players from Team Lost Desert hate Doughnutfruit?!

          Bobblehead the Magazine

     “Learn all about the latest bobbleheads, the stories behind them and the materials and techniques used to make them in this magazine.”

     Bobbleheads are a popular collectible doll among many Neopians. It is a toy with an oversized head compared to its body. This magazine is for the Neopian who is a hobbyist and enthusiast for the toys. Bobblehead the Magazine features guides on how to assemble bobbleheads (like the Grumpy Eliv Thade Bobblehead you always wanted) and lists cheap materials you can find on the Shop Wizard or Mystery Island Trading Post.

          Glamour Day Magazine

     “Pamper yourself with these glamourous pages.”

     Glamour Day is for the captivating and charismatic Neopet. Do you have a pet who spends all day in front of the mirror putting on a variety of makeup, wigs, and clothes? This subscription would be the perfect gift! There are occasional gossip features because really, who doesn’t want to know the latest on the singing group Mynci or the scandalous drama in Faerieland?! A subscription to Glamour Day Magazine can lighten your spirit and enlighten your minds!

          Modern Lupe Magazine

     “The thinking Lupes manual. All the current debates, articles and an agony aunt section. What more could a Lupe want?”

     Modern Lupes is an essential read for Lupes who want to look better, feel better and live better. This magazine is for the sophisticated and classy Lupe who is ready to conquer all of Neopia. One of the recurring features in the magazine is titled “What Would Jeran Do?” For those who may have forgotten, Jeran the blue Lupe is one of the Heroes of Neopia who is known for his honesty and chivalry. The feature challenges Lupes to live truthfully in their everyday life.

          Mollusk Magazine

     “A monthly issue of Mollusk Magazine that covers very new and relevant mollusk related issues.”

     Well… there’s surely an audience for this… right?

          Neopia Fashion Trends Magazine

     “Find out what everyone will soon be wearing!”

     This magazine is a trusted source for inspiration and ideas from Neopia’s most fashionable, revealing the personal style choices of your favorite Neopians. Taelia the Snow Faerie and her oversized, soft (Snowbeast) fur jackets are common picture editorials. Taelia's fashion choices are both stylish and functional, which is very popular right now. Shenkuu, the mystical city high up in the clouds, is famous for its street fashion which line the magazine's pages.

          Neopolitan Magazine

     “No, not the ice cream - it's a Neopian-style magazine!”

     This is a favorite lifestyle magazine among Neopians filled with delicious Faerie food recipes, affordable Neohome decorating ideas, easy-to-make crafts, and green thumb advice for Negg lovers. Content ranges from fun quizzes like “Which Usuki Doll Are You?” to serious discussions like the policing of the Defenders of Neopia members.

          Puzzle Magazine

     “Anyone who enjoys a good puzzle will like this magazine.”

     A magazine for the intelligent Neopian, game guides line its’ pages. The Destruct-O-Match guide filled with helpful tips and strategies is infamous for being valuable to many throughout Neopia as the de-facto guide on the game. There are also crossword puzzles and cliffhanger puzzles to stimulate your mind.

          Roo Island Magazine

     “Keep up to date on the latest events and news from Roo Island.”

     This magazine is a resource for active and curious Neopians who like to travel to Roo Island. It is a lively mini guidebook to help Neopians plan their trip to the small island off the coast of Neopia Central. Inhabited by blumaroos, the island has lots to do! This magazine features guides for the many games of chance on the island, such as Deadly Dice and Dice-A-Roo. My favorite feature is the neohome price listings that can be bought through Roo Island Properties. There are reviews for the coffee shop located there, too. In fact, that is how this author knew to purchase the delicious Cobrall Coffee found exclusively on the island!

          Super-Cool Toy Magazine

     “Your guide to the latest and greatest super-cool toys!”

     This magazine is pretty self explanatory- it features the coolest toys in all of Neopia! The magazine has close ties with Neopian shop owners, manufacturers, industry analysts and market research groups so that their finger is always on the what’s hot and what’s next in toys for your Neopet. With the upcoming Faerie Festival, experts are pinning faerie action dolls as the next “it” toy!

          These are the top magazine reads for any and all reading desires. As you can see, there are a variety of magazines subscriptions for yourself, your Neopet, or a friend. There is something for every Neopian, so get reading!

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