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Neopia's Top 5 Best-Dressed Monarchs

by kayahtik


     Have you ever noticed that all of Neopia’s lands are ruled by monarchs? Some are kind and benevolent, some are selfish and greedy, and yet others are despotic dictators. But what concerns this writer at the present time is not the Neopian rulers’ matters of state. Rather, it’s their sense of style. And that, dear readers, is why I am happy to present to you my list of Neopia’s Top 5 Best-Dressed monarchs! Each Neopian land has its own unique traditions and styles, and with practically unlimited economic resources, Neopian rulers provide some very steep fashion competition. In no particular order, here are Neopia’s top five best-dressed monarchs:

          Princess Amira:

     First on the list is Princess Amira, current ruler of Sakhmet. Amira is an easily recognizable figure while wearing her signature outfit consisting of low-rise linen trousers held up by a gold medallion belt, a sheer blouse with open shoulders, bright blue eye makeup, and of course, plenty of gold jewelry. Amira’s sense of style is both glamorous and practical; her clothes are loose-fitting, lightweight, and breathable -- perfect for the hot, dry Lost Desert climate.

     But Amira’s everyday look isn’t her only contribution to Neopian fashion. She is also known for the glamorous, custom-made headdress worn at her wedding. This 24K gold masterpiece was handmade by the best jewelers in the southern hemisphere, and is studded with locally-sourced gemstones. The whole affair is topped with a shimmering gold veil in keeping with Neopian wedding tradition. Anyone who was lucky enough to see the event first-hand could testify that far from hiding the princess’s dazzling beauty, the veil actually accentuated her smoldering eyes and clever features in the best possible way on her special day.

     If you’d like to recreate Amira’s style in your own closet, check out these items:

     - Amira Wedding Wig and Veil (NC)

     - Elegant Princess Amira Cape (NP)

     - Princess Amira Collectors Arm Cuffs (NC)

     - Amiras Staff (NP)

     - Princess Amiras Comb (NP)

     - Princess Amiras Perfume (NP)

           King Jazan:

     You may expect King Jazan of Qasala to dress in a similarly flashy way as his fellow Lost Desert rulers, but you would be mistaken. His style is much more understated, tending toward solid colors with muted accent pieces. Jazan is most commonly seen wearing a either a black or white robe with gold trim and a red sash belt to hold his sword. You’ll never catch him without his royal headdress, but of course, this is also designed with a neutral color scheme. As with any royal’s clothing, everything Jazan wears is of the highest quality, but it’s clear that Jazan chooses his clothes for practicality rather than to make any major style statement.

     What does make a memorable impression on the Neopian fashion world is Jazan’s eye makeup. The Qasalan King is far too intimidating for anyone to even think of making fun of his eyeliner -- although it is commonly referred to in a joking manner as “guyliner” -- but that doesn’t mean that no one talks about it. This accessory is the one thing that makes Jazan’s look truly pop. The sharp angles darken his eyes and give an undeniable aura of danger to the patricidal prince. No one would dare cross him while seeing the sharp look from those eyes.

     If King Jazan’s look inspires you to make a change to your wardrobe, take a look at these items:

     - Jazan Costume (NP)

     - Prince Jazan Collectors Headdress (NC)

     - Jazans Guyliner (NP)

           Princess Lunara:

     Lunara, Princess of Shenkuu, received worldwide attention several years ago when she was thought to have been kidnapped. Thankfully the truth came out that this was not the case, but Princess Lunara has been on everyone’s radar ever since. Coming from the mountainous land of Shenkuu, Lunara’s ensemble of choice is both warm and allows for easy movement over rough terrain. It also has bright colors and playful patterns, reflective of the princess’s young age.

     The princess’s dress is made from the high quality fabric in a variety of materials, including wool, silk, and linen, all of which were special ordered from around Neopia. You’ll notice that despite the varied prints, all of them are in complementary colors that effortlessly pull the garment together into a cohesive look. Completing the ensemble is an accessory that Lunara is rarely seen without, her parasol. This practical accessory protects Lunara from the harsh sun in high altitudes, and is an eye-catching piece that makes a statement.

     If you’re thinking of incorporating some royal Shenkuu style into your wardrobe, consider these options:

     - Princess Lunara Collectors Dress (NC)

     - Princess Lunara Collectors Parasol (NC)

           Queen Fyora:

     No one has a more regal look than Queen Fyora of Faerieland. An iconic figure throughout Neopia, the Faerie Queen has a signature look if ever there was one: a long, flowing dress, silky lavender hair, glistening wings, expertly-applied makeup, and matching accessories. As a wielder of magic, Fyora doesn’t have to worry too much about practicality when it comes to her wardrobe; the shoulders of her dress are relatively open, allowing for easy staff-wielding and movement of her wings, but otherwise, she has a significant amount of freedom in her manner of dress.

     Fyora’s floor-length amethyst gown is her go-to, and it’s easy to see why -- although it does leave us wondering what kind of shoes she wears, if any. It’s a simple look, accented with matching wraps on both arms, which complements the queen’s natural coloring. Her other accessories -- the faerie’s staff and crown -- are understated in their ice-blue color, but no less intimidating for it.

     Channel some of Fyora’s regal grace with these potential additions to your rotation:

     - Fyora Wig (NC)

     - Fyoras Collectors Dress (NC)

     - Faerie Queen Wings (NP)

     - Fyoras Eyeshadow (NP)

     - Fyora Collectors Staff (NC)

     - Fyoras Arm Wraps (NP)

     - Fyoras Magic Hairspray (NP)

           King Altador:

     King Altador’s look is nothing short of legendary after his defeat of The Darkest Faerie. His custom-fitted silver body armor and chainmail renders him battle-ready at the drop of a hat, and combined with his large stature, this ensemble makes the Altadorian king appear fearsome as the leader of both his country and his army. The unmistakable air of authority granted by this uniform is indispensable for a leader as ambitious as King Altador.

     The overlapping scales of Altador’s armor were crafted by the best metalworkers Neopia has to offer, and is both stylish and functional, allowing movement and providing protection. It’s no doubt a very heavy piece, but Altador carries it with ease, supported by sturdy matching footwear. He gives the armor a softer edge with his crimson-and-gold cloak, befitting a self-made king, but when he’s feeling more serious, he may also carry a broadsword, or even a bow to remind everyone around him just what he’s capable of.

     This look is understandably difficult to recreate, but here are some suggestions for those who wish to try:

     - King Altador Tribute Cape (NC)

     - Dyeworks Grey: Dark Battle Armour (NC)

          And there you have it! This list is far from definitive, and some very difficult cuts had to be made. I have no doubt that next season will bring an even more challenging competition as styles evolve and wardrobes change. With such fashion-forward-thinking leaders, I can’t wait to see what these rulers decide to wear next!

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