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Customization, Species Clothing Edition: Ruki

by aleu1986


     In celebration of Ruki Day, I have put together examples of customizations for Rukis using their species clothing. Species clothing sets are made especially for a particular type of Neopet, and can be worn by them alone, making for some truly unique pieces and a way for you to get your Neopet to stand out from the crowd. I started with the outfit, and tried to build a look that would suit it. In some cases, I used the full set, other times I left out one item. I tried to include as many different clothing pieces as possible, while also creating varied and exciting customizations intended to inspire Ruki owners.

     Laboratory Technician


     Ruki Scientist Jacket, Hat, Trousers, Vial (Hat).

     Sparkler String Lights

     Laboratory Ray Background

     Jars of Magic Foreground

     MiniMME16-S2c: High Tech Glasses

     Ruki Scientist Vial

     Also try: Gaming Too Much? Glasses or Jewel Toned Glass Lights, Freaky Factory Tubing Garland.

     With the Ruki Scientist outfit, your go-to look is one set in a laboratory, so this customization is fairly straightforward. I feel the look of the Ruki is softened without the odd-looking hat, so I chose other options in my two examples. I added the Jars of Magic Foreground here as I thought they could be re-purposed as a science experiment rather than something magical, and the colours suit the screens and the sparklers.

          Neoschool Science Teacher


     Black Square Glasses

     Assorted Potion Shelf

     Schools in Session Background

     MME24-S3b: Gyros Lab of Chemicals

     Also try: Armoured Ruki Wig (can not be combined with the Ruki Scientist Hat, but can be used with a pair of glasses, for example) for a more casual look.

     In this example, the Ruki is a science teacher in NeoSchool, conducting an experiment for the students. This is a suitable look for those who like the Ruki Scientist set, but don`t feel like making a mad scientist customization.

     Feel free to play mix and match with any of the items listed in these two examples to create a look that works for you and your Ruki!

          Ruki Jester Hat, Jacket, Trousers, Gloves (Wand).

     Puppet Master


     Blue Ruki Puppet

     Wooden Puppet Show Frame

     Dream Deserted Fairground Background

     Mr. Chuckles Make-Up Kit

     Alternative: Puppet Markings

     Alternative Jester Hats:

     There are many jester hats to choose from, due to them being released as part of the Altador Cup team merchandise. The following best suit the colour scheme of the Ruki Jester outfit.

     Darigan Citadel Team Jester Hat, also Mystery Island, Kiko Lake, Roo Island and Brightvale.

     In this example, the Ruki is a jester putting on a puppet show at the fair. The make-up kit is a perfect fit for the jester outfit and really completes the look.

          Circus Clown


     Inside Circus Tent Background

     Roo Island Team Jester Hat

     Decorated Rope Ladder

     VIN Velvet Ropes

     Mr. Chuckles Make-Up Kit

     Carnival Ruffle Collar

     Jovial Holiday Staff

          Alternatives: Give your Ruki jester a colourful umbrella, or a Heavy Mallet. They`re fun accessories he can use to play jokes and amuse his audience.

     Roo Island Throne Room Background and King Skarl Throne Background are good options for your traditional jester customization.

     Alternative setting: Entertainer at a birthday party!

     Here I added the Carnival Ruffle Collar to spruce up the outfit, and the Roo Island Team Jester Hat makes a good fit for the Jovial Holiday Staff. The aforementioned item is a bit large and clunky, but the Ruki Jester Wand works just as well.

          Entertaining Royalty


     Sakhmet Palace Collectors Background

     Grand Entrance Curtains

     Darigan Citadel Team Jester Hat

     Lost Desert Vase

     Fancy Purple Facepaint

     Commemorative Roo Island Jester Staff

     Alternatives: Lost Desert Royalty Lounge, Jazan and Amira Wedding Arbour.

     The make-up was added to give the Ruki a more feminine look (who says that jesters have to be male?) and the setting chosen is a tribute to The Lost Desert, the native land of the Ruki. I personally think the Darigan Citadel Team Jester Hat is a great match for the suit, and the Commemorative Roo Island Jester Staff is a well suited accessory.



     Chic Ruki Dress, Shoes, Accessory, Wig.

     Neopian Serving Cart

     Inside the NC Mall

     Fringed Blanket Scarf

     TNT Mantra Coffee Mug

     Dyeworks Black: Rich Golden Eye Makeup

     Alternatives: Black Ruffled Scarf, Handheld Shopping Bags, AC Team Logos Bag.

     Also try Ruki Strappy Pumps for a lighter look.

     This Chic outfit can easily be turned into a gothic ensemble, but for the setting here I chose a modern one. An outdoors autumn scene can fit as well. This clothing set fits a young, trendy Ruki that is ready to hit the shops at the NC Mall.

          Sunflower Fields Forever


     Yellow Ruki Dress

     Grass Foreground

     Dyeworks Yellow: Flowering Vine String Lights

     Sunflower Wings

     Bunch of Sunflowers

     Premium Collectible: Sunflower Fields Background

     Soft Lock with Golden Chain Wig

     Also try: Sunflower String Lights, Sunny Summer Scarf Wig, Giant Flower Background.

     Lovely Ruki Wig or Chic Ruki Wig look nice with this dress.

     As far as I was able to tell, the Yellow Ruki Dress is not part of a larger set, though it does come with shoes (they`re not mentioned in the item name, but are added automatically when you put on the dress). A beach customization is also perfect for this sunny dress, but I opted for simple colour matching. You can try Trippy Ruki Hat with the Yellow Ruki Dress for a beach/pool look.

          Shenkuu In Autumn


     Autumn Leaf Necklace

     Shenkuu-Inspired Paper Parasol

     Wooden Shenkuu Doorway Frame

     Shenkuu in Autumn Background

     Shenkuu Warrior Princess Bracers

     Trippy Ruki Shoes

     Cosy Ruki Pyjamas

     Gothic Ruki Wig

     Alternative: Shenkuu Rock Garden Background, Pumpkin Faerie Slippers. Tiered Fringe Ruki Dress can be layered with the pyjamas.

     If you want to make a bedroom/sleepover customization, try Fuzzy Pink Ruki Slippers with the pyjamas.

     A bit of mix and match going on in this example, as the wig, pyjamas and slippers are taken from different sets. When I saw the pyjamas, my mind automatically went to Shenkuu due to the red and gold signature colours and the cloud pattern.

          Fancy Ruki


     Fancy Ruki Dress, Wig Shoes and Armwraps.

     Royal Neopian Background

     Birthday Ball Chandelier Garland

     Neovian Serving Trolley

          Also try: Royal Birthday Ballroom, Stately Reception Background.

     I would go with Lovely Ruki Wig or Chic Ruki Wig to this ensemble. If you want to make a more old-fashioned, but regal Meridellian customization, I would choose a wig with longer hair.

          Arid Desert


     Arid Ruki Hat, Shirt, Trousers, Gloves, Belt, Boots.

     Ruki Adventurer Torch

     Dark Desert Ruins Background

     Deluxe Lost Desert Tent

     For a daytime look, dress your Ruki with:

     Sakhmet Battle Supplies Collectors Desert Wrap

     Desert Tree Trinket

     Battle Scar Marking

     Red Desert Dunes

     Also try: Desert Night Sky, Desert Night Background, Scarred Pirate Eye, Lost Desert Silhouette Background, Underground Desert Neighborhood, Pyramid Tent.

     As the clothing set itself is very detailed, I personally think the other elements in the customization can be toned down and simple.

     Adventure Awaits!


     Ruki Adventurer Jacket, Shirt, Trousers, Boots, Hat, Torch)

     Trendy Ruki Scarf

     Arid Ruki Belt

     Daunting Anubis Statue

     Sparkling Treasure Chest

     Jewelled Scarab String Lights

     The Sakhmet Battle Supplies Collectors Desert Wrap also fits well with this ensemble.

     For a feminine adventurer look, try adding Safari Scarf Wrap and Wig, Lovely Ruki Wig or Trippy Ruki Hat.

     Also try: Smug Bug Net Trap, Lost Desert Pyramids Background, Ancient Geb Pyramids Background, Rolled Up Treasure Map.

     A customization set in an Mystery Island/Lost Isle/Geraptiku or otherwise jungle/forest environment is also perfect for this clothing set.

     Hard At Work


     Perfectly Flat Rock Quarry Background

     Pet Customisation In Progress Foreground

     Kiko Hammer

     Ruki Construction Boots

     Ruki Hard Hat

     Ruki Safety Vest

     Ruki Work Trousers

     Ruki Work Shirt

     Also try: Under Construction Sign, Toolbox, Bigsby Shadingtons Wrench, MAGAXs Menacing Sledgehammer.

     In my opinion, this outfit is quite limiting as it doesn`t allow for much creativity or variation, but here`s my take on how you might use it for your Ruki.

     Let Them Eat Cake!


     Premium Collectible: Window of Light Background

     Loaf of Bread Bat

     Bakery Display Case

     Ruki Flower Vendor Dress

     Ruki Flower Vendor Apron

     Fancy Ruki Wig

     Ruki Jester Gloves

     Also try: Pastry Shop Background, Window with Twinkling Lights Background Item.

     Background suggestions for full Flower Vendor set: Vintage Valentine Flower Vendor Background, Flower Shop Background, Shop of Spring Flowers Background, Shoppe of Neggs Background.

     You can also use the Flower Vendor Dress and Hat with Neovian Sitting Room Background.

     I wasn`t personally crazy about the complete Ruki Flower Vendor look, so I instead used her dress and apron to make her a baker! The gloves also make sense in this customization for hygienic purposes.



     Dark Damsel Ruki Gown, Shoes, Staff, (Crown).

     Exquisite Aged Bookcase

     Dark Faerie Eye Shadow

     Jhudoras Cauldron

     Eliv Thade Castle Background

     Potions Belt

     Deadly Beauty Wig

     Also try: Ash Blonde Wig, Bone Tiara and Wig, Dark Mystical Book Foreground, Well Read Book, Dark Sorceress Staff, Potions and Spells Room Background.

     Use the full set (including the crown) with Ornate Mirror Reflection or Ornate Silver Mirror Frame.

     In my opinion, the crown really changes the look of the Ruki completely. I opted to leave it out and add a different wig plus the eye shadow to give her a more menacing look befitting a sorceress, but if you want to give your Ruki a more regal, dignified look, have her wear the crown!



     Noble Ruki Shirt, Jacket, Trousers, Shoes (Wig).

     MME24-S4b: Sandros Philosopher Study Background

     Brightvale Scholarly Hat

     Exquisite Aged Bookcase

     Smart School Girl Eye Glasses

     Well Read Book

     When using the Noble Ruki outfit, you can have your Ruki look like a prince or nobleman, but for some reason, I pictured the Ruki as a student when looking the outfit over. (He could also be a member of the Seekers!)

     I chose to add the same bookcase as in the sorceress customization, but do leave it out to enjoy more of the details in the background.

     Keep in mind, these are just my suggestions as to how you may use your Rukis species outfits to create varied customizations. I hope you enjoyed looking through them, and that you were inspired to try out some new looks for your Neopet.

     Happy Ruki Day!

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