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What do stars have to say?

by norrossa97


     Have you ever wondered who you are? What’s your purpose? How can you describe yourself?

     For some reason, these heavy questions sometimes make all of lift our noses to the sky, maybe to find some comfort in the night landscape. While looking up, all of the stars are shining, and they almost seem to understand us.

     Maybe they do?

     When our pets were born, our star was placed under a constellation. Astrologers from all eras think that this position has an influence in our life. Basing on when our pet was born in the Neopian world, we can trace a personality base. Twelve months, twelve major constellations representing our protectors.

     Find your pet’s month of birth here, linked to a constellation, to discover its sign, and maybe to understand it better.

     Let’s begin!

     If your pet was born during the Month of Sleeping, its sign is The Sleeper, pictured by the Darkest Faerie. The constellation draws her eyes, and that’s the first characteristic of your pet: observation. Pets born under this sign are intuitive, observant, intelligent. They notice everything and easily feel the atmosphere surrounding them, so they immediately understand if they are in danger or if good luck is coming around. Sleepers use their intelligence to get the job done in the quickest way possible, since, as the name say, they are most likely very lazy and would prefer to take a nap. They are mysterious and empathic, ambitious and strong-willed.

     If your per was born during the Month of Awakening, its sign is The Dreamer, related to Psellia, and its constellation being a sleeping air faerie, underlining one important trait: beauty. Pets born under this sign are blessed with the gift of beauty, and are most likely really aware of that, becoming arrogant sometimes. But their heart is pure. This is probably the most romantic sign out of the Neopian zodiac, they dream of affection and care. These pets are extremely communicative and sociable, they would be able to talk to anyone and anything. As the name says, they are constantly dreaming, and this gives them an out-of-this-world aura.

     If your pet was born during the Month of Running, its sign is The First to Rise, represented by Siyana. The constellation shows the rising sun and a sleepy light faerie, determining the very first trait of this sign: lightness and being opened to the new. Pets born under this influence are innovators, creators, positive and full of sunshine. They have great smiles and are very likely to be incredible artists. They can lack determination and forget their art but they will always get back to it, since it’s what makes them the happiest.

     If your pet was born during the Month of Eating, its sign is The Farmer, linked to Florin. Its constellation being stems of grain, represents the harvest, meaning hard work and patience. Pets born under this sign are determined, and silently, without complaining, get up to work. They are patient and quiet, shy sometimes but always there when someone is in need of help. They tend to be extremely wise, like old souls trapped in young bodies, but they can be quite guarded and anxious when it comes to meeting new pets.

     If your pet was born during the Month of Hunting, its sign is The Dancer, portrayed by Sasha that plays a tambourine, as the constellation shows. Dancers are the pets always down for a party, always down for a game, always needing to be stimulated. They are fun and active, fiery and almost always happy, but they can definitely be inconsistent and easily bored. Their energy light up the entire room, sometimes it’s hard to keep an eye on them as they seem constantly on the move. Their heart is bright and pure, they are one of the kindest of the zodiac.

     If your pet was born during the Month of Relaxing, its sign is The Wave, related to Marak. Its constellation, a wave in movement, underlines a very important trait: pets born under this sign are always tranformating, always learning, always new. These are intellectual and serious pets, curious by nature, attracted to what they don’t know. They are great readers of books, and of other pets, understating their intentions. While they may often seem sad, they are probably just thinking and moving towards new paths. They can be know-it-all and annoyingly picky sometimes.

     If your pet was born during the Month of Swimming, its sign is The Gladiator, represented by Torakor. With its constellation being the shield, pets born under this influence hide under their dominance and their strong personality a lot of fear. They command but they are also very soft and cute, they just won’t show it that easily. These pets are fighters, they will always protect the weak and the needy, they will always take care of injustice. They are so powerful but at the same time, they tend to jump to conclusions, way too often.

     If your pet was born during the Month of Hiding, its sign is The Collector, pictured by Gordos. Its constellation it’s the scales, meaning that pets born under this influence are fair and balanced. This is the sign of the pets who fight for justice, for the pets who believe in a cause. They know how to use words, they know how weight their communication. They can be greedy sometimes, or too attached to their possessions. But apart from that, this is definitely the most rational sign out of the zodiac, always using logic and then the perfect balanced words.

     If your pet was born during the Month of Gathering, its sign is The Thief, linked to Kelland. Its constellation draws a knife, meaning that pets born under this sign are strong and independent. These are the pets that don’t need anyone, they like being alone and they like their free time and their freedom. But when they let you in, you become part of their family and they will never let you go. They are untrusting, but once they trust, they will do anything for you. They are extremely smart and loyal even if they may seem scary at the beginning.

     If your pet was born during the Month of Collecting, its sign is The Gatherer, portrayed by Fauna. Its constellation is a basket of fruit, which underlines one basic trait of the sign: the nourishment. Pets born under this influence feel the need to feed and take care of everyone, making them a sort of a mother to other pets. These pets are mature and responsible, very emotional but they can be clingy. They do cry a lot, but it’s just because they feel so much, they even feel someone else’s pain, and they happily take that pain on their shoulders. They are the most loyal friends.

     If your pet was born under the Month of Storing, its sign is The Collector, represented by Jerdana. Its constellation is a magic orb, showing how this sign is linked to knowledge and even hidden truths. Pets born under this sign are strange and interesting. They tend to have weirdly particular hobbies, but they are so passionate about them that everyone would listen to them speaking. They love what they do and make everyone else love it too. They are cunning and always up for challenges, and they will probably win them.

     If your pet was born during the Month of Celebrating, its sign is The Hunter, related to King Altador. Its constellation represents bow and arrow, meaning that a pet born under this sign, takes what it wants. These are the responsible and serious pets, sometimes even pessimistic, they don’t laugh much but they are determined and always know where to aim. This is the bravest sign of the zodiac, so brave that other pets tend to follow them, making them the leader. And they absolutely are the perfect leader. But they can definitely be too proud and take things personal.

     I hope you found in the stars the answers you were looking for.

     Always be grateful for the sky and its gifts.


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