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Queen Fyora's Guide to Feeling Beautiful

by sk8tergirl503


     Our ethereal Queen Fyora is all things kind, gracious, a wonderful ruler, a strong leader, and a beautiful faerie. Everyone who knows her can vouch that the secret to how she is able to take care of her precious Faerieland so well is because she knows to take care of herself first. In this day and age, self-care is one of the most important forms of love that an individual can showcase to the world. If Fyora did not love and dote on herself first, how can anyone expect her to do the same for Faerieland?

     So what does Fyora do to take care of herself at home in the comforts of her enchanting castle? What does she do to unwind and relax after a hard day of ruling, helping, problem-solving, and leading? Does she hit the marketplace in search of bargains for retail therapy? Does she take a dip in the Healing Springs to revive and rejuvenate? Or maybe she finds comfort in her own digital world where there are creatures that need to be fed, quests to be completed, and friends to be made. While Fyora does not intend to reveal ALL of her relaxation secrets, she is happy to share some tips, tricks, and special Fyora-approved tools that she uses at home to achieve her regal look and to help her feel beautiful both inside and out.

     Fyora Shampoo

     Do you aspire to have Fyora’s long, silky hair? Are you wondering what her hair care routine is for those luscious locks? The first step to achieving her hair is by rinsing out all of the impurities that can get trapped in your hair throughout the day as you travel around Neopia. From helping Petpets find their new homes to surprising Neopians with special quests, Fyora knows that even been a queen cannot keep your head feeling regal all day long. Fyora uses the Fyora Shampoo to wash away the gunk of the day and leave her hair feeling soft, looking shiny, and feeling like a cloud floating in the skies of Faerieland. Although it does not turn your hair or fur purple, it DOES help you feel like the queen that you deserve to be.

     Fyora Hair Brush

     After using the Fyora Shampoo and your lovely crown of hair is all dried, Fyora suggests going through your strands with the Fyora Hair Brush. It separates any knots and tangles you may have and leaves your hair silky and soft due to the magic-infused bristles. The best part about the hair brush? You don’t have to find a special place for it because it will happily flap its wings and hang around somewhere in your bathroom until the next time that you need it. It’s like a self-storing tool that you don’t need to worry about! A WARNING TO THE USER: the Fyora Hair Brush does contain some magical purple sparkles that are meant to leave a trail of glitter in your hair so it can catch the sunlight of the Faerieland skies. If you’re not a fan of sparkles, opt for the Fyora comb instead - it keeps your strands sleek and shiny without the extra oomph.

     Fyoras Magic Hairspray

     When your hair has been washed, dried, brushed, and combed, it is ready to be styled! Queen Fyora herself swears by Fyoras Magic Hairspray. Whether you want your style to be straight, curly, wavy, in an up do, or you just want to wear it natural, Fyora’s Magic Hairspray is guaranteed to keep your style looking exactly the way you like it all day long - no matter how many times you have to save Faerieland from potential attacks! Just give a few spritz here and there and you’ve got style that won’t go anywhere! Be careful though: if you go a little overboard, you might have to keep your hairdo for as long as Queen Fyora is old…wait how old if she again anyways?

     Fyoras Eyeshadow

     Moving on from the hair and down to your beautiful face! Although much of Fyora’s beauty can be credited to natural beauty, she does like to occasionally enhance her features here and there. Everyone that has ever had a conversation with Queen Fyora knows how beautiful and soulful her eyes look. It is like she is looking directly into your heart and knows all of your deepest desires! Much of her eye look is due to her beautiful eyeshadow application. Using Fyoras Eyeshadow (in Fyora’s signature color), make a deep sweep of the lilac color across your eyelids for that majestic look. Don’t forget to blend the edges so there are no harsh lines! The eyeshadow should look gradual and natural - like it has always been a part of you! If you want it to have a bit more depth, add a slightly darker shade on the outer edges of the eyelid. All done! Now you’re ready to sit upon your throne and gaze across the beautiful land that you rule! Note: if you want a little something extra, Fyora suggests using the Ruki Mascara to coat your lashes lightly. It will make your eyes pop even more!

     Fyora Nail Clippers

     Now that our hair and face are ready to go, we can’t neglect one of the most important parts of our beauty routine: our nails! Before you can go ahead and add the rainbow onto your nails, they need to be prepped, primed, and ready to go. Queen Fyora loves the Fyora Nail Clippers to keep her nails trimmed on a regular basis. Not only is it in her favorite color, but the magical element of these nail clippers is that they can detect when they are getting too close to the nail bed. Once it knows that the nail bed is coming up, the nail clippers will automatically lock and you won’t be able to press down and accidentally hurt yourself. How innovative!

     Queen Fyora really hopes that her tips and tricks have been helpful in inspiring others to practice self-care to unwind, relax, and just show yourself some love! It is only after you begin to take care of yourself that you are able to go out into the world and spread that love onto others. If you ever need any extra tips, Fyora suggests picking up a copy of Fyoras Hair Care for more styling tips and inspiration specifically for hair. And if you ever doubt your beauty or your ability to feel beautiful, Queen Fyora says to take a good look at yourself in the mirror (Fyoras Table Mirror, perhaps?) and acknowledge the individual staring back for all of the strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between. And know that your heart is the truest form of royalty that there ever was.


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