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Top Rated Activities to do While visiting the Altador Cup

by deblubbernoot


     It's that time of the year again, Neopias biggest sports event: The Altador Cup. The tournament lures thousands of tourists every year, but have you ever thought what to do in Altador aside from watching the games?

     No? Well, this list might inform you of the hottest places to be in the ancient country!

     1. Swim in the Altadorian Sea.

     The weather in Altador is as good as always sunny and pleasant, the whole year through. This makes it the ideal climate to take a splash in the cool water! Be careful for ships that are sailing in and out of Altador all the time, which gets us to activity 2.

     2. Visit the Altadorian Docks.

     Altador is well known for its port industry. Countless ships import and export items to and from these docks. Altador is said to be one of the biggest ports of Neopia! When it's not a busy day, you can take a boat trip to the peninsula, North of Altador.

     3. Check out the large food culture.

     Altador has one of the largest food offers there is in Neopia. From Altadorian Bread to Vaeolus Iced Cookies, this country has it all. The friendly Skeith owner of Exquisite Ambrosia is the biggest contributor to this. Visiting his shop is a must if you travel to this ancient country! But make sure your neopets don't put on weight!

     4. Visit the Games Room.

     Altador is still a bit primitive in the field of minigames. But the games room there still has 4 games to offer to play though: Mop 'n' bop, Ready to roll, Chariot Chase and Crisis Courier. When other people are freaked out about the Altador Cup, you might try to get yourself up in the high scores and score a trophy to take back home as a souvenir! Speaking of souvenir, see the fifth activity!

     5. Go souvenir shopping with your pets.

     Altador offers souvenirs that nowhere else can be bought. Of course the Altador Cup event merchandise speaks for itself, but also items like plushies, toys and such can be bought to make you remember this trip for eternity!

     6. Give your pets an Ancient makeover.

     When it's hot in Altador (like always), your pets might to adapt to the weather. Customizing them in an Altadorian clothing shop might do the trick. The go to is of course a Toga. It cools you down although it's a large clothing piece. With sandals you can do nothing wrong either!

     The most fashionized people wear laurels, but these might be expensive.

     7. Visit the Altadorian Rock Quarry.

     Altador's second major industry is the quarry industry. Many Altadorian citizens work here and will welcome your visit with open arms. The quarry makes flat rocks, which are exported to all the countries of Neopia. King Altador himself is really proud of the industry policy he set up.

     Be careful though, as there lies tomb close to the rock quarry. No one knows what it's purpose is.

     8. Go to the Altadorian Archives and try to join a club.

     The archives are the home of a few clubs; Astronomy, Engineering, Mining and Alchemy. It's hard to become a member of one of those clubs, but if you're bored of the Sport event, checking out these clubs can't cause harm! Maybe one of your pets has the qualifications to become a club member!

     9. Search for the Hidden Punch Club.

     Altador is the owner of a hidden punch club. Rule number one of the punch club is not to tell anyone where the club lies, so we can't tell you either! Those who search shall be rewarded. It's well worth to please your taste buds with this holy drink!

     10. Taste some slushie!

     Do you and your pets not like punch? No problem! Altador also has a big a product range of slushies, some that aren't even served in the Colosseum! Currently the Cherry Lemonade Slushie is the most popular of them all. But make sure you don't order a Brain slushie! Only if one of your pets is painted in the Zombie colour though!

     11. Get your pets a new friend, a petpet!

     Legendary petpets, the place to be if you want your pets a new friend. The Minitheus is still the most popular petpet in this country, but the difference between them and petpets like the Alabriss, or the Altacuck isn't that big! If you have energetic pets, you might as well go home with a yooyu. Yooyus are trained to be used in the Altador Cup, but maybe some rather go to your home!

     12. Stop by the Old Follies Farm.

     If you're by any chance a Meridellian and can't get enough of farms? Go visit Old Follies farm! A peaceful farm where you can visit his windmill and enjoy a nice view from the top of it. You can also offer your help on the farm for a free stay in one of his barns.

     13. Gear yourselves up in the Battle Shops!

     If some of your pets are interested in battling in the Battledome, they might want to check out Illustrious Armory and Magic Marvels. These shops in the east offer a wide variety of items that could make the difference next time the Pant Devil attacks you and tries to steal one of your items!

          14. Go watch an Alabriss Race.

     An activity for Neopians who stay in Altador a bit longer then the duration of the Cup: Watching Alabriss races. These races are never held in the Colosseum while the tournament is present. After the cup, it restarts and is the 2nd big sport event Altador has to offer.

     15. Experience the wonders of the Hall of Heroes.

     Last but not least, the Hall of Heroes is potentially the biggest touristic draw to Altador. Tourists from over Neopia come to visit the twelve statues gathered in a circle in this hall. Be careful to not make it a mess over there, else an angry janitor might chase you out of Altador!

     I hope this list gives you something to do in between games for you and your pets to join your time over there!


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