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Every Baby Morphing Potion Ranked by Cuteness

by sunshinecharlie


     June 18, 2004 – the first-ever Baby Morphing Potion is released. Neopia is forever changed for the cuter.


     Which Baby Neopet is the cutest? At some point during your time here on Neopets, chances are you’ve stumbled upon this controversial question. Maybe you’ve even asked it yourself. Perhaps it’s gotten you into some heated debates on the message boards. Cuteness makes us passionate. And it’s easy to argue that Baby Neopets are among the downright cutest pets of them all.


     Let me start off by saying that each Baby Neopet is uniquely cute in their own special way. And, naturally, we all have our own personal favorites – shout-out to Ulysah and Fleurauna, my sweet little Baby Usul and Aisha.


     But enough talk about Baby Neopets! *gasp*


     What about their Baby Morphing Potion counterparts? What about their cuteness?


     Since 2004, with the release of the Baby Kau Morphing Potion, these magical elixirs have been transforming Neopets into goo-goo-ga-ga-ing greatness. In addition to babyfying pets, Baby Morphing Potions also hold a special appeal of their own. These rare, beautiful items can be found in galleries and wishlists all across Neopia. Baby Morphing Potions are as iconic, in their own right, as the Baby pets they represent.


     Whoever said “you can’t judge a Morphing Potion by its bottle” was woefully mistaken…and should read this article.


     The challenge: to rank all 27 Baby Morphing Potions based on their own individual cuteness.


     The contender: me, Charlie, with the help of my trusty Baby Aisha and Usul.


     The reward: …cookies?


     So, without any further ado - I present to you, The Definitive Cuteness Ranking of Baby Morphing Potions:


     1. Kougra


     The Kougra is one of Neopia’s most beloved Baby pets – and their Morphing Potion is no exception. Its deliciously creamy color and unassuming, adorable little paws secure the top spot for this cute and cuddly Morphing Potion.

     2. Aisha


p>     I went back and forth before ultimately settling this one slightly into second place. Its baby blue potion, unmistakably cute Aisha ears, and floating pacifier come together to create a simple, loveable Morphing Potion that perfectly captures the gentle spirit of the Baby Aisha.

     3. Lupe


     No surprise here. Its polka dotted handkerchief and fluffy blue tail are iconic.

     4. Usul


     I’m the proud new owner of a Baby Usul, so I might be a bit biased here. But who can resist those adorable lilac bows and light pink potion?


     Just don’t tell Ulysah her Morphing Potion ranked #4…

     5. Kacheek


     This shade of lavender is one of my favorite colors out of all the Baby Morphing Potions. Its cute little bib and tail are so charming.

     6. Blumaroo


     Honestly, I was surprised to find Blumaroo at number six. Perhaps this Morphing Potion doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Its floppy ears and tail make this bottle look comfy enough to squeeze. And let’s not forget that sweet little heart in the center!

     7. Bruce


     A Morphing Potion wrapped in a cute, billowy red bow. Aww!

     8. Meerca


     The effortless, creamy color of this potion, along with its fluffy tail, make for one understatedly adorable bottle.

     9. Uni



     10. Acara


     Talk about “statement ears.” This Morphing Potion’s simplicity is refreshing and its light color pallet is subtle and sweet.

     11. Korbat


     That bow, that bow, that bow! Enough said. Oh, and also those adorable wings.

     12. Draik


     This Morphing Potion’s light red color is darling and instantly recognizable.

     13. Kiko


     I love the uniquely Kiko shape of this bottle, as well as the pops of purple and orange.

     14. Shoyru


     This Morphing Potion’s teeny-tiny wings definitely gain some cute points.

     15. Chomby


     Aww a little dinosaur bottle!

     16. Scorchio


     Its pastel colors (how cute is that yellow??) and simple tail make for an appealing bottle.

     17. Peophin


     I appreciate this totally unique bottle design, complete with an easy-to-grip handle, but I wish the potion was a cuter color. Raise your hand if you think Baby Peophins are vastly underrated!

     18. Poogle


     Another bottle that has a completely unique, if not a little sloppy, look.

     19. Koi



     20. Jetsam


     While its blue is nice, there’s nothing distinguishable about this simple Morphing Potion.

     21. Gnorbu


     The big ears, the red fur, the spots – they just don’t do it for me.

     22. JubJub


     Some may disagree with me on this, but its pacifier is overwhelming and its feet are too big. Not to mention, your Neopet would get JubJub fluff in its mouth – yuck!

     23. Buzz


     Its hairy tail and beady eyes land this Morphing Potion spot #23.

     24. Hissi


     Is that the lid or a protruding bone?! Much too scary for soon-to-be babies. Though I must admit, the rest is rather cute.

     25. Chia


     This one confuses me. What’s going on here? Baby Chia’s are yellow. It’s so wrong it’s almost right…almost.

     26. Grundo


     Too dark, too wide, and too clunky. This Morphing Potion doesn’t give off a very cute vibe at all.

     27. Kau



I had to award last place to the Baby Kau Morphing Potion because it is the only Baby Morphing Potion that doesn’t resemble a baby bottle. Womp womp. Respect, however, must be paid to the Baby Morphing Potion that started it all. We wouldn’t be where we are now without you.


     So, there you have it, folks – the complete, official, never-to-be-challenged ranking of Baby Morphing Potions! I hope this article has opened your eyes to the vast and varying forms of Baby Morphing Potion cuteness.


     In conclusion, whether you’re collecting for your gallery, splurging on a gift for your best Neofriend, or creating the toddling tot of your dreams, take some time to appreciate the cuteness of your Baby Morphing Potion. And always remember: true cuteness is in the eye of the beholder.


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