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Defeating the Evil Fuzzles From Beyond The Stars

by zuniak


     Evil Fuzzles From Beyond The Stars is a flash game that takes us on a journey with Zygorax where you can help stop tons of evil Fuzzles from attacking and destroying the Virtupets Space Station. You may know Fuzzles as those two-footed clumps of fuzzy fur with an unsettling smile on their face and pitch black eyes, one of the cheapest items in Neopia and the first toy many pets play with. Well, those toys have gone rogue and are now soaring through space at the Virtupets Space Station, dead set on destroying it! There is no place in space for that kind of terrible behavior, so it's your job to step in and destroy those evil Fuzzles.

     The game has a pretty basic concept, you are at the helm of a spacecraft and working your way towards the Virtupets base. As you go, evil Fuzzles will fly at your ship and attempt to destroy it and you have to shoot them down. You'll also come across land mines that you have to shoot and destroy.

     The controls are very simple, you just use your cursor to aim and click to shoot. In the early levels the Fuzzles will be defeated with just one shot, but as you progress the strength increases (and the colors change), meaning you may have to shoot two, three, or more times to defeat them.

     While you are killing fuzzles, you may see something popping up in your view that says "2 x 2" or more, this is your multiplier bonus. For every chain of Fuzzles you defeat without missing, you gain a higher combo bonus. This will increase your score by a lot. If you miss, the combo will disappear. To get the combo, you actually have to shoot the target that comes up. So make sure to claim your bonus if things are getting crazy and you think you'll miss a Fuzzle, or just before you approach the station. If you make it to the base without claiming the combo, it will be lost forever! This also acts as an incentive to not just click wildly and shoot blindly. Shooting a mine will not increase your combo, but it will not destroy it like missing a shot would. Also, if there is a Fuzzle behind the combo, you will shoot the Fuzzle and not the combo!

     Along the bottom of the screen you'll see a bunch of symbols representing power ups and your lifeline. From left to right:

     A stun bomb: This will stun fuzzles for a short period, allowing you to get a steady shot.

     A smart bomb: defeats all enemies currently on the screen. Activate by pressing the space bar.

     Your shield count: Shields will provide 20 hull points worth of safety for a short period.

     Your gun: This is the gun you are using, the number denotes what level you've upgraded it to.

     Your hull (health points): when this number reaches zero, you are out of the game.

     Droid Repair: Your droid is constantly repairing your hull integrity, and this is the ability of your droid.

     A lot of these can be upgraded at the station. After each round you will check into a station where you can buy upgrades and repairs for your space ship, or buy more bombs to use against the fuzzles. The currency that you use is Virtucreds, for every point you obtain you also obtain a Virtucred.

     Every Hull upgrade you purchase will increase the strength of your hull by 10 points, this can repair a previously damaged hull or help you get stronger.

     You can also buy shield upgrades, which are worth 20 hull points. This is best if you are going to be under heavy attack and need a temporary fix.

     Droid Repair will automatically heal your hull, five points per level, and more for every upgrade.

     Upgrading your radar lets you see more Fuzzles, specifically ones that are coming for the sides of your screen.

     The Mega Gun is a great upgrade, it'll strengthen your gun so you don't have to click and shoot the Fuzzles as many times as they get stronger.

     The next two are your bombs, Stun and Smart Bombs. I prefer the smart because they will just clear the screen, but the stun has its uses as well.

     It's important to remember that Virtucreds carry over from round to round, you don't have to spend them all at the end of each round. Sometimes it is better to save up for big upgrades than to drain your currency each go around.

     Some tips:

     Shields are useful! Sometimes there are an overwhelming amount of Fuzzles and you can't avoid the damage, so a Shield will keep you from losing too much of your pressure hull during those crazy times.

     Focus on Fuzzles! Obviously you will want to shoot the land mines, but the Fuzzles are more important for your overall score and the combo bonus.

     Ration out your Virtucreds! I mentioned above that they'll carry over from round to round, but I wanted to repeat that point. Sometimes it is better to save for a bigger, great upgrade than to just spend blindly on a mediocre upgrade.

     Wait until you see "Approaching Station" to claim your combo bonus, especially in the earlier levels. This will ensure you get the highest possible bonus. Obviously this is a little different if you get overwhelmed and start missing, or aren't sure you'll be able to click at just the right time at the end.

     Upgrade your gun every level! With every level you will see stronger and stronger Fuzzles, so upgrading will make sure you don't have to click a ton at each level.

     Don't play full screen! The larger the screen, the further your mouse will have to travel to click and defeat the Fuzzles.

     Stay calm and don't click wildly. Missing will cost you precious points, especially if you have accumulated a large combo bonus. In the first few levels you should always have a max combo, if you are going for a high score and don't, restart until you do.

     With these tools you should be able to take down the Fuzzles before they take down Virtupets Space Station. Stay focused and keep practicing. You'll have a trophy and a safe Space Station before long.


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