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The Top 10 Ways to Pamper your Koi on Koi Day

by mimitchi880


     The Top 10 Ways to Pamper your Koi on Koi Day

          With their long, luxurious tails and sunny-side-up attitudes, Koi are without a doubt some of the most vivid and cheerful Neopets, inside and out. Every year in the Month of Hunting, we take a day to celebrate the ways Koi have brightened up waters and NeoHomes all across Neopia. Being a limited edition pet, Kois don’t have the population of other species, but all kinds of people, myself included, can still call one or more of these bubbly little guys family.

     And so, in honor of Koi day, I’ve put together a list of ways you can show your Koi—or your NeoFriend’s Koi, or a Koi you just happen to see when you’re out and about doing errands; any Koi, really—your appreciation for their species and their place in your life. They will really appreciate the gesture, and it’ll be a day neither of you will forget!

     Here’s what you can do:

          1. Take them on a beauty shopping trip.

          You think keeping those fins so long and glossy is a piece of Checkered Cake? Fin and tail care is essential for all Koi, as my own Neopet Taeliss can tell you all about. Take your Koi to the Grooming Parlour or over to a NeoFriend’s shop to pick up some supplies for them. Ask your Koi what their favorite scent is—there’s Coconut Soap, Lavender Soap, Honey Soap, fruity soaps, or you could just go with a Heart Shaped Soap to show your Koi your love. You’ll also want to pick up some shampoo and conditioner—Taeliss and I recommend Superstar Shampoo and Watermelon Conditioner, personally. Finish off with some Seabreeze Lotion to help keep your Koi’s tail stay moisturized when you aren’t underwater, and untangle any knotted fins with a classic Blue Koi Brush.

     With your Koi looking their very best, they’ll be more than ready for the Koi Day festivities! Make sure to grab them a Blue Scallop Mirror on your way out so they can see how fabulous they look.

          2. Go diving in Maraqua.

          Whether Old or New, Maraqua has always been the place Koi call home, and it would mean the world to your Koi if you would join them on an adventure through the place they know and love best. Koi prefer to spend as much time as possible underwater, so grab your Mask and Snorkel and head on down! I’m sure your Koi will happily swim about, teaching you about Maraqua’s rich history and rebuilt strength, and guiding you through the ruins. Koi love finding underwater treasures like pearls and shells, and would happily cast some lines at Ye Olde Fishing Vortex with you if you asked. Koi are already such a lively and energetic species, but taking them to their homeland and showing a genuine interest in the things that make their species who they are will bring out even more smiles—and an unforgettable Koi Day experience.

          3. Treat your Koi to a meal at Kelp.

     While you’re down in Maraqua, I can’t think of any better way to pamper your Koi than to visit the exclusive, critically-acclaimed underwater restaurant, Kelp. Be sure to reserve a table in advance, as they go fast on Koi Day, especially with the restaurant’s elite reputation. Once you’re in, depending on your Koi’s taste, they might like to start off the night with a Mixed Green Salad, or perhaps the Succulent Cheese Dip. I know your heart might hammer at the prices, but it’ll be worth it to see the way your Koi’s eyes sparkle when the Uni waitress brings out the first plates. For the main course, don’t skimp and get the Spicy Radish Salad—you know the Ocean Platter is what your Koi really wants! And you’d better let them get dessert and a cocktail, too, because it’s their special day. Coral Cake? Honeyed Horn of Plenty? Foozette Juice? Lemwart Fizz? They name it, it’s on you. They deserve to eat like a king or queen!

     4. Try on a new outfit.

          And once you’re done eating like kings, try dressing like them, too—by picking up your Koi a brand new outfit in honor of another Koi-filled year on Neopets. Your girl Koi might be interested in some high-fashion—try the ensemble of Fashionable Koi Dress, Fashionable Koi Necklace, Fashionable Koi Purse, Fashionable Koi Shoes, and Fashionable Koi Hat and Wig. Other Koi might like to pick up the Golden Koi Bracelet, the Koi Captain Jacket, or the Yellow Polka Dot Koi Dress. Personally, my Taeliss feels like real royalty wearing the Koi Ocean Lord Toga, and yours might, too! Every Koi has their own unique sense of underwater fashion, so be sure to pick up something that lets your Neopet’s personality shine all the way down to the ocean floor.

     5. Consider painting them a new color.

          Alongside a new outfit, one of the ultimate ways to pamper your Neopet on their annual species celebration is to treat them to a new color at the Rainbow Pool. While Koi look fashionable in every color, they tend to prefer bright and cheery colors to match their dispositions—you’ll have to ask your Koi which one is their favorite! For the classy Koi out there, Faerie, Royal, or Polka Dot might be the way to go. For more devious Koi, Wraith or Stealthy would be the perfect new color. And of course, there’s always the classic Spotted Koi, whose marbled scales are absolutely dazzling, and a traditional favorite for the species. Paint Brushes can be incredibly pricey, so if you don’t have the NeoPoints for one this year, you can use this Koi Day to start saving up so you can treat your Koi next time!

          6. Get them the gift of inventing!

          For those of you who didn’t know, Koi are famous for their tinkering nature. They are credited for numerous inventions around Neopia, with the most famous being the Utility Fish, which is a Petpet who also cleans your house! They come in several different varieties, such as Toyfish, Pillowfish, and Sharklight. While not every Koi can be an inventing genius, I’ll bet yours might be interested in some tinkering of their own. My Taeliss loves to take old broken toys and try turning them into something that works again—it’s almost like a Koi tradition for him! Try grabbing your Koi a Broken Wind Up Nuranna and 101 Uses for Old Gears and see what happens, or even something more extravagant, like a Broken Earth Faerie Snowglobe and an E-Z Brand Snowflake Growing Kit. You might be thinking, “Whaaat? Why would I get my Neopet a broken toy for Koi Day?” and hm, yeah, you should probably also give them a real gift, too, but fixing toys and creating gadgets with your Koi will strengthen your bond with them for many Koi Days to come.

     7. Play some Maraquan games together.

     Koi are extremely playful and outgoing by nature, as I’ve mentioned, which means most of them love to play games. Raiders of Maraqua is the perfect game to play with your Koi, since it features a treasure-loving Koi as its main protagonist—the charming, lovable Karpoh! Other fun Maraquan games to try together are Jubble Bubble, Whirlpool, Petpet Plunge, and Attack of the Revenge. I’m sure one of those will make your Koi laugh, and will help you get to know each other better as you face peril and lost points together. After all, what’s a better representation of friendship than pushing virtual treasure through rows of bubbles?

     8. Get them a Maraquan Petpet.

     If your Koi doesn’t already have a Petpet, Koi Day is a fantastic time to surprise them by telling them to pick one out at Maraqua’s very own Petpet shop! The Maraquan Petpets shop offers Noaks, Arkmites, Nupies, and much more, and any of them would be the perfect companion for your Koi. Plus, then you’ll have another friend to join you on your Koi Day travels!

     9. Host a Koi-themed party.

     Above all, Koi Day is a celebration, and nothing screams celebration like getting all of your Koi’s family and friends together for a party. There are plenty of Koi-themed party essentials available at an affordable price, like Blue Bubbly Koi Balloon (25 NP) and Purple Koi Cake (1450 NP), and there are tons of plushies, books, and other toys your Koi would love to receive, too. It’s up to you to pick the most appropriate gift for your Koi. But the best gift you can give them is a spectacular Koi Day spent laughing with their favorite Neopets—and their favorite person, too. And the more friends you invite, the more gifts will be brought, and the more pampered your Koi will get—it’s a win-win!

     10. Adopt another new Koi friend!

     It is Koi Day after all, and one of the best features of Koi Day is that these limited-edition friends are temporarily available to adopt and bring home with you! Because of their smaller population, this is the perfect opportunity to find another pal for your Koi who will understand them like no one else. The more Koi there are in Neopia, the brighter and bubblier this place will be! If you have an open spot in your family, I’m sure your Koi would love to have a new friend to explore ruins with, swap fin-grooming tips with, and try out new inventions that hopefully won’t blow any holes in your NeoHome. Lookin’ at you, Taeliss.

     Thanks for reading, and go enjoy a happy Koi Day with your fins in the air!


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