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Varanna:Part Three

by karlynne1964



     Varanna Helps Stump King Hagan (Part Three)

     Percet settled into his recliner and picked up yesterday’s copy of The Neopian Times. Things had been quiet for him now that he had retired. He was now quite wealthy after investing most of his neopoints in the stock market, and he was able to live on the interest generated. It took several weeks to figure out where he wanted to live before finally deciding on Brightvale. Percet wanted to enjoy his retirement by traveling but his faithful pet, Varanna, insisted he enroll in a university. Percet couldn’t deny that school was interesting but Varanna was the one thoroughly enjoying the classes.

     Living in a town with a lot of students was very different than the towns he lived in before. There was a larger focus on studying and learning. No one minded if you bumped into them while walking and reading at the same time. The library was opened from early morning until late at night. New book releases were extremely popular events as well.

     There had been grumblings coming from the castle that King Hagan was upset that he had a smaller audience listening to his words of wisdom. Even worse no one appeared impressive enough to give the King pearls of knowledge in return.

     Percet wondered if they should make another visit to Brightvale Books. He was actually surprised at the amount of knowledge at his fingertips. He didn’t consider himself a scholar but he could hold his own against most of the students there. Varanna always accompanied him into town and more and more lately she would wander away into the Motery. He didn’t understand her fascination with them but he was starting to understand that there might be something magical about Varanna.

     Turning the page Percet’s eyes widened in surprise. There on the 4th page was an article announcing King Hagan’s latest proclamation. “All Citizens must provide the King with one piece of knowledge of which he is unaware or ask a question the King could not answer. They also must spin the Wheel of Knowledge once a day for added revenue. Percet smirked. He noticed there was no mention of releasing the King’s stingy avatar on the wheel.

     It wasn’t until he was in bed later that night that Percet began to panic. It was unlikely that he knew something the King didn’t know. While the King’s brother, King Skarl was known for his fierce temper and violent tendencies, King Hagan could be frightful as well. With that thought he fell into a fitful sleep and woke the next day tired and weary from tossing all night.

     While eating breakfast he explained the situation to Varanna and told her he was probably going to spend the day walking around Brightvale trying to get inspiration. Varanna touched his finger and the images in his mind convinced him to take her along.

     They left the house and headed toward the castle. As they approached the outskirts of town they saw a winding line of people and Percet flew a little higher to see where the line led. Oh no! It was the line to spin the Wheel of Knowledge! Sighing he went to the end of the line to wait his turn. The line moved slowly but Percet had the opportunity to meet several new citizens of Brightvale and everyone seemed to be worried about discovering some sort of knowledge that King didn’t know.

     Finally it was Percet’s turn to spin the wheel. After ‘donating’ 400 nps he spun the wheel and it landed on the shield. Just great, he would add it to the other 100 shields taking up space at the house. He and Varanna made their way over to the castle where hundreds were swarming around outside. No one wanted to go inside and incur the wrath of King Hagan for not presenting new knowledge.

     “Varanna, is there anything you can do?” Percet pleaded with his petpet. Varanna hugged his knees and lifted her owner’s spirits before walking away. Percet spent time talking to others who were as worried as he was and hoped the King wasn’t accepting visitors and the doors to the castle would remain closed.

     He spread his wings and lifted himself up to see above the crowd. He saw his faithful petpet making his way into the Motery and smiled. She certainly was attracted to that place. His attention was turned to the castle as the crowd began murmuring and one of the doors to the castle opened and a guard came out.

     “Line up! Your Excellency King Hagan will be receiving visitors beginning in twenty minutes. All citizens over the age of 17 must present themselves before His Excellency.” Without fanfare the guard returned inside the castle and the door was closed again.

     Percet’s heart started pounding and hysteria began taking over the crowd. Everyone was moving backwards. No one wanted to be at the front of the line. Varanna! Where was she? He didn’t know what the punishment would be if he failed the king but he didn’t want to be separated from her if he was imprisoned.

     Suddenly hundreds of motes were in the air. Percet felt several of them fly around his head, combing through his hair before sinking beneath his scalp. There was a moment of worry, especially since he recognized one of them as a dung mote. Within seconds he felt a glow of warmth spreading through him and became enlightened. Everyone was now pressing forward wanting to be first in line. The noise level increased as the crowd surged forward. The confidence level was high among the crowd. Was it possible to gain insight from motes?

     The door opened and before the guard could make an announcement the crowd was inside and striding toward the King’s chambers. Eagerness shone on the faces of the Neopians as they hurried forward.

     King Hagan spent several hours pacing as soon as he awakened and after a quick breakfast of fruit he decided he would begin receiving citizens today. Those that volunteered and came in willingly would be allowed to search for knowledge among his vast libraries but those that would have to be hunted out would be placed in a cell for a few weeks first. King Hagan had never been known for cruelty and felt he was above violence but the decline of intelligence, knowledge, and seeking wisdom was serious. Education was his most important goal for all his citizens. Didn’t he pay for higher learning to anyone that requested it? Didn’t he increase the size of the library? Didn’t he purchase more land to increase the size of Brightvale University? He strode to his throne and sat, awaiting the first of the citizens.

     He rose in alarm when several guards rushed forward and stood in front of him. The guards were followed by dozens of citizens shouting out questions to him. He slowly sat as the questions were filtered into his brain and he realized he didn’t know the answers! He waited while the citizenry was assembled into a line of sorts and silence was restored.

     Percet held Varana as they were ushered to the front of the line. He was pleased to see that they would be first. He pretended not to notice when Varanna would fling motes into the line behind them and the crowd would begin to murmur loudly again. Finally it was starting.

     He stepped forward and was formally introduced to King Hagan.

     “What knowledge or question do you have for me?” asked the king while looking over at Varanna.

     Percet gulped then spoke. “Your Highness. Please touch my hand.” He stepped within reach of the King, placed Varanna on the floor and held out his left hand. He turned his palm up so the king could see there was nothing in his hand. One of the members of the court came forward and touched his palm then produced a microscope to make sure it was safe. With a nod to the king, he returned to his place and King Hagan placed a finger on Percet’s palm. Percet brought his finger up and touched the King. He immediately felt a warmth flood his senses before feeling an incredible rush inside of him.

     “What? Wait, what was that?” questioned the King in alarm.

     “That is my question for you, your majesty,” Percet proclaimed with a smile. He lifted Varanna and left while the King began spluttering. He knew without a doubt that the King would never find an answer. Already the King was calling forth magicians, psychics, and physicians alike to discover the answer.

     Hearing footsteps running behind them Percet made it outside the castle and took to the skies. He glanced down and saw soldiers hauling a catapult and several other weapons out and arming themselves with quiver and bows. This could get ugly. He flew up higher and tucked his faithful petpet beneath his wings. “Varanna, maybe it would be a good idea to start looking for another home?”

     The End.

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