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All The Ways To Change Your Pet

by parshew


     I wanted to write a piece on all the different ways to change your pet, but there are so many out there that I don't even know if they can all fit in one Neopian Times article! I am going to try though. There are a few different types of changes your pet can undergo, such as a color change, species change, etc. This article is dedicated to those. Obviously you can change your pet by dressing them up in a new outfit, or change their battledome stats by training or questing, but I wanted to cover changing their base appearance.

     Some of these methods are very expensive, while other are almost free, and some carry a LOT of risk with them.

          Morphing and Transmogrification Potions

     There are over 800 different Morphing and Transmogrification potions available for your pets. The former is a carefully formulated mixture that will alter the color and species of your pet, while the latter is a dangerous concoction created by the evil Dr. Frank Sloth to turn your pet into a mutant and change their species.

     All morphing potions come with their color and species in the item name, such as "Baby Draik Morphing Potion" which will turn your Neopet, regardless of species, into a Baby Draik. That also means that if you have a Draik, they will remain a Draik and just become Baby. Sometimes this is cheaper than a Paint Brush, so it will be worth your time to price check. For example: A "Baby Blumaroo Morphing Potion" is cheaper than a "Baby Paint Brush", so if you have a Blumaroo that you want Baby then this is the less expensive route to take. Morphing potions can be bought from Kauvara's Magic Shop, or are something found in random events or dailies.

     Transmogrification potions have named like "Lenny Transmogrification Potion", which will turn your Neopet into a Mutant Lenny. So they will species change like a morphing potion would, but the pets always become Mutant. These are obtained through random events, or some Sloth-related dailies like the NeoCola Machine.

          Paint Brushes

     Simple enough, paint brushes change the color of your Neopet. The price of these range depending on rarity and the demand of that particular color. These will not change the species of your pet. However, if you are a smart shopper you can use these in conjunction with morphing potions. You can use a really cheap potion, like a "Green Uni Morphing Potion" to get a basic Uni pet and then paint it with the paint brush, which may be cheaper than using something like a "Woodland Uni Morphing Potion".

     Paint brushes are typically found while doing dailies or from random events. Only a rare few can be bought in Neopian Shops like the Hidden Tower.

          Lab Ray

     The Lab Ray is an extremely risky and unpredictable way to change your pet. You first must assemble all nine pieces of a map that will lead you to the laboratory, and then you have to risk almost everything during a zap. Your Neopet could gain or lose levels, but they can also change species and color! You have no control over the change though, and it is all totally random. You may end up with a species or color you hate and be stuck with it until you can afford a morphing potion or paint brush to change it. There are a few colors that are exclusive to the Lab Ray, such as Robot or Jelly, which makes this a very appealing option.

          Rainbow Fountain Faerie

     While you browse Neopets you will be occasionally propositioned by a faerie with a quest. The Fountain Faerie will, upon completion of her quest, grant you the chance to paint your Neopet any color. You cannot change species this way, but you can get any color available to your current pet. You don't have to decide right away, so you can take some time to think about what kind of color you want.


     Magical Chia Pops, when fed to your Chia, will turn them into a fruit or vegetable color. Beware, not all Chia Pops are magical! If you feed them to a non-Chia, nothing will happen, they will not change species to a Chia. They must be a Chia to start with.

     There are some Neggs that can also change your pet's appearance. A "Plaid Negg" or "Vortex Negg" might revert your Neopet's color back to a basic color like Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow. A "Witchy Negg" could turn your pet into a Moehog, Lenny, or Tuskaninny. There is also a "Kaleidonegg" which could do a lot to your pet, but some of the effects are random species or color changes.

     There is also a rumor out there that feeding certain foods to your pets can make them change, but there is no proof of this and if it did ever happen then it is VERY, VERY rare. One such rumor is that giving your pet a lot of chocolate will make him chocolate, or a lot of jelly will make him jelly. Proceed at your own risk and don't expect much more than a very full belly.


     There are two weapons that can change your opponent's Neopets species. Kacheek Flour and Chia Flour, using one will turn your opponent's pet into the weapon's respective species. Be careful using this because you could make a serious, serious enemy and it is really not nice to do this. It's best to only use this on a user who specifically requested you use this on them.

          Magical Items

     There are a few magical items that I will list quickly that aren't as straight forward in what they do like morphing potions are.

     Vengeful Scroll- A wonderful book, but it will turn your pet into a Pink Lenny.

     One-Use Robotification Zappermajig- This zapper will turn your pet into a Robot!

     Potato Potion- Changes your pet into a Brown Kiko.

     Turnip Tonic- A bland blend of turnips that will turn your pet into a basic color.

     8-bit Power-up Potion- The equivalent of what would be an 8-bit Paint Brush, it changes your pet's color to 8-bit.

     Mysterious Swirly Potion- Changed your pet's species to a limited edition species (Poogle, Koi, Chomby, Tonu, Hissi, Jetsam, Cybunny). They will retain their color from their previous species IF it is available in their new species, otherwise they will change to a basic color.

     Rainbow Swirly Potion- Changes your pet to a basic color

     Flask of rainbow Fountain Water- Changes your pet to a random color!

          Which of these methods will you choose? Do you like the stability of morphing potions and paint brushes, or are you more of a gambler with the lab ray or Mysterious Swirly Potion?


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