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Petpet Matching: A Guide

by aleu1986


     Finding the perfect petpet for your Neopet can be difficult. There are so many types to choose from, and many desire to find a petpet that perfectly compliments their Neopets colours or other physical attributes. It`s easily done to just browse the selection of petpets that can be painted the same colour as your Neopet, but in some cases, a petpet version of a paint brush isn`t available, and then you`re forced to consider other options.

     It`s not always about colour or shape, sometimes a fitting match is hidden in a not so obvious place. I encourage you to be creative and widen your horizons when searching for the perfect petpet for your Neopet. Don`t just look for your favourite colours or species, broaden your search, and you might be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

     In this guide, I`ll be offering suggestions to suitable petpet matches to a number of different paint brush colours. With so many different combinations of Neopets and colours, it`s impossible to cover them all in a simple guide, but I`ve selected three groups of paint brushes and attempted to find suitable petpet alternatives for each colour.

     Food colours: Chocolate, Custard, Candy, Jelly, Biscuit, Strawberry.

     While there are many yummy, edible colours available for Neopets, the only food-colour for petpets to have its own paint brush is Custard.

     Chocolate, Jelly and Strawberry-coloured petpets can only be obtained from zapping them with the Petpet Lab Ray (which you can access only by completing the main Secret Laboratory Map first, in addition to the petpet lab map) and if they`re de-attached from their Neopet, they revert back to their original colour and species. So while you might get extremely lucky and zap yourself a yummy Strawberry petpet for your Chocolate Neopet, or vice versa, the chances of that happening are very slim, and you`re much better off exploring other options.

     Brown is a good match for Chocolate and Biscuit Neopets. If you browse the section of Brown petpets at the Petpet Puddle, you`ll see the ones who can be painted Brown, as well as those who are brown-coloured in their natural form. I personally think the painted ones would make the best match.


     The Jinjah, in its unpainted brown version is the perfect match for any Biscuit Neopet, and looks great with Chocolate as well.

     The Halloween Geb and Noil look like candy corn, making them good fits for Candy and Chocolate Neopets. Valentine Rock (shaped like a box of chocolates) is the perfect match for any Chocolate or Candy Neopet.


     For the stripy Candy Neopets, there are several Christmas petpets that would make a nice match. Christmas Apis, Baby Blu, Gruslen and Peo all have a nice candy cane pattern, making them especially suitable for the red/pink striped Candy Neopets, like Elephante and Ruki.


     For Jelly, the perfect match outside of the identical colour is a Blobikins. However, a much cheaper alternative is to go for basic colour-matching, that is give a blue coloured petpet to a blue-ish Jelly Neopet, etc.

     Birthday petpets can be obtained from the Neopets Birthday Goodie Bags, from the 14th going forward. Because this is classified as a special colour, it doesn`t show up at the Petpet Puddle, and the Birthday Petpets are also unpaintable, meaning you can`t change their colour.

     These tasty morsels go great with your Chocolate, Candy or Biscuit Neopets.

     Strawberry is a tricky one, since obtaining a petpet of the same colour is so difficult, but consider the Red Stego or Red Yullie. The former especially makes a good fit with its combination of red and green to match the red, juicy berry with its green leaves.

     Other petpets with a similar colour scheme include Green Crocalu, Wreathy, Green Bilguss and Green Hornsby.


     There`s also the Turmac. While he doesn`t provide a good colour match, anyone who`s ever played Turmac Roll, knows how much these little guys love to eat berries. An amusing or morbid match-up of petpet and Neopet? You decide.

     Scary colours: Halloween, Ghost, Zombie, Darigan, Transparent and Wraith.

     There are petpet equivalents to four of these colours, Transparent and Wraith being the exceptions at the time of writing. While your first instinct might be to look at Ghost petpets for a Ghost Neopet, the other scary-looking colours are worth your attention as well. Consider pairing your Ghost Neopet up with a Zombie or Halloween petpet. Don`t narrow your options down to one colour.

     Halloween Noak would be a good match for a Wraith Neopet, due to it actually looking like a floating spectre, and not a small animal wearing a white sheet. There is the issue of the colours clashing, but with no Petpet equivalent of the paint brush colour, you need to be creative. A Ghost petpet is the most obvious choice for this colour. Halloween Meepit and Blugar are also worth looking at for a Wraith.


     For Transparent, there are the obvious picks of Sklyde and Skelly, plus Intesteen. The White Chumablah looks like a bony skeleton (with big red eyes and a beak) and is also worth considering.

     Several Halloween petpets have a skeleton appearance, such as Dandan, Tapira, Navibot and Lizark.

     There are also several Neopets that take on a sort of skeleton costume when painted Halloween, (Eyrie, Hissi and Zafara amongst others) so the aforementioned petpets would be a good match for any of them as well as a Transparent Neopet.

     The Mutant Fir, which looks like it belongs in the Haunted Woods, is a good fits-all choice for your Halloween Neopet. Woodland Millipod, with its pumpkin-like appearence is also a good option.


     Several Zombie petpets carry/wear bandages, as if they had been mummified. Similar Halloween petpets include Kookith, Pfish and Screal.

     Also consider Halloween Harris, Warf or Hippalop for your Zombie Neopet. The Lil Frankie is in the same vein as well.

     The Chumablah is a nice match for any of the purple-toned Darigan Neopets, and way cheaper than buying the paint brush, or an already painted petpet. Mutant Zebba or Mutant Walking Carpet are also good options for the purple Darigan Neopets. For the red Darigans, consider Mutant Noil or Mutant Ona, they`re both twisted and evil-looking.


     The Halloween Rock, which looks like a gravestone, is a good fits-all type of petpet for any scary-looking Neopet.

     Special colours: Pirate, Faerie, Mutant, Baby, Maraquan

     For a Pirate Neopet, a Pirate petpet is the most natural choice, and there are certainly some great ones to choose from. A perfect, fits-all match is the Pirate Poppit, which is shaped like a wooden peg leg, complete with its own dotted bandana and an eyepatch.

     Also consider a Water petpet, due to the Pirates connection with the open sea. Maybe give them a bird petpet, such as Ponka or Tuceet, to play on the parrot-on-the-shoulder trope for Pirates. A Weewoo is also a good option, they`re native to Krawk Island, so that choice makes sense.


     For Faerie Neopets, consider bird/winged petpets, and also Spring petpets for their soft, pastel tones. Alkenore, Beekadoodle and Carmariller are all suitable options for a lovely Faerie Neopet, and the Buzzer is a particularly good match for the Faerie Neopets with insect-like wings, such as Xweetok and Techo.

     Grey petpets are not just for Grey Neopets. If you own a Faerie Neopet, consider the Grey Faellie or Grey Buzzer. Their tattered wings remind me of the poor Grey Faerie who lost her magic and ability to fly, and these petpets could be a sort of tribute to or reference to her.


     Many love the adorable Baby Neopets, and I`m sure lots of people would love a Baby Petpet Paint Brush, but since that is not an option (and probably won`t be in the future) it`s time to get creative again. Plushie petpets is the obvious choice in this case, but other colours are worth looking into.

     Disco, for its bright colours and vibrant patters, guaranteed to catch your Baby Neopets eye, and Cloud would fit the blue-toned Baby Neopets especially well. There`s something cute and innocent about the Cloud colour, and the petpets painted this way somehow look extra cute and fluffy.

     Elderly petpets are also worth considering, if nothing else than for the amusing aspect of such a pairing.

     For a Mutant Neopet, there are the Mutant petpets, but again I suggest branching out and exploring other options. Consider the Darigan petpets for their twisted, corrupted nature, or Glowing. Perhaps these petpets ate some radioactive waste, or were the victims of a science experiment gone wrong? The Glowing Cheerlub is even animated!

     Some spooky petpets could be worth considering, such as Halloween Greeble and of course the Bearog with its three heads! The Tyrannian one especially is a good match for a Mutant.


     Some special petpets suitable for a Mutant Neopet: Candy Vampire (also suitable for a Halloween or perhaps a Candy Neopet) Bearclops, Baraga and Gnar.

     For Maraquan Neopets, consider any fish/aquatic petpet. The ones painted Maractite or Water are suitable options as well. You might also consider giving your Maraquan Neopet a Pirate petpet, as a nod to the Curse of Maraqua plot.

     Good general, fits-all matches are the Maraquan Rock and the Maraquan Babaa, as well as Staragus and Kelpflake.


     Other matching suggestions:

     Water – Electric Ignalce. While you should normally avoid mixing these two elements, the effects of the blue flames lighting up around this Moltaran petpet sort of look like crashing waves.


     Snow – Christmas Warf. This cute little guy looks like a snowman.


     Island/Woodland - Tyrannian Fir. It looks like a palm tree. Also consider Spring or Island petpets for your Woodland Neopet.


     Eventide - Starry and Cloud petpets.


     Remember that petpet matching can also be done with humour, such as matching a Dung petpet with a food-coloured Neopet, a Spring petpet for a Snow Neopet or a Fire/Magma petpet for a Water Neopet, or the other way around.

     Have fun exploring the Petpet Puddle, and remember to look through the Jellyneo Item Database as well to view special petpets that don`t show up at the puddle. I`m sure you`ll find the perfect little friend for your Neopet.


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