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The Pteri who did not know how to fly

by fluffalspike


     Once upon a time in Meridell, there was a tree; not too tall, not too short, with foliage as green as a fir that swayed in the wind like the softness of a Carmariller's wings-beating and strong branches as resilient as a Turdle. Now this story is not just about the tree itself, but what was about to happen in it. Something so incredible and beautiful that would change the course of the beings who lived there.

     On the fifth branch of the tree, not too tall, not too short, lived a Pteri named Becky. She was as blue as the cleanest sky. Becky loved to fly. For her, flying was the same thing as not feeling trapped anywhere and that was the purest state of freedom. She liked to stay in the clouds, but Becky knew she had responsibilities on the mainland or rather the "firm twig." On that branch, the fifth branch of the tree, not too tall, not too short, there was a nest. Becky was taking care of two eggs, her greatest pride and joy. Two eggs that every day at dawn were adjusted so that they could enjoy all of the light that the sun provided and the night joined them to give all of the warmth and comfort that a loving mother could provide.

     Every day, Becky longed for the hatching of her eggs so that she could see their beautiful little faces. She did not spend time in the skies like she used to because she knew that in the end, she would be rewarded with the greatest joy of all; being able to teach your pupils the gift of being able to fly. It was something that she dreamed about. Sharing something you like with someone that you love is one of the best sensations in the world and Becky could not wait for that to happen.

     The days were longer and the nights shorter. Becky could not sleep in fear that she would miss the moment that her eyes would photograph forever. Weeks passed and she felt in her beak that the big day was near.

     One sunny afternoon while Becky settled a few twigs, she heard a crack. At first she thought she had stepped on something, but the noises increased. *Crack!* She looked at the eggs and saw that they were hatching and at that moment she could not stop looking them. She was ready to see her babies for the first time in her life. After a lot of cracking, one of the eggs hatched and from it came a beautiful red Pteri. As soon as it came out, it began to beat its little wings. Becky was so excited that she had not noticed that the second egg moved with some difficulty, but it moved. The mother and her new son waited anxiously for the remaining egg to hatch and just as the dawn began to set, a small Pteri came out of his egg. Unlike his older brother, he was calm and relaxed. He did not come out to flap his wings. The only thing he wanted at the moment was to fall asleep.

     With her two newly hatchlings, Becky decided to name the red pteri Doom, because he did not come quietly and almost fell from the nest many times. The second son was calm and sleepy, she called him Birb.

     Doom and Birb, although very different, got along very well. Birb did not care about all the mess that Doom did and Doom loved his brother's patience. They really liked being together.

     Time passed and the two brothers grew. Doom already had a nice set of wings and was ready to fly, but Birb did not feel so confident with the idea of jumping from a fifth branch of a not too tall, not too short tree.

     Becky dreamed of the day when she could fly with her Pteris, but was Birb's unwillingness and zero interest in flying to worry a Pteri? They were born for it, was what she thought.

     Time flew, but Birb did not. Doom was able to fly, but did not want to leave his brother alone and Birb was more interested in the goldies in the lake next to them than flying. Becky began to wonder if they would ever reach the sky. If the flight she so much dreamed of doing with them would ever happen. She had an idea that would arouse the desire to fly in their hearts. It was kind of risky, but she had to try.

     One beautiful morning before Doom and Birb woke up, Becky decided to cut the branch. Yes, the fifth branch of the tree, not too tall, not too short. The height was not dangerous, but it would frighten them enough that they would fly.

     *CHOMP* The branch was cut and with a great snap they were taken down. Doom was the first to fly and he flew as if he already knew, but Birb was so scared that he lost control. Doom and Becky caught him before he crashed on the ground, the plan only worked out half way .

     The days passed and Becky made long flights with Doom while Birb was now in the fourth branch of the tree, not too tall, not too short. There, Birb tried to fly everyday. It was not for the lack of attempts, but no matter how much he wanted to fly, he failed every time. It was almost as if Birb wasn't meant to fly. Although Birb failed every time, he did not feel bad because he knew that he had given it his best shot and seeing the goldies swimming in the lake next to the tree, not too tall, not too short, left him calm and comforted. Birb felt a certain envy for the goldies, being able to cool off on hot days and swim around. It seemed like a great life.

     After many failures and looks at the lake next door, Birb had an idea, but it would have to be hidden from everyone. One beautiful morning, Birb came down from the tree, not too tall, not too short and went towards his destination.

     Almost a months time had passed and no news of Birb. Doom and Becky were worried. By late afternoon one evening, they overheard Birb's voice but it did not come from the tree, not too tall, not too short. The sound came from somewhere else in a place further down. It came from the lake of goldies. They looked down and to their astonishment, there was Birb. He was different. He had fins in place of wings.

     Becky almost fainted, but Doom held her. After the fright, Birb explained that he had disappeared because he was after a Faerie Fountain Quest. It had taken so long, but when he finally completed it, he was rewarded with a dip in the Rainbow Fountain. He was now Maraquan. It was a long journey home as a fish!

     Becky still did not fully understand what happened and asked why Birb had done that. He explained that he had never wanted to fly and truth be told, he always wanted to swim like the goldies. After many conversations and understanding on both sides, the family reunited again.

     Becky realized that not everything she finds good for her is good for others and regardless of where her child is, she will always love him. Birb realized that as much as you love others, doing what you love is essential to be happy, so this family learned to respect each other.

     When you look at the skies of Meridell, maybe you'll see Becky flying as she always liked to do. Birb may be in the lake closer than you think and Doom... maybe he will appear when the servers are down, but regardless of where they are and what they are doing, you can be sure that they will be happy for each other and with themselves.

     The End.

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