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6 Unpopular Neopets Opinions Broken Down

by stttarlight


     As an avid board lurker, I’ve come across many rival opinions that both have equal amounts of validity. Of course, when you’re on one side of a contradicting opinion, sometimes it’s hard to see the big picture! Time to have a chat and see both sides of a few opinions that are perceived as unpopular around Neopia.

     1. “Overfeeders are the WORST”

     A little background if you’re unfamiliar: an ‘overfeeder’ is someone who continues to feed Kadoaties from the Kadoatery once they’ve already achieved the avatar awarded after feeding 75. This may be one of the most consistently debated topics in Neopia, since feeding kads and the ‘Kadoatery – Mew!’ avatar have been around for quite some time. On the one hand – if less people overfed, it might be easier for other, less skilled feeders, with slower browsers or limited time to have their chance at making that cute little Kadoatie happy, and ultimately achieving the avatar. On the other hand, have you ever fed a Kadoatie?! There’s nothing quite like the gratification of quickly copy and pasting a food into the shop wizard or your safety deposit box, and being the first to retrieve the odd Kadoatie request. One could argue that it’s a form of account improvement, much like striving to achieve more avatars, or increase the number of times published in the Neopian Times *wink*. Additionally, many of said overfeeders are the ones who help new feeders get started and keep up with the times Kadoaties may become hungry again! Will this debate ever be settled? Probably not.

     2. “Grey pets are too sad”

     Being a grey pet owner myself, I can honestly see both sides of this statement. Grey pets are constantly upset, no matter how many toys you buy them, how cute you customize them or how nice of a petpet you give them. As a Neopet mother, it pains me to see one of my babies distraught. I would even settle for a sad half smile! However, as an avid user of NC items for customization... the grey color is very versatile and have you SEEN how good the Long Charming Grey Wig looks on them?! *Grey hairflip* While some may perceive grey pets as depressing, others actually prefer the melancholy vibe they give off. To each their own!

     3. “UC pets are overrated”

     Unconverted, aka ‘UC’, pets refer to pets that have not been switched over to the new style of Neopets art (the one where all colors of the same species are sitting/standing in the same pose with their left hand clenched). UC pets are often associated with high-status, old accounts due to the fact that in order for a UC to be well... UC, they must have been created and painted before the conversion on April 26, 2007 – more than 12 years ago! These pets have become more and more rare as time goes on so many users on the pound chat long to own this adorable old art, and rightfully so! The elegance of a UC Royal Girl Kyrii is unbeatable, the mischievous look of a UC Halloween Moehog is marvelous, not to mention the huggable nature of all the UC Plushies! On the other hand, what’s the big deal? The old style of Neopets is definitely appealing, but why go through all the trouble of obtaining it on your account? Especially if you’re into customization, UC pets cannot wear clothes, wigs or anything handheld.

     4. “I hope I don’t get a Fountain Faerie Quest when I use a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie”

     While Fountain Faerie Quests are sought after both for the ability to obtain a rare avatar, and to paint the Neopets of your dreams, many Neopians frequently buy Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies to train their pets via blessings from the faeries. Blessings that include stats can really stack up, especially when they’re from other special faeries like Fyora and Aethia. When you have all your dream pets and the Buzz avatar awarded from the fountain, the Fountain Faerie can easily become a nuisance. However, if you’re like me, you can be extremely indecisive with your pet’s color, and be grateful to have that fountain dip waiting for you when you randomly decide to give your pet a makeover! One nice thing about the Fountain Faerie is she doesn’t give you a time limit for when you have to use the fountain by. Having a fountain dip can also be useful if you’re on the Pound Chat trading pets. On the other hand, if you already have a fountain dip and you receive another one of her quests, they do not stack. So even if you complete a second quest, you will still only have one dip in the fountain.

     5. “My ‘trustworthiness’ should not be reliant on my avatar count”

     This statement stems from the context of accounts that have just started collecting avatars, and are seeking to be lent items to achieve them, such as: Bony Grarrl Club, MSPP, Super Attack Pea, etc. Many lenders who send users in need these items may have requirements – one of the most common being a certain number of avatars already achieved. On one hand, as a new avatar collector with potentially a new or young account, it can be really frustrating to see these requirements. There are many avatars that have been retired, are annual, or involve adopting painted pets and therefore having an account that’s at least 4 months old. Unfortunately, from a lending perspective, accounts that are newer and don’t appear to have much development on them don’t have much to lose if they steal said item and consequently get frozen. While it’s unfortunate to be judged off your avatar count, lenders simply want to protect their items.

     6. “Invisible pets are pointless”

     If a pet is invisible, is it really even a pet? I don’t have any actual statistics on this, but before pets became customizable, invisible pets had to be one of the least sought after pet colors. To be honest, I completely forgot invisible pets even existed until I noticed them becoming popular to customize around the Neocash Chat board. Upon looking deeper into them, they can actually be really neat! Do you have a background you love but when you put it on your pesky Neopet is in the way, blocking its beauty?! Do you wish you could have a Loving Kadoatie as a pet rather than any other actual pet species?! Enter, THE INVISIBLE PET! Yes, invisible pets can still wear clothes (shout out to TNT for not just making every invisible pet the same transparent image) which actually gives them ample customization opportunities! However, if you’re not into styling your Neopets, then yes, invisible pets are probably completely pointless.



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