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Kadoatie Feeding on a Budget

by yzhen_121993


     If you’ve ever walked into the Kadoatery and only saw Kadoaties (henceforth referred to as “kads”) asking for Kadoatie Biscuits or Containers of Purple Liquid and thought that kads exclusively demand gourmets, it’s time to think again. There are plenty of cheap foods -- as in, under 1000 or even 100 neopoints! - that the kads ask for, and many of these come from dailies as freebies. So if you’re short on neopoints or simply don’t wish to spend that much on kads, you can collect foods at zero cost just from doing your dailies.

     The following is a list of spots around Neopia to visit for those free kad foods, topped off by a sample “shopping list” of said foods readers may find useful.

     Disclaimer: You are not guaranteed to get any of these foods on any given day, but keep visiting dailies and you should amass quite a collection of kad foods over time. Also please note that this is by no means an exhaustive list, of either cheap kad foods or kad foods in general.

     Battledome (Central Arena - Freshly Tinned Carrots, Endless Salad and Bread Sticks, Apple and Cheese Sandwich, etc.; Neocola Centre - Rocket Fizzy Drink, Galaxy Energy Drink, Space Spice; Frost Arena - Borovan Ice Cream Scoop, Lavender Ice Cream, Twinkling Ice Cream, Water Ice Cream; Rattling Cauldron - Bottled Droolik Drool, Ghost Wrap, Roasted Spyder on a Stick, Undead Turnip, etc.; Pango Palladium - Flatfruit Lollypop, Frucumber, Islandberry Fruit Kebab, etc.; Cosmic Dome - Space Faerie Cupcake, Starry Crunch, etc.)

     The various arenas of the Battledome have a plethora of foods to offer. This is an ideal place to pick up a variety of kad foods while battling daily for other prizes, such as codestones or Nerkmids. Starting in Central Arena, you can acquire standard fare such as vegetables and sandwiches. In the Neocola Centre you can receive space-themed drinks and spices. The Frost Arena can hand out four ice cream varieties, while the Rattling Cauldron can yield Spooky Foods for the kads undaunted by their foods having eyes or still moving before consumption. In the Pango Palladium, victory grants you tropical foods or dishes derived from them. If you have access to the Cosmic Dome, look out for Space Faerie- or starry-themed foods. Not to mention even more foods that the individual challengers can give you when you defeat them. However, we must warn you that the Dome of the Deep and the Ugga Dome will not provide much in the way of kad foods.

     Lunar Temple - Mint Rolls, Green Tea Custard, Moon Crunch Cereal, Orange Chicken, Bitten Green Apple, Neo Crackers

     The Lunar Temple requires a bit of work to receive prizes, but if you correctly predict the moon phase, you could receive Mint Rolls, Green Tea Custard, or Moon Crunch Cereal. If you are unsuccessful, the wise old Gnorbu is not so unkind as to send you home with nothing--consolation prizes you can feed to kads are Orange Chicken, Bitten Green Apple, and Neo Crackers.

     Meteor - Cherries Jubalee, Green Tea, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Sugarbunny Surprise, Squashed Salisbury Steak, Blueberry Gateaux, Dirt Pie, Intergalactic Spiced Beans, Iceberg Sundae, Spiced Apple Pie, Slime Sundae, Slimesicle

     For those to dare to venture to Neopia’s moon Kreludor, poking the meteor there rather than running away can result in food falling out of the craters. Hungry kads? You could find some Intergalactic Spiced Beans, Chicken Cordon Bleu, or Squashed Salisbury Steak (how about that alliteration?) to feed them. Blueberry Gateaux, Sugarbunny Surprise (more alliteration), and Cherries Jubalee could work as side dishes. For dessert you could dislodge an Iceberg Sundae, Slime Sundae, or Spiced Apple Pie. Some kads would like Green Tea to accompany their meal. One wonders how all this food could be found in space, but Neopia works in mysterious ways.

     Mysterious Negg Cave - Aisha Riceball, Fruit and Vegetable Hand Roll, Aisha Cheeseburger, Artichoke Dumplings, Brown Rice Bowl, Chilli Stir Fry, Exotic Fried Noodles, Chocolate Kougra Pudding, Grilled Stuffed Tofu, Neggy Custard Pie

     A relic of the Y14 Festival of Neggs involving the Neggbreaker plot, this puzzle has stayed on in Neopia to test any travelers who stumble upon it. If you solve the clockwork Negg, it will open, giving you a prize from one of the local artisans. Shenkuu chefs have contributed through Exotic Foods, fresh from their kitchens.

     Council Chamber - Ionic Bread, Altadorian Bread, Hero Gyro, Lupe Snack Pack, Tureen of Olives

     If you have completed the Altador Plot, returning daily to visit King Altador in the Council Chamber as a show of loyalty could get you some Altadorian food as a reward. His cooks appear to specialize in bread (Ionic and Altadorian), but they also are capable of whipping up Hero Gyros, Lupe Snack Packs, and Tureens of Olives.

     Kiko Pop - various

     The Kiko who runs Kiko Pop, Elvin, is a generous sort. He has equipped his stand with a vast assortment of prizes, including foods between the rarities of 20 and 89. As you can imagine, that is quite a range of possible kad foods, far too many to begin listing here. In addition, there is significant overlap with the other dailies.

     Grumpy Old King - Bunch of Tomatoes, Pea Stuffed Pepper, Yellow Courgette, etc.

     It’s not easy to make King Skarl laugh, but if you manage to elicit a chuckle from him, you’ll be rewarded with some rustic fare from his kitchen. The cornucopia of Medieval Food you can receive from him includes Bunch of Tomatoes, Yellow Courgette, and stuffed peppers, among others.

     Grave Danger - Meat Skewered Meat, Organic Peanut, Whole Chilli Deluxe Pizza, Whole Anchovy Pizza, Square Gelatin

     It’s amazing how many sites of previous Neopian events have now become dailies. You can have your petpet join in on the kad food gathering as well! Send it down to Grave Danger and it may return with Meat Skewered Meat, Organic Peanut, Square Gelatin, Whole Chilli Deluxe Pizza, or Whole Anchovy Pizza. In fact, it might be a good idea to drop off a petpet in Grave Danger before traveling around Neopia, then returning after your journey to pick it up. Collaboration at its finest!

     Apple Bobbing - Korbat Seasonal Fruit Basket, Organic Korbat Pumpkins, Chocolate Korbat Ice Lolly, Haunted Milk, Ghostly Soup, Apple Neocola, etc.

     While in you are in Neovia, you might as well go apple bobbing at Bart’s cart in nearby Haunted Woods. It’s a tad inconceivable how all of these treats can emerge from the tank not soggy, but maybe it’s a magical tank. (Who knows what Bart is hiding in that beard of his or under the hat he seems to have an odd obsession with.) Surprisingly, the kad foods you can win off Bart tend to not contain “apple” in their names, but they do tend to have “Korbat”.

     Qasalan Expellibox - Honey Filled Olive, Mummy Burrito, Qando Pita, Sand Squash, Icky Fruit, Mummified Banana, Completely Non-lethal Sandwich, Twirly Fruit Grog, etc.

     Most people try their hand at the Expellibox in hopes of free NC, but it can give out an assortment of prizes, including cheap kad foods from the Lost Desert and beyond. Please don’t try feeding the sand petpets to the kads.

     Tombola - Islandberry Tea, Azzle Salad, Tiny Edible Palm Trees, Melowhirl, Drillaroot, Tagobo Potion, etc.

     The friendly, magnanimous Tombola Man is always happy to share the bounty of Mystery Island, whether you win or lose. A winning ticket gives the chance of earning a Kougra pudding, or a fruity crepe or pancakes. You can still get a booby prize with a losing ticket--one of three one-word tropical foods, Corn Balls, Star Fish Sandwich, and Tagobo Potion.

     Through your travels, by now you should have racked up a sizable number of foods to feed those demanding kads. If by some quirk of fortune the foods continue to elude you and you have run out of patience, most -- dare we say all? -- of these foods may be found on the Shop Wizard for less than 1,000 Neopoints each. Even if you do not buy all of them, you should have an ample starting supply with which to try to feed those hungry kads. Good luck and happy feeding!

     Credit to jessica4828w and quigglypook for inspiring this piece.

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