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Top 15 Gross Foods

by coldblanket


     DISCLAIMER! this may offend Quiggles and Skeith.

     15. Stuffed Frog

     So, I think Neopets is reaching a little far on this one, I admire your effort,

     but I don’t think anyone would buy this. The caption says “Juicy frog stuffed with onion and sage” but i think it should say “Warty frog stuffed with flies and grass” if you like onions sage and frogs then this is the right meal for you. if you are a normal person like me, you will avoid frogs in your mouth.

     14. Toe Nail Soup

     Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! WERE IN THE WORLD are you getting these toenails from? On the black market? Buying them wholesale? First of all who has the unfortunate job of collecting all these toenails? How UNSANITARY! Have fun facing the health inspector! If this was served at a restaurant i would have better luck eating at a place that serves bugs! Bugs are way tastier than straight up cheesy, dirty, RANK toenails! If you want to eat that nasty stuff go ahead. I will just gag if you breathe in my air.

     13. Mop n Slop

     Since when is cleaning supplies food? If you’re THAT hungry, I have some fish fingers and custard you can try. Or just drink your slop- just do it in private.

     12. Calamari Tongue Wrap

     TONGUE?!? First it was toenails, NOW THIS? Once again, who collects them? Calamari on its own is fine but tongues belong in your mouth- if they’re used for talking that is. wraps are fine on they're own. they are good with lettuce, tomato, ham, turkey, beef, cheese, but not tongue, who do you get the tongues from though? Mutant pets?

     11. Toasted Quiggle Legs.

     In theory these are probably quite tasty, however, in reality you are potentially sitting down to a meal of your one and only Morris, the knight of Meridell - Lisha’s BFF! This could also be Leeroy’s SON - you know Leeroy, runs Coconut Shy, probably cheats you out of your NP, but that’s beside the point. If you can, in good conscience, order this meal without feelings of regret then you are probably Dr. Sloth.

     10. Dr. Backwash

     Okay, so we have come to drinking other peoples backwash? Maybe even our beloved TNT staff members, and you guys KNOW how many cookies, pies and cakes get thrown at them… wait that doesn’t sound half bad. We should move on.

     9. Danderlice Surprise

     The only thing I'm surprised about is that they didn’t give this a better name to try and hide the fact that you’re eating skin flakes and hair bugs! This is public school cafeteria quality. If this was brown i would be even more grossed out.

     8. Meatballs And Worms

     Imagine, if you will, you’ve twirled a bite full of spaghetti around your fork only to find when you put it in your mouth it starts to wriggle! One could say this would turn you off of pasta forever and that itself is a bigger crime than serving me worms in the first place. I am not sure I will recover from this. Like ever.

     7. Ham and Hair Sandwich

     It seems TNT was feeling a little knotty when in the process of making this one! Well i would never ever in my life eat HAIR! UNLESS something happens. That’s a whole different story.

     The caption says “This hammy treat is a special favorite of Gargon IV. This one even has special slime on the top for extra flavor!” what I think is the slime makes it even more gross. Why would Gargon IV want to eat hair? Anywho, I would prefer to eat Stuffed frog. Even though I stated its nasty, i would eat the frog instead.

     6. Frosted Grub Burrito

     You think the frosting would drown out the flavor but it doesn’t. It makes it seem even more disgusting! Look if you are that desperate to eat something, eat some moss, some dandelion leaves, tree bark, maybe some grass but don’t eat grubs. They will wriggle in your mouth when you are trying to swallow.

     5. Lice Rice

     OK, who did you get these lice from? If this was at a restaurant every person that walks in would walk out immediately! Except people who have not showered in a week.. then they would be the health violation.

     4. Millenia Egg

     How disgusting! They forgot to continue making this egg for thousands of years! If you want to eat something RANK then eat some blue cheese- but you can eat your eggs. No one is gonna stop you. I am talking to all those Skeiths

     3. Negg Nobody Found Last Year

     Umm that could be full of candy that is still good! So… looks may be deceiving!


     Snot is not to be eaten! It is meant to strap particles, NOT to eat at your own enjoyment! Unless you are a Skeith. Than carry on, but if not snot are disgusting! Layered Snot Gobstopper,Pack of Snot-Flavored Gum, Snot Snake, Cottage Sneeze Cheese all disgusting snot flavored things.


     Dung is not something delicious you eat on a regular basis! Dung has no other purpose!

     Dung cream sandwiches, dung tacos, CHEWING DUNG!! Dung is not a toy either! dung beetles are no exception. dung is a disgusting vile stinky thing! If you like dung, don't breathe in my face. or near me. or around me.

          I hope you enjoyed my article! It took lots and lots of hard thought but I finally did it! my fingers hurt really bad.

     Next article: top 15 gross foods that are delicious

     Honorable mentions: Beet and Onion Pudding, Beet and Onion Pudding, Cheese and Eel Burger, Chewed Gum Ice Cream Cone, Chocolate Liver Casserole, Dandergum, Delightful Petpetpet Medley, Fish Flavour Ice Cream, Holiday Dinner In A Can and Honeyfly Smoothie.

     thanks to my mom my brain my weird ideas. my witty jokes drinking a weird smoothie with dandelion leaves in it and other things. Have a good day.


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