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A Deep Dive Into Maraquan History

by smoothie_king_xiii


     To many people, Maraqua is a mysterious land that exists deep under the sea, home to many aquatic neopets and a rich history. For a long time the existence of this place was highly debated, no one had ventured there before and none of its residents had ventured out. Nowadays, Maraqua is a major economic hub in Neopia, attracting visitors at all times of years. It has integrated completely with all the different Neopian lands and sends representatives to compete in the Altador Cup every year.

     There are still a lot of people who do not know the full history of this magic undersea realm, of its heroes and villains, of the struggles they have faced, or the treacherous fight against Mechachiazilla! It is my desire to enlighten you on all things Maraqua today so you can feel a little more connected to this far away city.

          Early History

     Early Maraqua, known as Old Maraqua, was an isolated place. That means no one was coming in or going out and they were living in complete independence. No one really knew what was going on in the rest of Neopia, and no one even knew for sure that a place like Maraqua could exist. At some point in its early history, a massive Chia named Chiazilla arrived. Chiazilla was the original protector of Mystery Island, but after a famous prince disappeared he was sent off to find him. Chiazilla was lost at sea and ended up coming across Maraqua, and soon after became the protector of Maraqua. He was worshipped by the locals and accepted easily.


     Maraqua was brought to the attention of the rest of Neopia by a famed explorer by the name of Professor Chesterpot. Chesterpot was known worldwide for discovering hidden away places such as the Battledome and the Neopia Central Catacombs. This is also around the time things started to get rough in Maraqua.

     You see, when Professor Chesterpot discovered the Battledome, it was a dangerous time in Neopia. Dr. Sloth had been hunting all over for the Battledome for his own nefarious reasons, to make Neopets brawl to the death, so when Chesterpot discovered it he had to go into hiding to escape the clutches of Dr. Sloth. He wanted to protect the Battledome's secrets and so he went under the sea. While under, he stumbled upon Maraqua.

          Mechachiazilla Attacks

     With Professor Chesterpot hiding in the city, it brought great trouble. Chesterpot apparently is not that good at keeping secrets and it was not long before Dr. Sloth discovered that he was down there. In an effort to get his hands on the exploring professor, Sloth sent a massive robotic version of Chiazilla to attack. This robot was known as Mechachiazilla.

     The real Chiazilla came forward, and after a gruesome battle, proved that the real thing can always beat its mechanic counterpart. Mechachiazilla was defeated and Maraqua was saved. Professor Chesterpot returned to the surface and gifted the secrets of the Battledome to the Neopian public, meaning Dr. Sloth would not be able to take it over and terrorize the citizens of the world.

          Dread Arrives

     With Mechachiazilla defeated and Dr. Sloth disappearing off into space, you would think this was the end of the undersea land's troubles. But within about a year, another enemy swarmed the city. A skeleton pirate captain Kiko named Dread arrived with his submarine. He was on the run and attempted to extort protection money from the city of Maraqua. Maraqua was not intimidated by this gold-toothed foe and refused his request. Simple enough, they thought, that problem was easy to deal with.

     Dread did not go quietly though. He unleashed a curse upon the city that eventually took hold in the form of a whirlpool that swallowed Maraqua. The residents became refugees and scattered all over Neopia, with many ending up on the nearby Mystery Island.

     Maraqua's King, King Kelpbeard, stepped into action and was not going to let his kingdom be vanquished. He gathered together some willing survivors, including a psychic Aisha named Isca. Isca saw things in her dreams that would bring good to Maraqua, where her sister Caylis would only have prophetic nightmares. Because of Caylis's negative prophecies, she was shunned and lives on the outskirts of Maraqua.

     With the help of Isca, King Kelpbeard was able to rebuild Maraqua into what it is today. Sometimes referred to as "New Maraqua".

          The Last Attack

     The most recent attack was still many years ago, but is fresh in many Maraquans minds. Isca, the prophetic resident, led a pirate named Garin to the city. When he returned to the surface, he spread word of Maraqua's miraculous recovery and the former residents began returning to their homeland. Word spread to more than just the survivors though, it also spread to an evil pirate named Captain Scarblade.

     Scarblade started a full on attack against New Maraqua, attempting to conquer the city, but Garin and his crew, as well as the nightmare prophet Caylis and others, were able to defeat the captain. It was a great battle, and hopefully the last to take place in Maraqua, as the city has known peace ever since that day.

          Present Day

     Maraqua is now thriving in multiple aspects.

     Economy: Maraqua produces a rare mineral called Maractite. It is a very strong material that moves through water the way most metals move through air, it has no drag to it like most items do when used underwater. Not only is it great underwater, it is amazing on land as well: cutting through items that otherwise would be solid, like iron. There are items all over created with this material, including some powerful artifacts sold in the Hidden Tower.

     Cuisine: Maraquan food is some of the most exquisite in the world. The Flotsam Chef in Mystery Island migrated from Old Maraqua to open his world famous restaurant, Kelp!

     Military: To protect against future threats, Maraqua has increased its military status by a lot. It was led by Swordmaster Talek and the soldiers where armor made of maractite. They are practically unbeatable, especially since King Kelpbeard is even known to jump into battle now and then.

     Maraqua has been in such a good place lately and is well worth a visit if you find yourself looking for a place to go. Maraquan flute music will soothe your soul as you dine on some of the best food in Neopia and visit some of the most unique structures this side of Neopia.


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