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100 Cutest Petpets in Neopia

by sugarxcoma


     Petpets are one of the most loved things about Neopia, but have you ever thought about which petpets are the cutest? Sure, we all have our favorites, but there's hundreds of them out there! So today we are going to list our picks for the 100 absolute cutest petpets!

          1. Abominable Snowball

     Abominable Snowballs require a little extra care compared to most petpets because you have to keep them cold, but they're definitely worth it. They even wear little hats and scarves!

     2. Acko

     Ack, an Acko! A tiny dinosaur that behaves like a cat? I can scarcely imagine anything cuter.

     3. Alabriss

     This tough little petpet can often be spotted zooming around the clouds of Altador, or on the racetrack in the game Chariot Chase.

     4. Albat

     Albats are fluffy, owl-like petpets that hail from Meridell, and despite their cuteness, they're actually rather underappreciated as far as petpets go. Maybe someday they will get the attention, and the themed items, that they deserve.

     5. Albot

     Not to be confused with Albats, Albots are Moltaran petpets that are quite fond of shiny things. Sadly at this time they don't come in any colors besides the original, but we're looking forward to one day having a variety of Albot colors to choose from!

          6. Altachuck

     Altachucks are timid and shy with an inexplicable fear of things starting with the letter D, but they make good and loyal companions.

     7. Angelpuss

     Angelpi are sweet, angelic kitties that are always pleasant to have around. As an added bonus, they give you an avatar if your pet has one as a petpet.

     8. Anubis

     In spite of its name, this friendly little pup will not in fact judge anything or anyone. It will even reward you for visiting it and its Desert-painted owner with an avatar.

     9. Babaa

     These adorable wooly petpets are featured in the game Maths Nightmare, but there's nothing nightmarish about them! Counting Babaas can simply make you feel sheepy.

     10. Barbat

     This batty petpet looks like it would be a Spooky Petpet, but it’s actually Faerie. It’s so spookily cute that the Barbat Costume has become a popular Halloween favorite amongst Neopets.

          11. Bearog

     Three heads on one petpet, and they're all super cute! If only we had three hands so we could scritch each one at the same time.

     12. Blobikins

     Don’t you just want to squish it? This cute purple blob is a bit on the pricey side, but it’s worth it. The Woodland Blobikins in particular is quite popular. Although I do have to wonder about the skulls on the original and chocolate Blobikins… Could they be a reference to the Lost Desert Plot?

     13. Blorpulous

     This petpet almost didn’t make it onto the list due to an oversight, but thankfully the writers realized their error. This petpet is the perfect shoulder buddy. Interestingly, Blorpulouses seem to shrink when painted purple.

     14. Bowla

     The pretty little Bowla is an aquatic petpet that can be found in the waters around Mystery Island. It makes a nice gift, as long as the giftee doesn't mind possibly getting squirted in the face with water!

     15. Candychan

     These sweet striped petpets are full of wonder and curiosity, but they're definitely one of the more expensive petpets out there. Obtaining one might be difficult, but it's certainly easier than saving up for a Candychan Stamp!

          16. Carmariller

     Not only does this cutie fly, but it can also sing! If you’ve ever heard a pretty melody when visiting Faerieland, it’s most likely these guys, spreading cheer with their happy songs as they flit about the treetops.

     17. Clompkin

     Clompkins are clumsy and have a goofy grin, but it just adds to their cuteness! They look like Jack o'lanterns, so if you have a Halloween pet, it might enjoy having a Clompkin as its companion.

     18. Cougi

     You’ll find Cougis frolicking about in the snow on Terror Mountain. They don’t get annoyed often, but when they do, their noses will flash. Consider yourself warned.

     19. Dandan

     Dandans enjoy spending time in trees, and for some reason they are easily startled by Rock petpets.

     20. Delfin

     The darling delfin is considered to be a very intelligent petpet that can be easily trained. Some are even taught to play games with their owners, such as Guess the Card or Go Fish.

          21. Doglefox

     Need something from another room but don’t feel like getting up to get it? Doglefoxes will happily fetch it for you, and they may even pick up a few sweet treats for you and your Neopet while they’re at it.

     22. Dragoyle

     You may recognize these bashful little guys from recent Discovery of Meridell Day celebrations, which caused their much deserved increase in popularity.

     23. Eizzil

     How to keep Eizzils happy? Feed them muffins. Eizzils make the perfect companions to Cybunnies. If you’re stuck on a name idea, why not Lizzie? It’s simply “Eizzil” backwards!

     24. Faellie

     Faellies are so cute and popular that there is a wide range of products you can buy that honor their cuteness. You can buy Faellie balloons, Faellie door mats, Faellie posters, and of course Faellie cakes, available in four flavors!

     25. Feepit

     Feepits have a long-standing rivalry with Meepits, but I think we know which of the two species wins out when it comes to cuteness. If you have a Kiko, you can dress it up as a Feepit.

          26. Feloreena

     What's not to love about these pretty little Faerie petpets? They have floppy ears, a tiny Uni-like horn, long fluttery eyelashes, rosy cheeks, a pudgy belly, and little wings that can only carry them so far. Even their name is fun to say: Fe-lo-ree-na!

     27. Floobix

     Exclusive to the Petpet Lab Ray, these petpets may take many tries and piles of soot to obtain. Their large eyes and gorgeous green, pink, and yellow feathers make them wholly appealing.

     28. Flosset

     Flossets are pleasant and playful, but please do not tease them about being so little! They tend to be rather self-conscious about it.

     29. Floud

     Flouds have a very carefree approach to life: float around like a cloud until they bump into something interesting. Ahh, to be a Floud. Make note to never feed them carrots!

     30. Furwitch

     These fuzzy little petpets are obviously adorable, but be sure to treat them well, because they might bite you, or even hex you!

          31. Gathow

     Although Gathows can seem rather intimidating, especially considering they never blink or close their eyes, they are actually quite snuggly and make excellent petpets.

     32. Ghostkerchief

     Ghostkerchiefs are spookily adorable, and are featured on a wide variety of Neopian items, including the Ghostkerbomb and the Ghostkersword. You can even get Ghostkersandwiches! They're very friendly petpets, and sometimes they can randomly turn up and want to follow you home.

     33. Gruslen

     Like with the Furwitch, be careful not to anger the Gruslen because one wrong move could send you to the Neopian Hospital--those tusks aren’t just for show. Keep a Gruslen happy for at least 99 days and you’ll find yourself with a new avatar featuring the pristine White Gruslen.

     34. Gwalla

     Gwallas love playing in the snow in their native habitat of Terror Mountain, and are sometimes called "snow angels" due to their wings.

     35. Harris

     These cuddly petpets love to climb the trees of Faerieland, eating lots of leaves. They have no need to count Babaas, because they sleep so easily and often.

          36. Hasee

     When Hasees are not sitting around, they’re bouncing all over the place: in trees, on castle ramparts, even in King Skarl’s throne room. They are especially partial to doughnutfruits--what expensive taste!

     37. Haseepuss

     Haseepi are very sweet and loving animals that are made by mixing Angelpi and Hasees in the Mystery Island Cooking pot. They enjoy sitting around and eating tropical fruits all day!

     38. Icklesaur

     This Petpet is indeed an “ickle” sauropod as it won’t grow no matter how much it eats. Its petite size and timid demeanor means it isn’t as destructive as you would expect.

     39. Jinjah

     Run, run, fast as you can; you can’t catch him, he’s the Jinjahbread Man! This petpet is best suited to an active, athletic pet, or else the Jinjah will be running circles around them all day. Maybe he needs to keep moving so he doesn’t get mistaken as a treat and accidentally eaten?

     40. Juma

     These fluffy-tailed petpets have a reputation for being mischievous, but they're actually very sweet and well-behaved.

          41. Kadoatie

     These kitties can be bratty, but who could say no to that face? Feeding one of these darlings at the Kadoatery nets you a cute trophy for your lookup. Feed 75 for an equally adorable avatar. Mew!

     42. Kepru

     This hyper little guy likes to run around in the sunshine of the Lost Desert, and somehow manages to avoid tripping over its necklace while doing so. Its large ears allow it to easily hear its prey (grubs) under the sand.

     43. Kookith

     These cute cubic petpets are featured in the game Kookia. Nothing kooky about them! Except maybe the one who runs the Petpet Lab Ray, but don’t tell it I said that.

     44. Lellefisk

     Can you imagine this little one roaring? Even if it did, only bubbles would come out! An aquatic cousin of the Noil, it spends its time underwater looking for small fish to munch.

     45. Lutra

     Lutras are semiaquatic sweethearts, and enjoy floating on their backs in the water and eating food off of their tummies.

          46. Magaral

     With a face that cute, you’d be hard-pressed to ignore its plea to come home with you. These cute fuzzballs just want a loving home and owner.

     47. Marafin

     One of the rarest petpets of all! They live deep in the ocean near Maraqua and are very rarely seen, but if you're lucky enough to meet one, you'll find them to be quite delightful.

     48. Mauket

     Maukets can sleep for hours in the lap of luxury. The marking on its head matches that of the Dua, a fellow Desert petpet. Unusually for a petpet, the base color is not a “basic”, solid color--it’s Desert itself.

     49. Mazzew

     These Tyrannian darlings love to eat green neggs and cheese (preferably together), and will give you an avatar if your pet has one for at least 221 days.

     50. Melton

     Meltons are fiery fun-loving petpets that call the Haunted Woods home. You might want to avoid touching them though--they can cause some serious third-degree burns!

          51. Meowclops

     Sophie the Swamp Witch's favorite petpet! This friendly kitty is a bit expensive, but worth the price. It will even reward you with a lovely avatar if you give one to your pet.

     52. Miamouse

     Miamice hop around like they don’t have a care in the world, but they secretly are always in search of a loving Neopet to adopt them. Their big ears can pick up the sounds of an approaching Neopet from miles away.

     53. Mimbi

     The Mimbi is cute and harmless. Its markings help to camouflage it among the forests of Geraptiku while it forages through the vegetation.

     54. Naleap

     Naleaps are beautiful nocturnal creatures that fly amongst the tallest trees of Shenkuu, singing their captivating melodies from dusk until dawn.

     55. Nedler

     Are those tentacles dangling from the Nedler’s mouth? Why yes, but don’t let them scare you. They’re just for making slurping sounds and grabbing onto things. There’s an uncanny resemblance between the Mutant Nedler and the Mutant Kau.

          56. Noil

     Noils seem more mane than body. Their faces, round ears, tails, and paws are the only things peeking out from all that fluff. It’s a heartwarming sight to see one bounding happily after you (or your Neopet).

     57. Ombat

     What a cute nose! Ombats hail from Geraptiku and they love burrowing, so be sure to provide them with a suitable place to do so.

     58. Ona

     Angelic petpets with a star motif who just want to be hugged, Onas are said to be the favorite petpets of the Space Faerie, Mira. They’re known for their fondness of flowers, which cheer them up when they’re sad.

     59. Pandaphant

     These sweet, gentle creatures are known as the jewel of Shenkuu. If your pet has one as a companion, you might want to also consider getting them a Pandaphant Hoodie so they can match!

     60. Peedleedoo

     This bubbly petpet is one of the rarest in Neopia. You’ll have to go swimming in Maraqua to find one, and even then, one might zoom past you before you realize! Peedleedoos deserve more love--no items have been produced honoring these happy swimmers.

          61. Polarchuck

     If you hadn't guessed by the game Snowmuncher, featuring Dieter the Polarchuck, these cuddly cuties absolutely love eating snow! Good thing there's plenty available on Terror Mountain.

     62. Powtry

     Powtries are made of snow, so similarly to the Abominable Snowball, they should live in colder climates such as Terror Mountain. They pair well with Snow pets, but any kind of Neopet would certainly love to have one!

     63. Psimouse

     It’s easy to see where the name comes from--it’s a psychic mouse. Its third eye allows it to see into the future. Rain tomorrow? Umbrella at the ready. While you’re stuck indoors, why not try your hand at baking a Psimouse Cake?

     64. Sandan

     Sandans are not to be confused with Dandans, although they don't mind the occasional mix-up. They're very curious and love to make new friends. The most famous Sandan is named Solly, who is featured in the game Jumpin' Gem Heist.

     65. Screal

     Don’t worry, Screals only scream and squeal when they’re hungry. Make certain to keep it well fed before you go to bed so you don’t wake up in the middle of the night to their screeching.

          66. Seece

     This petpet is very sweet and affectionate, but if you have one, be sure to train it to not give you "love bites" as its teeth are very sharp!

     67. Sharky

     Baby shark doo dooo doo dooo doo doo...ahem. This petpet looks ferocious, but it’s in fact harmless as it’s completely toothless!

     68. Slogmok

     The Slogmok's interests include lying around all day, sleeping all night, and staring at nothing. Cute and relatable!

     69. Slorg

     The happy expression on a Slorg’s face is guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day. As a bonus, it rewards you with an avatar if your pet has one attached for 100 days or more.

     70. Slymook

     Speaking of Slorgs, the Slymook is the more agile and less slimy cousin of the Slorg. And just look at that smile! Now if only they came in more colors....

          71. Snoogy

     The fact that Snoogies look so sad and tired all the time just endears them more to our hearts, as I’m sure it’s a mood many of us can relate to. Those big droopy eyes invite us to pick it up and hug it.

     72. Snorkle

     It's hard not to love Snorkles, with their curly tails and their cute little squeals. But if you're thinking about adopting one, keep in mind they eat a lot of food!

     73. Snowbunny

     The gorgeous colorpoint fur and blue eyes of Snowbunnies have made them a popular petpet. It takes dedication to earn the avatar associated with this petpet--at least 364 days (a.k.a. one year) of having one attached.

     74. Snowickle

     Snowickles are adorable but rather expensive, and they love to collect all things shiny or sparkly.

     75. Snuffly

     Snufflies are named for the snuffing noise they make as they search for food in the snow. One is featured in the game Let It Slide. Watch out for those Gabars!

          76. Spardel

     Spardels are a little on the slow side, and we don't mean physically, but they're oh so loving and affectionate!

     77. Staragus

     Yes, Staraguses look oh so much like star-shaped asparagus, but please don’t try to eat them. Aside from the fact that the PPL will come after you, Staraguses are protected by numerous sharp spines.

     78. Symol

     Symols are one of only two petpets (the other being Slorgs) which have a whole special day dedicated just to them. They're well-known for being burrowers, and your petpet can explore the famous Mysterious Symol Hole any time you visit Meridell.

     79. Tanizard

     Sweet and loyal, Tanizards are a rare combination of cute and elegant. They enjoy snuggling and curling their bodies around the necks of their owners. For that reason, maybe the ice cream modeled after them may not be as cold as one might expect.

     80. Tasu

     With its innocent expression, raised paw, and peeking teeth, the Tasu was a shoo-in for this list. Its intelligence is nothing to be scoffed at either--you can teach it tricks!

          81. Teemyte

     Yet another petpet species wearing perpetual frowns, Teemytes just want to be loved. The Halloween Teemyte manages to look angry and sad at the same time.

     82. Turmac

     The more a Turmac eats, the bigger and stronger it will get. So if you have one, be careful not to let it overindulge! You won't want it getting as big as the Turmaculus. Of course, you can let the little guy in the game Turmac Roll eat as much as he wants!

     83. Turtum

     The adorable mascot of Ultimate Bullseye II, it’s stronger than it looks, moving targets with ease. It’s also a very loyal critter.

     84. Tyrowbee

     These sweethearts are considered Spooky petpets, but they tend to be more spooked than spooky! They would much rather live far away from the eerie Haunted Woods if possible.

     85. Uggazew

     A Cooking Pot petpet, you can make one for your very own by mixing an Uggatrip and a Mazzew, as you might be able to guess from the name. With the face of a Mazzew and the diminutive body of the Uggatrip, it may just be more lovable than either of its parts.

          86. Ukali

     These miniature dragons have an expression so pitiable, it makes you want to pick them up and cuddle them and tell them that everything will be okay. They also have a talent for poetry.

     87. Vacana

     Vacanas can't see very well, but we can see how cute they are just fine! They tend to be a favorite petpet of Gnorbus.

     89. Warf

     These precious pups are one of the more famous of Neopia's petpets, and are featured in quite a few games, most notably Warf Rescue Team.

     90. Weebly

     Like the Floobix, the only way to get this petpet is through the Petpet Lab Ray. They’re a bit shy, but maybe you can entice them to approach by offering them Lutangoes, their favorite fruit.

          91. Weewoo

     These darling little birds are named for their song, which they sing in the evening on Krawk Island. White Weewoos are especially popular, due to being the official mascot of the Neopian Times.

     92. Wherfy

     Wherfies look like winged ferrets, and they live in the plains of Happy Valley. Their snowflake-patterned fur allows them to blend into the landscape when it snows.

     93. Wuzzer

     This unlikely cutie can be formed by combining a Buzzer and a Dwarf Tree at the Cooking Pot in Mystery Island, although the description misleadingly claims that it is part Warf (contained in the word “Dwarf”). One could almost believe it from that pose and the puppy-dog eyes. Whatever the components, there’s something endearing about this mutt.

     93. Xampher

     These mischievous little guys are quite expensive due to their rarity. They can only be obtained by playing the game Snow Roller, but they are randomly awarded and you have to be very lucky to get one! There is also a Chocolate version obtainable from the Petpet Lab Ray, but again, that requires a lot of luck.

     94. Xepru

     Xeprus use their antennae to detect changes in the atmosphere. Shame that Xeprus don’t come in colors other than purple and the base red. But at least you can use the Xepru Balloon to show off your love for it.

     95. Yoakie

     Yoakies are one of the easiest petpets to obtain, as well as one of the easiest to care for. Although they are Maraquan, they don't need to live in water. In fact, they quite enjoy being carried around in your pocket!

          96. Yooyu

     The talisman of the annual Altador Cup, Yooyus have earned themselves a place in Neopian hearts by being star players in their namesake game. No matter where they are in Altador or whatever they’re doing, you can bet they’ll be having a ball.

     97. Yullie

     Yullies may be timid, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make good petpets. One of their favorite games to play with their owners is hide-and-seek. Ready or not, Yullies are coming for your heart!

     98. Zebie

     These spirited, sprightly petpets love hopping around in the verdant meadows of their native Meridell, and they will eat just about anything. Yes, even your shirt, so be sure to tuck it in.

     99. Zomutt

     It’s hard to resist the charm of these Spooky petpets. If one followed you home, you’d probably adopt it, no questions asked. Just be sure to have a plate of brains handy.

     100. Zumagorn

     These impish little faeries love playing tricks on other petpets, but don't worry, it's all in good fun and they won't cause them any harm.

     And there you have it--our choices for the top 100 cutest unpainted petpets! Did your favorites make the list? Do any of your pets have them as companions? Has this list made you want to go out and get one (or more!)? With all this adorableness, it's no surprise that petpets have been and will always be one of the most beloved aspects of Neopia.

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