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Celebrating Mynci Day: Interviewing 4 Famous Myncis

by lauren92_k


     In honour of Mynci Day celebrated during the Month of Awakening on February 22nd, I had the great pleasure of sitting down and having a candid chat with some of Neopia’s most famous Myncis.

     1) Hubert

     Our first guest for today is the famous Hubert! You may recognize his name further when I mention his famous hot dog stand that sits in Neopia Central. It’s become a famous landmark amongst Neopia, even going so far as to get a game developed after the stand!

     Lauren: Hello Hubert! How are you?

     Hubert: Why hello there! I’m fantastic, how are you doing?

     Lauren: Just fine, thank you. How are you faring after those hot dog thieves busted out of jail?

     Hubert: Those naughty thieves! They haven’t come back for more, thankfully. Otherwise they’d put me out of business for sure!

     Lauren: No way! Too many people love your hot dogs. Out of all the ones you sell, which one’s your favourite?

     Hubert: That’s the toughest question you could ask a hot dog seller! But I’m going to have to go with the ‘Breakfast Hot Dog’; it’s a combination of my two favourite things – breakfast and hot dogs!

     Lauren: Wow that sounds delicious! Hubert, thank you so much for stopping by today to help us celebrate Mynci day, and to whomever’s reading this, make sure you go buy a hot dog and support your local businesses!

     2) Arnold

     Our second guest to join us today to help celebrate Mynci day is easily the most recognizable Mynci in all of Neopia. His dapper red bow, green vest, and rather large mallet clenched in his right fist should be a complete giveaway! Please welcome the snappily dressed owner of the ‘Test Your Strength’ tower attraction in the Haunted Woods – Arnold!

     Lauren: Hello Arnold –shakes hands- wow you’ve got quite a grip yourself there! Have you ever played ‘Test Your Strength’?

     Arnold: Oh sure, sure! I gotta routinely test the game to make sure it’s still working!

     Lauren: I’ve heard rumours that it’s rigged. Is this true? I’ve personally never won anything myself.

     Arnold: I assure you, this game is not rigged. You must not be strong enough!

     Lauren: Ya got me there, Arnold…I’m definitely not strong enough! Do you have any advice on how to get stronger?

     Arnold: Well first things first…ya gotta go to the gym. Do some strength training, some weights, ya know? Gotta eat yer meats and veggies, get that protein, right. And voila, you’re well on your way to winning!

     Lauren: Alright, well I’ll be sure to start that regime shortly! Are you giving Neopians half off on Mynci Day?

     Arnold: Pfft no! Only Myncis! Whaddya take me for?!

     Lauren: Alright, thanks for joining us Arnold! And if you’re a Mynci reading this, make sure to check out ‘Test Your Strength’ on Mynci Day.

     3) Mynci Tourist

     Our next interviewed guest is a neopet that has become famous for…well nothing really. The locals on Mystery Island know him as the Mynci Tourist. He can often be seen sunning himself on the beach or attending the night-time parities in the island’s centre.

     Lauren: Hi there, how are you? Can I call you something other than Mr. Mynci Tourist?

     Mynci Tourist: Nah, actually I quite enjoy that honorific.

     Lauren: Alright then. Tell me Mr. Mynci Tourist, how long have you been on Mystery Island for?

     Mynci Tourist: Oh jeeze…it’s been years now. I bought a one way ticket, and never looked back.

     Lauren: What’s your favourite thing to do on the island? Do you participate in any sports?

     Mynci Tourist: Well I’m not usually one to let exercise or activity ruin a perfectly good vacation. So I’m pretty much on vacation 24/7

     Lauren: You do look pretty relaxed! If only the rest of us could remain on a perpetual vacation. Neopia, if you’re wondering how to be as relaxed as you can possibly, look no further than a 24/7 vacation. It’ll be the answer to all of your problems! Thanks for joining us Mr. Mynci, I hope you have a wonderful vacation and celebrate Mynci Day appropriately.

     4) Master Vex

     Last but not least, the famous Master Vex enters the room. He’s got a mischievous look in his eye that I can’t help but be suspicious of. He’s holding a box in his hand I silently groan to myself when I realize it’s a game of cellblock. I was never good at this game. I only played enough to get me the avatar.

     Lauren: Master Vex! Thank you so much for joining us here today to help celebrate Mynci Day. How are you?

     Master Vex: I’m fine, would you like to play a game?

     Lauren: Could I ask you some questions first? Our viewers are dying to know some answers to their burning questions.

     Master Vex: Very well, ask away.

     Lauren: Now, is it true that you invented the game of Cellblock while you were locked in your own dungeons during Lord Kass’ takeover of Darigan Citadel?

     Master Vex: Yes that’s true. Lord Kass sentenced me to jail with the task of watching over the prisoners. It was a boring task, the prisoners were all weak and hardly rebellious. So I developed the game to pass the time.

     Lauren: Is it also true that you forced the prisoners to play the game with you to barter for their freedom?

     Master Vex: What?! That’s preposterous, where did you hear this?

     Lauren: Well it’s been confirmed by many of the released prisoner’s…

     Master Vex: There are no released prisoners! What are you talking about, they must have escaped.

     Lauren: On your watch?

     Master Vex: How dare you…you wouldn’t have won the game anyways had we played. I preemptively calculated what kind of moves you would have and you would have lost after 17 moves.

     It’s at this point I have to point out to our readers that Master Vex stood up and stormed out of the room in an angry huff. I guess he didn’t want anything getting back to Lord Kass…

          And there you have it Neopia! Some of Neopia’s most famous Myncis, celebrated on Mynci Day. Have a wonderful holiday and be sure to spend some time with your loved Myncis!


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