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Plumpy's Guide to the Petpetsitter

by pandacat838


      Hello Neofriends! If I haven’t introduced myself so far, let me just say that you can call me “Tiny Kitty”, and I’m one of the best petpets your precious neopoints can buy: a Plumpy. Won’t you trust me when I tell you that I’m really a 28lb ball of fluff? No pampering needed, just bacon.

      Now, I’m ready to tell you about my next grand adventure, because today, the elderly Granny Acara (my lovely owner – can’t bite the paw that feeds you!) is going on vacation to Maraqua. Needless to say, I’m by far uninterested in a trip to such a destination, even more so when considering the terrain, so my petpet friends and I will have lots of fun with….the Petpetsitter!

      From what I hear at the kitchen table (mind you, you can trust me on this one, because I sure spend a lot of time over there), this poor Petpetsitter is merely a novice, having no prior experience beyond delivering the Neopian Times, and only when those pesky White Weewoos have a day off. Shhh don’t tell them I said pesky, since it appears Granny Acara is still waiting on this week’s edition!

      As such, I figured I’d be so kind as to provide him with a….rather small list of some of our day to day requirements, nothing more than keeping us well fed and happy. (I’m low-key also doing this to ensure that I get my three meals of bacon, daily, but that secret is between you and me!). It’s really a small and straightforward list, so why don’t we get started?

      Me (Plumpy): The finest bacon, of course. You can’t expect to raise a 28lb Plumpy by feeding her Giant Red Kelp and Blandfish, can you? Therefore, I suppose you can start off my day with a pure bacon omelette, the whole thing, for I won’t tolerate any omelettes with one or two bites out of it. Granny Acara tried to add broccoli to one once, and to put it nicely, it didn’t end well. Out of eggs? I’ll settle for a Bacon Muffin or Bacon Taco. Lunch? Usually a plate or two of bacon, depending on the day and my mood, and a Large Bacon, Eggs and Toast Smoothie (the latter two ingredients being completely optional).

      I’ll usually opt for a light dinner, so strictly, one plate of bacon, and I’ll even tone it down to a regular size of the Bacon, Eggs and Toast Smoothie. Of course, I can’t help but reward myself with a Blackberry Eyrie Cookie every once in a while (The Cinnamon, Mint and Chocolate Chip ones just aren’t nearly as good).

      Piggy the Snorkle: I tried to ask him what he wanted, but he seems to have lost his appetite and is very focused on running away from me. Don’t know why, and can’t be bothered to chase him down. You can figure this one out yourself.

      Pretty Kitty the Kadoatie: I like my three solid meals per day, except that won’t do the trick for Pretty Kitty. It seems like she likes to be fed every 28 minutes or so, but depending on her mood, she might not be hungry for up to an hour and a half. I suggest asking her every 7 minutes after the first 28 has passed. In terms of what she might be interested on? I reckon she’s not picky and will settle for any combination of: Container of Purple Liquid, Happy Anniversary Negg, Kadoatie Biscuits (they should really make some Plumpy Biscuits while they’re at it), Chokato Toffee Apple, Mega Manoroot Sandwich and Tigersquash Custard. The options are /almost/ endless, and can’t be too expensive, right?

      Note: I should probably mention that Pretty Kitty will cry if you don’t feed her as soon as she gets hungry. She’ll also cry from 11pm NST to 3am NST or so, and will cry even louder (if that’s possible) if you turn the lights off.

      Codestone the Island Rock: I tried asking, received no response. I don’t think I recalled him ever eating anything, to be completely honest…

      Spot the Warf: I spotted him from many pawsteps away and am still not sure if he’s more intent on chasing me, or Pretty Kitty around. Either way, I’m not asking him what he wants, and sure am hoping that the Petpetsitter just sends him straight to his room, to bed. Alternatively, might you considering sending him outside…and then closing the door and locking it? No personal vendetta, none at all.

      Mischief the Mutant Kadoatie: You’d think he’d have the same…requests as Pretty Kitty, but that’s not the case. All he ever seems to want is neopoints – and not even Fyora knows what he spends them on. He will mew incessantly though, and for some reason or another, neopians get mad and adhere to his demands. I don’t understand it, but what can I say, it works wonders!

      Boo! the Ghostkerchief: He’s probably the polar opposite of Mischief if I ever saw one. Don’t mind the appearance, but he’s angelic really. All he ever wants is friendship and even claims it’s better than bacon!

      Hoot the Maraquan Albat: Where oh where is he….Oh wait, you can cross this one off the list! He seems to have decided to accompany Granny Acara on her trip after all. I don’t know why he’d want to go to a dreadful land such as Maraqua, but who gives a Hoot?

      Aquaberry the Turmac: She’s always curled in a ball, or rolling down the hill outside our neohome. I’d ask you to prepare some snacks for her, but she always seems to come back completely full on a meal of berries. I’d guess that her meals consist mostly of Sniddberries and Loveberries. Given the name (that she gave herself), her favourite must be none other than the Aquaberry, although they seem to be quite rare. Do have some healing potions handy though, if I recall correctly, Aquaberry might run into a log or two rolling down the hill (and will still try again the very next day).

      Unknown the Invisible Babaa: Well…why do you think she’s last on my list? You seem to hear her voice every once in a while, but can never find her when you need her! Why, Unknown is better at disappearing than I am when it’s my turn to do chores around the neohome! Let me know when, or if you ever, see her.

      And there you have it, incoming Petpetsitter! It’s complete, my little masterpiece, a small list of some of the key requests of all the petpets that live here with Granny Acara and me in this humble abode. I’m sure you’ll find that fulfilling each and every (and I insist on every) request here will be as easy as Coconut Cream Pie.

      Now, Petpetsitter to be, won’t you come over here by our lovely Asparagus Table (it’s a miracle it hasn’t been eaten yet), take a seat on our cozy Stone Sofa….and you can just place your pocket money here.

      You do come with your own heavy stash of pocket money, don’t you?

      ….Wait…what do you mean we’re the ones that should be paying you?

      And yep, seems like Pretty Kitty’s wailing again. WAHHHHHH!!!!

      Is it 11pm already?


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