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Customization: Festival of Neggs

by aleu1986


      The Festival Of Neggs is almost here! In this article, I have put together various Negg-themed customizations that will get your Neopets in the right mood for the festival, and that would make Kari the Negg Faerie herself proud.

      I have put particular emphasis on male Neopets in this article, as I feel they often get overlooked in customization guides and I want to show that your boys can rock a Negg-themed look. For a couple of the examples, I have provided a female version as well, so anyone can find inspiration in this article, whether your Neopets family is made of girls, boys or both.

          Boy Xweetok

      Wearables used:

      Negg Painting Workshop Background

      Negg Painting Factory Garland

      Negg Painting Bucket Foreground

      Oversized Paint Brush

      Tattered Jumpsuit

      Blue Newsboy Hat (also available in Brown)

      Golden Key Necklace

      Colour Splat Jacket

      Sugar Frosting Face Paint

      Basic Khaki Gloves

      Blue Painted Feet

      This customization brings back fond childhood memories of painting eggs, doesn`t it? This look is not intended to be pretty or full of matching colours, it`s supposed to be messy and colourful, with paint splattering and dripping everywhere. Your Neopet will have a wonderful time painting Neggs for the Festival.

      I chose the Sugar Frosting Face Paint due to it looking similar to the splashes of paint on the jacket, but some of the Altador Cup Team Glitter Face Paints look lovely as well. You can skip the gloves if you want, and the Blue Painted Feet means that the pet can`t wear shoes, as they cancel each other out. So if you don`t want your pet to be barefoot, you have to forego the effect of the paint pool around its legs.

      The Golden Key Necklace is used to restrict the Xweetoks neck ruff.

      For a female pet, I`d suggest the Fuzzy Autumn Hat and Wig, as it gives your girl a nice braid as well as a hat that can have a different function depending on the customization. In this case, it works as a protective garment that keeps the paint from dripping into her hair. The original is brown, but three Dyeworks versions are available, in yellow, blue and purple.

      Ink Splat Wig is also good.

          Also try Juice Splattered Top in place of the hoodie, paired with Grey and Purple Color Block Skirt or Ink Splattered Skirt. Play around on Dress To Impress and find which combination of these items you like best. Use Summer Flower Tiara Face Paint to give your female Neopet a beautifully decorated visage.

      Boy Cybunny (dressed up like Topsi)

          Wearables used:

      Basic Short Puce Wig

      Rainbow Smock

      Rolled Up Overalls

      Basic Pink Lace-Up Shoes

      Negg Gazebo Background

      Festival of Neggs Booth Garland

      Hidden Neggs Trinket

      You can also use the Colourful Negg Pillars to create a lovely entrance to the Festival Of Neggs. I chose to add the Hidden Neggs Trinket as a reference to how Topsi hides Neggs around Neopia during the Festival. The background used here isn`t themed around the occasion, but I love the soft, muted tones, sort of like a watercolour painting. It creates a nice backdrop for the colourful character.

      At the time of writing, the only Topsi-themed clothes that exist is a dress, despite Topsi being a male character. I chose the closest things I could to emulate Topsi`s iconic look. The Rainbow Smock is worn in place of his sweater, as the Rainbow Cardigan and the overalls cannot be worn at the same time. I also added the Basic Pink Lace-Up Shoes, despite not being sure of Topsi is barefoot or not, as the pictures of him are not full-figure.

      Girl version of Topsi:

      Garden Tea Shoes

      Rainbow Gloves

      Basic Long Puce Wig

      Topsi Inspired Negg Dress

      Babaa with Flowers and Neggs

          With some quick, small changes your female Neopet can rock a Topsi-inspired look too! Give her long hair, put her in the Topsi Dress and perhaps swap the basic pink shoes for the Garden Tea ones for a more feminine look. Rainbow Gloves can also be added as a reference to Topsi`s stripy sweater and the colourful patches on the knees of his overalls.


          Wearables used:

      Sunrise Negg Hunt Background

      Lovely Negg Basket Carriage

      Purple Cybunny Pyjamas

      Wire Basket of Neggs

      Also try:

      Snowbunny Basket of Brightly Coloured Neggs

      Hoodie Sweater with Cybunny Ears (paired with blue trousers)

      Negg Basket Wand

      In this neutral customization your Neopet is dressed up as the Easter Cybunny and hopping around hiding the Neggs just in time for the sun to come up. The pet has rolled out its carriage filled with beautiful, tasty Neggs and puts them in the basket to carry them around and hide them amongst the bushes and trees. The pyjamas is a Neopoint wearable and looks super cute on all species. (Vandagyres can not wear it, unfortunately).

      Girl Tuskaninny

          Wearables used:

      Negg Watering Can

      Dyeworks Green: Hand Carved Candle Dress

      Illusens Laced Slippers

      Negg Hunt Foreground

      Lighted Tree of Neggs (can be left out)

      Spring Negg Wig

      Ruffly Negg Apron

      Negg Background

      Also try:

      Dyeworks Pink: Black and White New Years Dress

      Chocolate Neggs Foreground

      This customization is quite vibrant, busy and colourful. Perfectly suited for the Festival of Neggs! I did struggle a bit to find a matching dress for the wig, due to the combination of green and pink. Eventually I added the apron and settled on the Dyeworks Green: Hand Carved Candle Dress, which achieved to match the pink, green and purple colours found in the wig and apron.

      There are several fences available, and although the Chocolate Neggs Foreground is a good choice for this customization, I opted for the Negg Hunt Foreground because of the flower pots which blends in perfectly with the garden. Because of the picket fence already present in the background itself, I didn`t want to add another to the foreground, making it look like the poor Tuskaninny was completely fenced in. Adding a watering can was the last touch that really completed the look, and luckily, a Negg themed one was available.

      I`m honestly not a huge fan of the Lighted Tree of Neggs, I just thought it looked festive, and I like how it sits so well in the background, like it really belongs there. If you feel it looks too flashy, you can leave it out, the customization is not lacking without it.

          Boy Krawk

          Wearables used:

      Faerie Wings Basket Handheld

      Sneaky Neggs Foreground

      Colourful Negg Hoodie

      Khaki Roll-Up Trousers

      Negg Hunting Background

      Brown Beanie with Wavy Locks

      Parted Branches Garland

      Gladiator Boots

      Also try:

      Old Victorian Trousers and Boots

      Basic Beanie and Chestnut Wig

      Dark Green Shrubbery

      For a girl Neopet, you could use either Basic Beanie and Blond Wig or Basic Beanie and Puce Wig. Maroon Stylin Beanie is another good option. A ponytail wig, such as the Sporty Braided Ponytail is good for a relaxed, casual look like this, and Snowbunny Beanie is a fun accessory for the Festival of Neggs.

      You could also swap the boots for a lighter pair of shoes or sneakers, but in my personal opinion the wig is the only thing that really needs changing to achieve a feminine look.

      Boy Skeith

          Wearables used:

      Pretty Wicker Negg Basket

      Negg Farm Background

      Basic Green Collared Shirt

      Negg Staff

      Brown Newsboy Hat

      Negg Tie

      Farm Boots

      Rolled Up Overalls

      Pumpkin Faerie Gloves

      Festival of Neggs Garland

      Also try:

      Straw Hat

      Fingerless Caroler Gloves

      Peaceful Watermill or Shamrock Watermill

      It`s a fun and interesting idea, that there are Negg farms in Neopia, and that`s where many of the Neggs come from.

          For a feminine look, use the Spring Overalls, change the green shirt to a pink or red one, and lose the tie. Use Tied Bandana Wig or Windswept Wig and Hat and your girl Neopet is a Negg farmer!

      Boy Cybunny

          Wearables used:

      Armin Collectors Contacts (can be left out)

      Striped Neovian Trousers

      Black and White Wingtip Shoes

      Shining Princess Gloves

      Old Victorian Pocket Watch

      Sporting Suit Jacket

      Black Satin Cybunny Top Hat (wearable by Cybunnies only)

      Negg Train Foreground (in the DTI preview you see the traintrack in the foreground)

      Night Time Negg Hunt Background

      Cybunnies and the Festival of Neggs belong together, and so this article wouldn`t be complete with at least one customization featuring this cute species. The top hat I used in this example is a species-specific wearable, meaning that only Cybunnies can use it.

      The nighttime background is beautiful and original, so I couldn`t resist creating a custom for it. The idea here is that the Cybunny is keeping an eye on the clock as the train transports the neggs around the terrain, so he can hop around and hide them.

      There are black suits available, but I added the wingtip shoes and sport jacket to create some contrast and get a splash of colour in the outfit. The white lines help to break it up and avoids it looking like a solid block of black. I also thought the Shining Princess Gloves suited the base colour, and with its subtle blue tint it`s almost as if they`re picking up some rays of moonlight.

      Girl Pteri

          Wearables used:

      Vintage Blond Roll Wig

      Pastel Spring Negg Facepaint

      Lavender Negg Necklace

      Royal Princess Gown

      Sugar Negg Background

      Our final Festival of Neggs customization features the lovely Sugar Negg Background, and I`ve tried to capture the feeling of lavishness and royalty it gives me. I tried to make this Pteri girl look rather like a princess that is waving to her adoring subjects from a rolling carriage. I do think this particular background looks best when used for the species that are small, short or rounded in shape, such as the Meerca, Kiko, Chia or Pteri, as seen here.

      I hope this article has inspired you to dress up your Neopet in some cute Negg-themed customizations. Remember, there are lots of Negg wearables to choose from, your imagination and creativity sets the limits.

      Happy Festival of Neggs, and happy customizing!


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