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Laurel:Part Six

by applefaerie99


     What a bumpy ride, the transport shook as it landed on Virtupets Space Station. What a stuffy and strange place. Laurel entered the Grundo Warehouse. A Grundo said, "beware of Dr. Sloth," and disappeared around a corner. Might as well move on thought Laurel. At Adopt A Grundo, a Grundo asked, "would you like to adopt a Grundo?" Laurel said she didn't. The Grundo let out an exasperated breath and said, "beware of Dr. Sloth," and left. Laurel stopped at the Robo-Petpet Shop and a Grundo asked, "what can I help you with?" Laurel said, "just looking." The Grundo replied, "beware of Dr. Sloth." Laurel entered the Hangar and clockwork Grundos chased her saying, "beware of Dr. Sloth." Time to take on this Dr. Sloth, Laurel thought. She tried Neverending Boss Battle. Laurel tried for hours, this really was never ending, I would never beat Dr. Sloth.

      At the Space Battledome Arena on the Recreation Deck Laurel watched as Grundos battled. A Grundo was running a game called Splat-A-Sloth. Laurel tried to hit that sock that looked like Sloth, but it was just as hard to get as the real Dr. Sloth. Laurel played Gormball with eight others. The gormball exploded on Kevin and thankfully not on Laurel as it was filled with water. Channy the Mynci asked Laurel for help with spelling words as he was trapped without food until he completed his word game. Of course, Laurel would help, her longest word was mystery. Mystery, that word was familiar, maybe because her life was a mystery? Laurel and Channy went to Grundos Cafe and had savoury Grundo veggierounds. The first veggieround tasted like pizza, the second like a hamburger and the third like asparagus. Strange they were all different and yet looked the same. Laurel went to the Lever of Doom before heading back to Kreludor. There was a sign stating not to pull the lever, but the Grundos were telling her to pull it anyway. Laurel did twice and both times a hand came out and stole 100 Neopoints. Enough of this place!

           Laurel put on a helmet before she got off the transport and was amazed at how dismal and dark Kreludor was. She stumbled across a meteor crash site and found a meteor rock to put in her pocket. At the Kreludan Mining Corp, a robot boomed, "You do not have authorisation - get out." After walking a bit more Laurel found a Neocola Machine but she did not have any neocola tokens that was posted to use.

      Laurel entered the Coloring Pages Building, it was nice to have that helmet off for a bit! Laurel was coloring a Blumaroo in a space suit watching a shooting star when she noticed someone looking at her on and off as they were drawing. Laurel walked up to the Grundo and was amazed as there was a drawing of her. Laurel asked if she knew her and was that why she was drawing her. Laurel was overcome with anticipation. The Split Grundo introduced herself as Violet and stated that she was an artist. Laurel was so breathtaking that Violet couldn't help herself from drawing her. Unfortunately Violet had never seen Laurel before. Violet offered a trade, one of her neocola tokens for the meteor rock Laurel had found. Violet stated she used the rocks for doing her drawings. Laurel accepted and went back to the Neocola Machine. She put in the red neocola token, the pushed Minion Maid for the flavor and pushed the button three times. Out came 152 Neopoints and a non-sticky sticky hand. One last stop here, the Cafe Kreludor. Laurel ordered a Kreludan fruit salad, the Grundo shopkeeper said it was made with a fruit like substance. Laurel wasn't sure what that meant and it didn't taste very good. Back to Neopia for me thought Laurel.

           Laurel arrived on the shores of Tyrannia and wandered through the village looking at the simple huts. Laurel entered the caves and looked at the many paintings, she decided to color a Sabre-X running through the mountains.

      What a surprise! Laurel won 2,000 Neopoints from the Wheel of Mediocrity. Laurel climbed to the top of the Plateau and had a meal of hot Tyrannian pepper omelette from the Giant Omelette. The Hikalakas were playing at the concert hall so Laurel bought a ticket and enjoyed the music! At the concert, Laurel met Tucker, a strong Speckled Moehog, and felt an immediate friendship to him. Tucker was the best at riding the pterodactyl in the Lair of the Beast. While Laurel and Tucker were visiting, Duke the Snow Techo challenged Tucker that he could ride the longest. Duke thought it looked so easy and he would win without a hitch. It was time to prepare the pterodactyl. Tucker was first and said to the pterodactyl, "let's go." Tucker held on as the pterodactyl went crazy for 3 minutes before he fell off. Duke put on his Techo Battle Helmet but didn't know how else to prepare or what to do. Tucker being nice, asked if Duke needed help. Duke sneered and said, "I am fine, leave me alone." Duke got on and said, "let's go." Duke flew in the air immediately, how embarrassing! Tucker had won and had a huge grin on his face. Duke was mad and had a huge frown on his face. All of the sudden the pterodactyl got free and started to charge at Duke. Tucker saw that coming and jumped on the pterodactyls back and steered it to the side. Tucker had saved the day!

      Tucker took Laurel through the Tyrannian War Memorial and she learned of the invasion and defeat of the Monoceraptor. At the Town Hall Tucker told Laurel that the council of elders were always discussing and planning for the next attack if there ever was one. Tucker suggested Laurel try a Bronto bite from the foods shop as this was his favorite food. The two walked, talked, and ate. At Destruct-O-Match Tucker told Laurel to take out her frustration of the unknown by smashing as many blocks as possible. While it was fun and exhilarating, it did nothing for her memory. There last stop of the day was the Battleground of the Obelisk on a dusty plain where there were constant fights for control. Tyrannia was definitely not Laurels home, this place was a laser focused on battles. Laurel wondered will I ever find my home.

           Laurel continued walking slowly and was suddenly cold. Where was this? This felt right. Laurel closed her eyes thinking of her adventure and all that seemed familiar. Welcome to Happy Valley was posted on the sign. Happy Valley, yes! this was home. That is why the snow, cold and mountains felt right!

      Laurel entered the Slushie Shop and the Eyrie behind the counter said, "welcome Laurel." Laurel, yes this is my name! Now that I am home thought Laurel I will do everything I normally would in my home of Happy Valley! "I would like a sour green apple slushie please," said Laurel. Laurel enjoyed every last drop of her favorite slushie! Laurel remembered the Altador slushie snowglobe from Altador and the sour apple fizzy drink from Neopia Central. The four of them had a fun and exhilarating snowball fight!

      Laurel went into the ice caves and stopped by the Neggery, this is why the negg faerie card in Neopia Central had seemed right. Next stop was to see Hannah in the Ice Caves. Now she had two friends named Hannah, one from home and one from Faerieland. Laurel colored a Nimmo making a giant snowball.

      Laurel helped her friend Dieter the Polarchuck munch his way through some snow blocks. I love my life thought Laurel! Laurel peaked in on the Snowager, knowing it was awake, but having to see everything. At the Ice Arena Laurel said hello to her friend Donny. Laurel and Snuffly dodged and swerved their way down the mountain to the Ice Shop where she said hello to her friend the Shoyru. At the Advent Calendar, Laurel watched the animation and collected a gift. I love gifts thought Laurel.

      Time to dodge some ice cream. Laurel purposely didn't dodge them all, a nice scoop of strawberry landed right on her face, yum! Laurels next stop was where she worked, the Gift Tag factory. This is why the gift tag on the book in Moltara was familiar. To the top of the Mountain. Mika and Carassa greeted Laurel as she entered the garage sale. Laurel had a twirly fruit brucicle at the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop. Time to join the Bruces on Terror Mountain Tilt. Taelia the Snow Faerie asked Laurel if she wanted a quest today. Laurel just gave her a hug and let her know she would be back soon.

      Laurel aimed her snow cannon at the Darblat and remembered the sound Blat from the Lost Desert when the bugs had been smashed by the giant bug swatter. Laurel snuck slowly by the Snowbeast lair. Donny was back at his toy repair shop, earlier being at the Ice Arena, so Laurel just waved. Laurel watched the Grundos attack the Lupes and Snow Beasts in Snow Wars. Time to roll down the hill just like Jolly in Brightvale. Into the Shop of Mystery, now it wasn't a mystery why that word was familiar at the Space Station. Time to buy my daily card from the Scratchcard Kiosk, just like the one in the Haunted Woods. Laurel put on her skates and did a triple jump on the rink. Laurel stopped at the Merry Outfit Shop and put on her Christmas outfit. Jim the Bruce at the Wintery Petpets shop thought Laurel had finally changed her mind about getting a petpet when he saw her.

      Always end your day with ice cream. I had ice cream in Meridell and Roo Island Laurel told Mr. Chipper as she ordered a double chocolate ice cream. Laurel went home, stared a fire and climbed into bed. Laurel was home, Terror Mountain was where she belonged! Beep, beep, beep went the alarm clock. Laurel turned off the alarm, what a dream!

     The End.

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