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Laurel:Part Three

by applefaerie99


     Laurel thought, I might as well head to Roo Island as it was so close, maybe this was where she belonged. As Laurel stepped onto the docks she felt out of place as nine out of ten Neopians she saw was Blumaroos, bouncing and smiling! She thought maybe I should just turn around now and head to Kiko Lake, but no she was here might as well see the sights.

      She saw a sign that read "How to Draw," why not she thought. She looked at the pictures and decided to try and draw a Felf. Why that petpet she wasn't sure but she felt drawn to it somehow. Laurel then entered the game room, it was overwhelming with hundreds of games. I will try just one she thought. Laurel picked snow wars, she had a nagging feeling while playing, why this game? Laurel walked to the end of the pier into the souvenir shop, maybe when I leave I will stop by and get something to remember this place. Laurel entered the spring shop. The place was very busy with Blumaroos buying things to help with the best bounces. Laurel purchased a silver spring toy, perhaps playing with it would give her time to just think and try to remember. Laurels next stop was Storytelling where she completely lost track of time as there were so many wonderful stories to read.

      Laurel realized she was a bit hungry, good thing the coffee shop was close by. Laurel ordered a coffee in a cone, the best of both world's ice cream and coffee. There was the ice cream again calling her name, so familiar, yet what was it? As soon as she had finished coloring a picture of a Blumaroo on a merry go round she met Nathaniel, Nate for short who was a Red Kiko. He said he was afraid to go anywhere besides his home of Roo Island. Nate said he had always wanted to see the great Turmaculus. Laurel told Nate of her visit, where she had been unable to wake him with a bell. Laurel suggested building a mountain of sand on the shore so he could peer over the sea to Meridell. "Good idea", said Nate, "I am on that."

      Laurels next stop was the art gallery, where once again she lost track of time. What talent is on this island thought Laurel as she read poem after poem. She read a poem about Grundo on Kreludor and thought what a fun place to visit, maybe I belong there. Laurel continued her walk and ended up at the Merry Go Round where she rode on a cloud Uni. The Blumaroo running the Merry Go Round invited Laurel back for a nighttime ride to watch the stars at the same time, he said it was a sight not to be missed. Laurel walked past the castle to the Dice-A-Roo Hall and King Roo was inside! Laurel said I will play one time. Over and over Laurel rolled the dice first was red, then, blue and green. Laurel won cherries, crispies and a bottle of water. Laurel kept playing but unfortunately the game suddenly ended. It would have been nice to win the jackpot but she was happy she got to play with the King! The next stop was closed, Laurel peaked inside and it was very spooky! Even if this was open I don't think I would stick around to play Deadly Dice thought Laurel. Laurel walked back to the souvenir shop and bought a fluffy green dice. As Laurel walked to the end of the pier she noticed a tall mountain of sand that was not there when she had arrived that morning. Nate was standing at the top with tears in his eyes. Nate had finally got a glimpse of the great Turmaculus!

           Laurel entered Kiko Lake and knew immediately this was not where she belonged. Feeling sad and depressed she left and went back to Neopia Central. Laurel checked into the NeoLodge. On the third day, Clara a Pink Lenny who was the maid, found the nerve to ask Laurel what was wrong. Laurel explained through tears that she would never figure out who she was or where she was from. Clara told Laurel that someday everything would make sense but for now, the only way to find out was to travel around and see everything and meet everybody until it became clear. Laying here in bed was making no progress at all. The pep talk was just what Laurel needed, back to Kiko Lake it was.

      Laurel took glass bottom boat tour and enjoyed the sea and coral gardens immensely. At the Coloring House in the middle of the water, Laurel colored a Kiko watering her plants. Laurel went to Kiko Lake Treats and bought two twirly fruit coral lollies. The last here was Kiko Pop where Laurel won a cowboy kiko scarf. Nothing helped her remember here, but thanks to Clara she was ready to keep trying. Laurel went back into Neopia Central and gave Clara one of the twirly fruit coral lollies and the scarf to let her know she appreciated her help.

           Laurel decided it would be a good day to check out the Haunted Woods. Although it was early in the day the fog had yet to lift and Laurel felt uneasy as she walked down the narrow path and through the stone gates into this dreary looking land. Nothing at all seemed familiar but she was determined to keep searching for who she was and where she belonged and that included exploring all of the lands she could. The first thing she saw was the Esophagor and quite frankly it was a scary site. Thankfully a delightful young Eventide Eyrie named Brighton noticed how uneasy Laurel was and came over to see if she was alright. Laurel explained why she was there and Brighton told her there was nothing to worry about. He was out taking pictures with his old-fashioned camera and offered to let Laurel tag along if she wanted too. Brighton explained about the Brain Tree and its quest for knowledge. Since Laurel had no desire to learn about dead Neopians she decided to skip seeing this part of the Haunted Woods. She did, however, decide to try and feed the Esophagor in hopes of earning a nice reward. The Esophagor asked for crunch chocolate scoaches and brains and dumplings which were far too expensive for Laurel so feeding the Esophagor would have to wait for another day.

      Brighton said he was heading off to The Castle of Eliv Thade to take some additional photos. The castle looked scary to Laurel and she asked Brighton if it would be alright for her to just wait outside and color a picture of Eliv Thade instead. He said that would be fine and he would come back for her after he was done. Laurel had just finished her picture when Brighton came back from the castle. He was headed over to Edna's Tower next and because Laurel really didn't want to be alone in the Haunted Woods she continued her journey with Brighton. Laurel was nervous as they entered the Witch's Tower but Edna the Zafara was actually quite nice. Perhaps that was only because she was with Brighton though and they were apparently friends. Laurel decided to try one of her quests and was asked to get two jugs of fresh lemonade and a gruel cake. They weren't too expensive so Laurel handed the three items over to Edna and in return, she was given 160 Neopoints and a chilled eyeball custard. She quickly decided she wouldn't be doing anymore quests for Edna.

      Brighton was headed to the Deserted Fairground next and Laurel followed close behind. They entered through the gate and Laurel noticed right away that the weather was getting worse. Dark threatening clouds surrounded the entire area and Laurel hoped they wouldn't be there too long. They walked past the Cork Gun Gallery and decided to stop at the Bagatelle game. Laurel handed over 250 Neopoints and landed on number 8 winning 4000 Neopoints! Brighton said that was a very good score so Laurel quit while she was ahead. Next, they stopped by the Coconut Shy and since that was only 100 Neopoints Laurel decided to give it a shot. She only got back 50 Neopoints and decided she wasn't very good at this game. Brighton asked if she would like to try the Wheel of Misfortune but given the name of the game, Laurel decided nothing good could come of that. Brighton was headed off to Castle Nox next to get the last of the photos he needed. Laurel decided not to go with him and thanked him for showing her around the Haunted Woods and Deserted Fairground. On her way out of the Deserted Fairgrounds Laurel noticed the Scratchcard Kiosk and something seemed familiar about that. She walked in and gave Sidney, the creepy looking Nimmo, 1,200 Neopoints to purchase a card. She scratched her Crypt of Chance card and received four evil snowballs. She left there knowing that she didn't belong here in this scary and dreary place but there was something very familiar about scratchcards and snowballs.

      To be continued...


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