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Laurel:Part Two

by applefaerie99


     On the way to Faerieland, Laurel met a beautiful Royalgirl Uni named Hannah. Hannah was a singer and her hair seemed to dance down her back. Laurel immediately felt connected to Hannah somehow. Hannah traveled around a lot promoting her next concerts. Hannah felt she had seen Laurel somewhere before but she wasn't sure where. Hannah was suffering from Kikoughela at the moment and was hoping that the water at the Rainbow Fountain would cure her. Naia the Fountain Faerie greeted them both and let them both drink from the fountain. Hannah opened her mouth to sing but she started coughing instead. Hannah stayed to nap beside the fountain hoping that time would help heal her. Laurel decided to adventure on and check on her a bit later.

      At the Wheel of Excitement, Laurel spun and landed on the question mark, which gave her 206 Neopoints. At the Poogle Races, Laurel bet those 206 Neopoints on Poogle number two. Of course, after she had bet, she was told that particular Poogle was suffering from Neggitius. Laurel entered the Faerie Caverns and stumbled into some water, soaking her clothes. The cold of the cave chilled her to the bone. Laurel decided it was best to escape and dry off before she ended up with some disease also. It was a sunny day so by the time she had walked to Faerie City her clothes were dry.

      Laurel entered the bookshop and the faerie shopkeeper said, "we have many magical tomes of information that will make a Neopet smarter." Laurel thought she better purchase one, maybe it would help her remember. Laurel purchased a Faerieland Forever book and sat on a bench to read it. Although it was a very interesting history of Faerieland, it did nothing for her memory. Laurel purchased a Faerie Queen burrito from the Faerie Foods shop, it was so filling she could only eat half. At Faerie Petpets shop a Floud, Magaral, and Miamouse all looked at her hungrily. Laurel split the other half of her burrito into three pieces and shared. Laurel stopped by the Faerie Weapon Shop even though she figured she wouldn't buy anything. The prices of everything were well over what she had left in her pocket anyway.

      The Faerie Coloring Pages were in a cute little underground room. There were many others coloring today and none of them looked well. A Yellow Usul had red spots and was itching. A Green JubJubs nose was dripping on his coloring sheet. A Fire Kaus eyes were bright red and he sneezed so hard he blew the Usuls coloring page across from him to the other side of the room. Laurel chose a picture of Queen Fyora in the sun and went to a corner by herself to color. A few faeries were moving bubbles around trying to clear them by matching like colors. At least these faeries didn't seem to be sick with anything so Laurel joined in the fun. Laurel walked by the Faerie Quest booth and Employment Agency, she didn't need a job, she needed to find home.

      The Faerie Paint Brushes booth showed all different species happy to be painted like a faerie. Stop and take a faerie personality quiz stated a sign. Why not, Laurel thought? 1. When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you do? Open the curtains to let in some light and wonder if this is the day I will find out who I am. 2. Where would you go to relax? My backyard at night to stargaze, if I had one. 3. Which of these words appeals to you most? Sunlight. 4. What ability would you teach your Neopet? Restore my memory. 5. Others might describe you as? Cheerful, I believe. 6. If given the choice, which of the following drinks would you select? Ice water. 7. Where in Neopia would you live? The Lost Desert, that is one place I haven't been yet. 8. You seem to be attuned to light faeries. You are usually cheerful and full of energy, and love going outside on sunny days.

      Laurel left Faerie City and looked in at Jhudora, she was partially green. Not sure if that is another sick Neopian, so I am not stopping here, thought Laurel. At the healing springs, a beautiful water faerie asked how she could help Laurel. Laurel explained she was fine as of now but her friend was suffering from Kikoughela. The water faerie gave Laurel Kikoughela Syrup and told her to give her friend two spoonfuls. Laurel went back to the Rainbow Fountain and gave the medicine to Hannah. Hannah immediately felt better and sang for Laurel and Naia. Laurel decided to get out of this place before she ended up sick with something also.

           Wandering around the streets of Neopia Central was quite enjoyable for Laurel. She still had not remembered who she was or where she belonged but had not given up hope! She walked along the road past the Neopian plaza and headed towards a quaint little house that looked like a mushroom. Outside of the adorable house, she saw so many cute little petpets that she could hardly contain her excitement! Apparently, she liked petpets even though she couldn't remember exactly why. A sweet little Noil rubbed against her leg and the most adorable little Babaa nudged him out of the way to get some attention too! She was having so much fun playing with the cute little petpets that she didn't notice when Ella the Faerie Blumaroo walked up behind her. She touched Laurel on the shoulder which startled Laurel and made her jump. Ella introduced herself as the caretaker at the petpet shop and said she was sorry for startling her.

      Laurel once again explained her situation to Ella and told her how she was exploring Neopia and meeting everyone she could to try and find out who she was and where she belonged. Ella, who was just finishing up her shift at work, said she would be happy to show Laurel around Neopia Central. Perhaps something there would be familiar and help her find out where she actually belonged! It was almost dinner time so Ella and Laurel decided their first stop should be the food shop to get something to eat. Laurel decided on the baked apple jacket potato and also got a sour apple Ixi fizzy drink. She didn't know why but for some reason these did seem a bit familiar. Maybe this was a clue to who she was and where she belonged. After they finished eating they headed back out to do some more exploring. In the center of town was the Money Tree. Ella explained that items there were donated and those in need can get up to 10 items a day. Most are rubbish but occasionally you might find a treasure! Laurel was lucky enough to grab 49 Neopoints and some Delicate Earth Faerie Shoes. After leaving the Money Tree Laurel and Ella stopped by the General Store for some coffee and marshmallows before heading over to the Neopian Bazaar. This place was bustling with Neopets everywhere and there were so many shops for Laurel to check out. At the Gifts Galore shop, Laurel picked out a negg gift basket with a variety of cute items.

      Down the street at Hubert's Hotdogs Laurel met 3 Skeith brothers named Roy, Jonathan and Albert. They were all very competitive and about to start a hotdog eating contest. Albert asked Laurel and Ella if they would judge the contest and they thought that would be fun! Roy started out doing very well and was clearly in the lead. Albert had had enough after only 5 hotdogs but it was Jonathan with his slow and steady approach who won the contest eating more than 20 hotdogs! The brothers thanked them for judging the contest and Laurel and Ella walked back towards the main shops.

      Laurel decided to stop in the Collectable Card Shop where she met a Blue Buzz named Bruce. He showed her around the shop and she decided to purchase The Negg Faerie Card although she wasn't sure why she was drawn to this particular card. She decided that time would tell and hopefully, she would find the answers she was looking for eventually! Laurel and Ella made one final stop at the Chocolate Factory, after all, who can resist chocolate! Laurel bought a chocolate Aahyfi lollypop for herself and some chocolate covered cherries as a gift for Ella to thank her for being so kind and showing her around. Ella and Laurel headed over to the Neopian Plaza next and checked out the Kadoatery where the hungry Kads were waiting patiently for someone to feed them the food they desired. Only 2 Kads were hungry when Laurel got there and they wanted Kadoatie Biscuits which Laurel found out were very expensive so she wasn't able to actually feed one. Next Ella took her to the Alien Vending Machine and she gave Laurel a Nerkmid to try her luck in the machine. Laurel was excited as she dropped the Magical Platinum Nerkmid into the machine and selected 3, Left Pink, 4 and 6 before pressing GO!!! She was a bit disappointed though when all she got was 1,487 Neopoints and smoked tuna on chocolate toast which didn't seem the least bit appetizing. She thanked Ella though and headed back towards the main shops.

      They made one final stop at the Wishing Well where Laurel dropped in 21 Neopoints and wished for anything that would help her remember who she was and where she belonged. It was getting late and Ella said she needed to get back home and rest before work the next day. Laurel thanked her again and was happy she had made yet another friend during her travels! She headed back to the Neolodge to get some rest herself before she continued her search the next day.

      To be continued...


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