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Daily Dare: Fashion Fever

by aleu1986


     In celebration of Daily Dare, I bring you a new customization-related article. This time, we`re dressing up Neopets to represent various Neopian games, both classical and modern. Ten different games have been selected, from Mystery Island, Haunted Woods, Meridell and more. I`ve attempted to dress up the Neopets as accurately as possible to look like the in-game environment and characters.

          Maths Nightmare

          Maths Nightmare Background

     Sweet Dreams Sleeping Cap

     Jumping Babaa Garland

     Number 2 Balloon

     Giant Alarm Clock

     Also try:

     Swirls of Numbers Background

     Maths Background

     Long Striped Sleeping Cap

     Cloud Garland

     The object of this game is to solve math problems as quickly as possible. Bubbles with math problems appear on the screen, and Babaas are lining up in front of a fence, waiting to jump over. The more problems you solve, the more Babaas jump over the fence – and as a result, Imiya the Aisha can keep on sleeping. If you`re not fast enough, the Babaas all crowd together and eventually they fall down on the alarm clock, causing Imiya to wake up, and the game to end.

     For the most accurate customization, you can strip it down to just the background and the alarm clock (both are based off the game) but I added the other items for more detail, the Jumping Babaa Garland in particular keeps the customization as a whole from looking bland and boring.

     Turmac Roll

          Turmac Hoodie

     Turmac Roll Background

     Turmac Roll Garland

     Emerald Green Trousers

     Basic Brown Lace-Up Shoes

     Also try:

     Whimsical Berry Side Tree

     Turmac Roll Fruit Pile

     Turmac Sweater

     Turmac Hat

     In this Meridell game you control a petpet, a hungry little Turmac who loves berries. Use the arrow keys to make the Turmac roll and bounce over hills and stumps across the Meridellian countryside, collecting yummy berries as you go. There are no multiple lives in this game, so if you crash into something, it`s game over.

     When putting together this customization, I thought a dragon-like Neopet was the best fit. I settled on Scorchio, though Draik, Skeith or Shoyru are suitable as well. Try adding the Whimsical Berry Side Tree to have some more berries hanging over the Neopets head.

     Extreme Herder and Extreme Herder II

          Extreme Herder II Background

     Scared Kacheek Mask

     Angelpuss Trinket

     Little Babaa Shepherdess Babaa Foreground

     Delightful Doglefox Purse

     Looming Balthazar Shadow

     Also try:

     Yarn Noil Handheld Plushie

     Noil Balloon (this restricts the Balthazar shadow)

     Extreme Herder is a classic game, and one of my long-time favourites. I even have the avatar and a trophy for it, so I`m naturally excited every time it`s a part of Daily Dare.

     The player controls Samrin, the blue Kacheek. The object of the game is to run around the field, grabbing petpets and putting them into the pen before the hungry Lupe Balthazar eats them – or you! Lose all three lives and it`s game over.

     This customization blends elements from both the classical Extreme Herder, and the more modern Extreme Herder II. It may look a bit messy and crowded due to all the petpets, I was just trying to add something to represent most of the type of petpet present in each game. There are petpets moving around in the background itself, so you can simply add the Little Babaa Shepherdess Babaa Foreground for a cleaner look.

     Faerie Bubbles

          Faerieland Cloud Background

     Gold New Years Shoes

     Lighted Faerie Bubble String Lights

     Golden Ombre Wig

     Dyeworks Yellow: Lavender Faerietale Dress

     Brilliant Yellow Faerie Wings

     Faerie Bubbles Cannon Foreground

     Also try:

     Faerie Bubble Foreground

     Faerie Bubbles Cannon

     Cloudy Sky Background

     Faerie Bubble String Lights

     In this iconic game you control a cannon that shoots out faerie bubbles of different elements/colours. Combine three bubbles of the same colour to make them pop, combine four to create a different effect based on the element/colour of the bubbles. With each level, the top of the game screen lowers, and if it gets too far down, or the screen fills up with bubbles, you lose the game.

     Though she is not shown on screen, there is a Light Faerie that is firing the bubble cannon, hence the customization looks the way it does. But feel free to dress up your Neopet to represent any other of the elements.

     Berry Bash

          Basket of Berries

     Hearts Thought Bubble

     Mystery Island Kougra Wreath (Paint Brush clothing)

     Asparagus Head Wreath

     Jungle Party Table

     Gadgadsbogen Evening Background

     Also try:

     Gadgadsbogen Fruit Background

     Tropical Fruit Stand

     Hidden Fruits Foreground

     Wreath Boa

     Sugar Plum Thought Bubble

     Wrap Trousers

     In this Mystery Island game, you control Rufus the Yellow Kougra. The object of the game is to seat arriving guests at the table, take their order of berries, collect said berry from the bushes, serve the guest and finally clean up after them. As you progress through the game, more types of guest start to arrive (some are more demanding and impatient) and more types of berry are unlocked. If you don`t seat and serve the customers quickly enough, the game will end.

     The Hearts Thought Bubble is a reference to two things – the hearts above the guests head indicating their level of patience and satisfaction, and the thought bubble with a berry inside that pops up when you take their order.

     I know it`s unfair of me to use a piece of PB clothing, but I did it in this case to get the look as accurate as possible. Wreath Boa is also a good option if you don`t happen to have this item.


     Carnival Terror

          Carnival of Terror Clown Pants with Suspenders

     Dripping Cream Pie Hat

     Deserted Fairgrounds Background

     Chia Clown Eye Patch

     Chia Clown T-Shirt

     Red with White Polkadot Umbrella

     Glittery Wind Up Key

     Inner Clockwork Face Paint

     Spooky Moon

     Holiday Helper Shoes

     Also try:

     Deserted Fairground Silhouette Background

     Are you afraid of clowns? After playing this game, you most certainly will be!

     In this Haunted Woods game, you aim to shoot at robotic Chia clowns. Some wander back and forth, while others drop from the sky. Cream pies come flying at the screen, and parachutes of precious ammo and health points are being dropped in the background. Run out of health or ammo and the clowns will eat – er, I mean it`s game over.

     The clowns in the game do have a wind up key in their back, and I added the Inner Clockwork Face Paint to hint at their mechanical insides. The Holiday Helper Shoes was the closest thing I could find to their red and green footwear.

     Itchy Invasion

          Black Winter Boots

     Basic Khaki Gloves

     Yooyuball Racket

     Spaced Jumpsuit

     Spaced Helmet

     Petpet Goo Blaster

     Itchy Invasion Background

     Also try:

     Pest Be Gone Robotic Petpetpets

     Aisha Space Suit

     Help Eamann the Alien Aisha save his poor petpets from the plague of petpetpets! Eamann has put on a shrinking suit and loaded a slime gun with Pest-B-Gone, and now he`s ready to go into his petpet`s fur to find and blast those bothersome petpetpets. Watching the ammo is important, if you run out, it`s game over.

     You obviously don`t need an Alien Aisha for this customization, I used it here because that`s what Eamann, the game character is. I added the Yooyuball Racket to make it look like the protective padding/bracers that Eamann has on his suit, but you can leave it out if you feel it looks out of place.

     Freaky Factory

          Freaky Factory Background

     Freaky Factory Tubing Garland

     Paint Blob Shower

     Skeith Plushie Handheld

     Purple Paint Blob Plushie

     Blue Painted Feet

     Black Winter Sweater

     Stealthy Grundo Mask (Paint Brush item)

     Here you control an off-screen factory worker whose job it is to produce miniature Neopets figurines. As blobs of liquid Kreludite scroll across the top of the screen, you have to click them so that the correct colour falls into the matching vat. Fill up the vats with the colour needed to produce the miniatures, but watch out for the Grundo Thief who will steal the toys off the conveyor belt if you don`t stop him!

     The Grundo Thief is the only character that appears in the game, so it makes perfect sense to base the Neopets customization on him. (And again I had to use a Paint Brush clothing item because it was the only suitable one I could find). I didn't forget to add trousers or shoes – the Grundo Thief doesn`t wear any.

          Sophies Stew

          Fingerless Caroler Gloves

     Brightvale Patterned Belt and Fanny Pack

     Illusens Collectors Contacts

     Sturdy Caroler Shoes

     Leather Bodice

     Sophies hat

     Sophies Wand

     Sophies Hut Background

     Sophies Stew String Lights

     Gypsy Girl Skirt

     Bobbling Meowclops Bobblehead

     Also try:

     Whats Cooking Cauldron Background

     Sneaky Meowclops Foreground

     Help Sophie the Swamp Witch get the ingredients she needs for the potion into the bubbling cauldron! She tosses them across her shoulder, and you need to use her wand to bounce them into the pot. Make sure her Meowclops doesn`t eat any, and don`t drop any on the floor. If five ingredients misses the cauldron, it`s game over.

     I added the belt and fanny pack as a reference to the pouch of herbs Sophie carries. She does also wear a shirt, but I couldn`t find one that didn't restrict the bodice. This Ixi witch also has long, green hair, but it`s not possible to wear a wig and a hat at the same time unless they`re a combined item.


          Raspberry Patch Background

     Goparokko Staff

     Goparokko Jungle Foreground

     Mosaic Tiles Wall

     Goparokko Yurble Collectors Mask

     Krawley Contacts

     Flaming Tiki Torches

     Mystery Island Yurble Arm Bands (Paint Brush item)

     Ocean Yurble Skirt (Wearable by Yurbles only)

     Also try:

     Inside an Hourglass Foreground

     Holiday Grass Skirt

     Goparokko Foreground

     Goparokko Statue Foreground

     Deep in the jungles of Mystery Island lives a strange masked Yurble. Long ago, this Yurble was just a regular Neopet... until one day he stumbled upon some very odd coloured stone blocks in the ruins of Geraptiku. The Yurble discovered that when he arranged the blocks in 2x2 squares of the same colour, they would disappear. Unable to figure out what caused this phenomenon, the Yurble decided that the only possible answer was that he was a mighty witch-doctor. He donned the fearsome tiki mask he wears today and has been 'magically' crushing the coloured stone blocks ever since.

     You don`t control the Yurble in this game, nor does he appear while you play, he only pops up at the games start and finish screens.

     The Mosaic Tiles Wall was the closest thing I could find to represent the colourful blocks that you turn and match in this game. There is of course the Destruct-O-Match Background, but it didn't feel right to use an entirely different games background to emulate the look of Goparokko. I added the contacts because the Yurble in this game has yellow eyes.

     I hope you enjoyed this article and that you will have fun participating in this years Daily Dare. Have a great day in Neopia, and happy gaming!

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