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Kauvara's Mixed Potions

by bubbles150


     A male Pirate Xweetok dressed in a Dapper Xweetok Trousers, Dapper Xweetok Shirt and Waistcoat, Explorer Backpack, Dapper Xweetok Shoes and a Cool Xweetok Wig just walked past Kauvara’s Magic Shop with his Petpet, a Snowbunny when he noticed a sign posted on the door. “Hey Mumbo, there’s a sign on Kauvara’s door, let’s go and see what it says,” the Xweetok said to his Snowbunny named Mumbo who nodded. The note was written on a Scrap Paper in messy blue writing.

     “Help urgently needed! Come in stores for details!” the Xweetok read aloud. “What do you think, Mumbo, should we go and help? It’s a bit of a bad timing though, I wonder if Kauvara knows that it’s April Fool’s Day tomorrow!” he said as he looked down at his Snowbunny.

     “I think we should help out! You know, she possibly forgot about tomorrow being that day, we should play a trick on her!” Mumbo answered looking up at the Xweetok.

      The Xweetok smirked at Mumbo’s suggestion. “Alright, let’s go in and ask her what we need to do to help her,” he took the notice from the door, and opened the door to walk inside with Mumbo.

     The Xweetok noticed how nice and cool it was in the Magic Shop and how noisy it was with many Neopians lining up at the counter to buy their morphing potions and what else they needed. He took a look around the store with Mumbo following him, seeing that most of the shelves were empty, some morphing potions had broken and were on the ground. ‘Funny, I always thought that the potion would’ve morphed the ground into a Neopet, but apparently not!’ The Xweetok thought to himself as he looked at the puddle of whatever the morphing potion was.

     The Xweetok and Mumbo made their way to the queue which appeared to be a line of five Neopians eagerly waiting to buy their items. He grinned and took his Explorer Backpack off and unzipped it. While everyone was busy waiting for their turn to be served, the Xweetok took out a Hand Buzzer Gag. He zipped his bag up and put it back on his back. The Xweetok held onto the Hand Buzzer Gag and put his hands behind his back, then lined up with Mumbo until it was his turn to see Kauvara.

     “Hello Kauvara, my name is Twumbo and I couldn’t help but notice you needed some assistance in your store. Is there anything I need to do to sign up for so I can help you out?” Twumbo introduced himself. “This is my Snowbunny, Mumbo and he enjoys helping out too!”

     Kauvara looked at the Xweetok and Snowbunny. “Lovely to meet you both! No, you don’t need to do anything in order to sign up. Are you good at pouring things into bottles? If so, will you be able to help me with my Morphing Potions? I have hundreds I need to make and I need to go to The Land of Magic to get more ingredients to make them, it takes me about eight minutes or so to find everything I need, so I have to close the store while I’m gone. I have enough to make a hundred but that’s won’t make everyone happy!” Kauvara said.

     “I’ve always been good at pouring things in bottles. It’s pretty easy to do so. Yes, I’m happy to help with the Morphing Potions. I’ve never heard of The Land of Magic, does that land really exist or is it a rumour like Jelly World?” Twumbo answered, forming an idea in his mind regarding the morphing potions. Mumbo listened in the conversation, he too wanted to take part of whatever Twumbo had planned.

     “The Land of Magic is real, however, you have to have a lot of magic power, like myself to enter it. It can be a scary place if you’re new to it!” Kauvara answered, remembering the time she accidentally walked into something that made her invisible for a while.

     “Could, Mumbo and I come with you?” Twumbo asked excitedly, thinking of how many pranks he could pull on unsuspecting Neopians in the Land of Magic.

     “Sorry, but no. I need you in the Magic Shop to pour the potions for me while I’m gone. I’ll show you to the storage room which is where I make the ingredients. I have a large book that has the recipe to make each morphing potion. All the empty bottles are on the shelves and are ready to have the mixture poured in to it” Kauvara replied as she took Twumbo and Mumbo to where the storage room is.

     Kauvara opened the door then let Twumbo and Mumbo in first and followed after them, she closed the door behind her. The first thing that Twumbo noticed was how dark the room was until Kauvara turned on a light. Twumbo looked around, absorbing all the details of the storage room, noting how many boxes were there and empty morphing potion bottles that were ready to be used. He saw a long table in front of him and Kauvara which had a book, a Pink Stars Notepad and an Air Faerie Pen.

     “In the notepad you see on the table is a list of morphing potions I have written down to make and the page number of the book that has the potion ingredients. You’re welcome to cross the list off as you go, Twumbo. I’d better get going, I’ll see you soon!” Kauvara said then went over to the door figuring Twumbo could work everything out himself. “Any questions before I leave?” she asked.

     Twumbo shook his head. “No questions, just have fun, Mumbo and I will have this job done by the time you get back!” He said with a smile.

     “That’s great news, thank you, again, you two!” Kauvara said as she walked over to the door and opened it. She walked out and closed the door behind her. Twumbo and Mumbo stayed silent for a while to ensure that Kauvara truly had gone, when they were certain she had left, they began to talk.

     “Well, what should we do? It’s April Fools Day tomorrow, should we start mixing the potions up and putting them in the wrong bottles?” Twumbo asked, breaking the silence.

     “I love that idea, Twumbo! Yes, that would be funny to see a Usul who wants to be a Draik and gets the potion but is instead turned into a Hissi because we mixed things up! Let’s get this thing started and read where Kauvara keeps her potions” Mumbo chuckled to himself imagining how many Neopians would fall for their prank.

     “I have more prank ideas then that, Mumbo! Kauvara has healing potions too, pour some healing potions into the morphing potion bottles and the morphing potion into the healing potion! Haha! This is going to be so much fun, I can’t wait to see the look on Kauvara’s face when she finds out what happened!” Twumbo said with a laugh thinking that their pranks will be harmless.

     The two set to work, with Mumbo reading what Kauvara had written in the Pink Stars Notepad and Twumbo fetching the ingredients and bottles. It took them at least half an hour to get one hundred bottles finished, according to the Pink Stars Notepad, Kauvara wanted one thousand morphing potions completed by the time she got back. Twumbo and Mumbo worked hard to put all the potions in the wrong bottles and by the time they were finished, Kauvara still was away.

     “Now what do we do, Mumbo? We’ve finished all the bottles and stacked them back into the boxes which is what Kauvara wanted us to do according to the Pink Stars Notepad” Twumbo asked, as he looked around to see all the boxes having the correct morphing potions but wrong contents in the bottles. He grinned remembering when he put the Red Poogle Morphing Potion into the Blue Xweetok Morphing Potion mixtures. ‘Those Neopians will be so confused by the end of this!’ he thought and laughed.

     “I think we should leave,” Mumbo answered getting a little bit worried.

     “Leave?! Why do you say that, Mumbo? If we left, Kauvara would get suspicious” Twumbo pointed out.

     “Oh, I didn’t think of it that way, Twumbo. Then what will we do while we wait for her to return?” Mumbo asked, looking at their completed work and back at Twumbo.

     “I think, we should plant more tricks on Kauvara then leave and return tomorrow to see the results and shout: APRIL FOOLS!” Twumbo answered with a smirk.

     “I like that idea, Twumbo! Let’s look around the store and see where we can plant our tricks on Kauvara, I can’t wait to see what happens!” Mumbo said and made his way to the door. Twumbo followed after him and opened the door, he let Mumbo go out first and left the room afterwards, closing the door behind them.

     Twumbo and Mumbo took a good look around the Magic Shop, noticing how peaceful it was with no other Neopet in it. Twumbo noticed a Beach Lounge Chair in the corner with a Forgotten Cushion on top of it. That gave him an idea, he took off his Explorer Backpack and unzipped it, and pulled out a Meercra Whoopee Cushion, he then took a glance around to ensure that no-one was around, and grinned after seeing that he and Mumbo were still alone. He then put the Meercra Whoopee Cushion underneath the Forgotten Cushion and chuckled to himself.

     Twumbo zipped up his Explorer Backpack and put it back on his back then together, with Mumbo the pair looked around to see what else they could do to trick Kauvara. He walked over to the counter and saw a few jars there and several packets of Bubble Gum. He saw that one of the jars was a Cookie Jar, and took another glance about to ensure that Kauvara wasn’t around, the Magic Shop was still empty much to his relief, so he took the lid off the Cookie Jar and saw an endless amount of Bubble Gum. ‘Kauvara sure loves her Bubble Gum,’ he thought wondering when she’d have time to chew on it.

     “Mumbo, can you please keep an eye out to ensure no-one is coming?” Twumbo requested, as more ideas formed into the Xweetok’s mind.

     “Of course, I’ll be on guard and will tap you on the shoulder when someone does turn up” Mumbo said, then began his duty to look out for anyone to come while Twumbo did what he needed to do.

     Twumbo took his Explorer Backpack off again and unzipped it. He removed all of the Bubble Gum from the jar and the counter and put them on the floor near his bag. Smiling, he looked in his Explorer Backpack for his endless supply of Fake Gum. Once he found them, he took them out of his Explorer Backpack and poured them into the Cookie Jar and lined several packets of Fake Gum on the counter and quickly scooped the Bubble Gum packets in his Explorer Backpack.

     “Is anyone coming, yet, Mumbo?” Twumbo asked, as he zipped his Explorer Backpack up again and put it on his back. He then turned his attention to the Snowbunny.

     “No, I haven’t heard anyone. I think we have time for a few more surprises,” Mumbo replied as he took a good glance around the Magic Shop to double check to see if he was right. Thankfully, he was. Kauvara still hasn’t returned which Twumbo thought was odd.

     “Strange, I thought Kauvara would’ve returned by now. I think we’ll put one more thing in then leave a note on the desk to be safe” Twumbo announced. “On second thoughts, we should just leave the note on the desk. I’m sure the Shop will be fine without Kauvara being here!” he said.

     Just as he spoke, a Smoke Cloud appeared in front of them, when it vanished, Kauvara appeared holding several Handheld Shopping Bags full of items. “Hello Twumbo and Mumbo, I’m so sorry for being late, I got caught up talking to a few friends of mine and fans too. Thank you both so much for looking after my Magic Shop, if you come back tomorrow, I will have a reward to give you, knowing how much you Xweetoks love the particular item I have in mind to give you!” Kauvara said as she put the Handheld Shopping Bags on the ground.

     Twumbo and Mumbo looked at one another wondering what the reward was, and if she’d still give it to them after what they did. “No worries at all, Kauvara! It was a pleasure to look after your Magic Shop and help you with your chores. Would you like a hand with your Handheld Shopping Bags or are Mumbo and I okay to go? We’ll be back tomorrow, for sure!” he said.

     Mumbo hoped that Kauvara would let them go.

     “You’re both free to go, I don’t need help putting these bags away, but thank you for offering! I’m closing the store down for the night and will open up first thing in the morning around 8:30” Kauvara said. ‘After all, one of these bags have your gift in it and I don’t want you to see it!’ Kauvara thought as she looked at the Xweetok and Snowbunny.

     Both Twumbo and Mumbo felt relieved when Kauvara said that they were free to go and said good bye to her. They could hardly wait for the next day to see the results of their April Fools Day joke on Kauvara.

     April Fools Day came. Twumbo and Mumbo got up early and had a quick breakfast before dashing off to the Magic Shop to see the results. They arrived there at 8:15 which was nice and early. Several other Neopians were at the Magic Shop too, waiting to buy morphing potions.

     “I’m going to buy a Pirate Draik Morphing Potion today! I’ve got enough Neopoints for one!” A Yellow Aisha exclaimed. “I can’t wait to drink it and turn into a Draik!” the Aisha added.

     ‘That’s what you think, young Aisha!’ Twumbo thought to himself, imagining the Aisha’s disappointment when the potion turns her into a different Neopet instead. “Will you be drinking the Morphing Potion in store or when you get home? I’m not sure how all this works, to be honest!” Twumbo asked looking at the Aisha.

     “I’ll drink it in store so I can show Kauvara my new look. I’m going to be painted Royal next too!” The Aisha said excitedly.

     Mumbo wanted to laugh but decided not to. Kauvara opened the doors at 8:30 on the dot and watched as Neopians came running inside her store, excited as can be. Twumbo and Mumbo were the last ones in and looked at Kauvara who was walking to her counter, ready to sell her items.

     “Do you need any help today, Kauvara?” Twumbo asked, looking at Mumbo and around the store watching as Neopians grabbed their desired Morphing Potions from the shelves.

     “No thank you, Twumbo. But I am happy to give you your gifts to show you how much I appreciate your help” Kauvara said as she walked behind her counter. She bent down and picked something up from the ground, Twumbo and Mumbo watched her put a Neverending Jar of Jellybeans on her counter. Twumbo and Mumbo looked at each other excitedly, how they loved jellybeans!

     “This is for the both of you to share. It’s a Neverending Jar of Jellybeans and it lives up to its name. It’s impossible to empty the jar, my way to thank you both for your help” Kauvara said as she passed the jar to Twumbo.

     “Aw, thank you, Kauvara! You’re welcome, glad we could help you” Twumbo said and looked around to see what the other Neopets were doing. Some were coming to the counter to pay for their items. “I’d better get going I have lots of things to do today” Twumbo said. ‘But first, I want to hide in the Magic Shop and see what happens when Neopets drink the potions that Mumbo and I mixed up!’ he added to his thoughts, glancing about for a spot to hide. He noticed that there were two Blue Picnic Blankets covering the Beach Lounge Chair.

     “Alright, I hope you have a lovely day, Twumbo! You deserve it” Kauvara said and noticed she had a few customers now waiting to buy the items they wanted. Twumbo took off his Explorer Backpack and unzipped it, he put the Neverending Jar of Jellybeans in it, then zipped it up and put the Explorer Backpack on again.

     While Kauvara served the Neopets, Twumbo and Mumbo quickly ran over to the Beach Lounge Chair and lifted one of the Blue Picnic Blanket up to hide under the chair with Mumbo following after him. Somehow, they managed to straighten the Blue Picnic Blankets up while hiding under the Beach Lounge Chair and began to hear Neopians talking.

     “Thank you for the Pirate Draik Morphing Potion, Kauvara, I’m going to drink it now!” Twumbo heard the Yellow Aisha say. He lifted the bottom bit of the Blue Picnic Blanket up just enough so he and Mumbo can watch what was happening.

     Sure enough, Twumbo watched as the Yellow Aisha ripped the top off the Pirate Draik Morphing Potion and began to drink the contents inside of it. But instead of turning into a lovely Pirate Draik as the Aisha hoped to have, the Aisha turned into an Island Quiggle.

     “What!? How did this happen?! How did you turn into an Island Quiggle when you were supposed to turn into a Draik?” Kauvara suddenly yelled out in shock.

     “You’ve got to be kidding me, I’m a Quiggle? I’m terrified of Quiggles! Turn me back! Turn me back!” The now Island Quiggle cried.

     Twumbo wanted to laugh but if he did, he’d get spotted, so he kept quiet. Soon the other Neopets paid for their Morphing Potions and just like the Aisha who was now a Quiggle got turned into the different species rather then the ones they wanted to be. Many of them began to complain to Kauvara.

     “You must be growing weak with your magic, Kauvara!” a Pteri yelled out. “I was once a Yellow Xweetok but now I’m a Pteri, though I wanted to be a Zafara!” Soon other Neopets began to throw in complaints just like the Pteri did.

     Kauvara looked worried. It was certainly not her doing and she knew that. She decided to get a packet of Bubble Gum to chew on so she could think of what to say, which helps her feel relax. She opened her Cookie Jar expecting to get her Bubble Gum out only to find Fake Gum, which was no use to her. Twumbo and Mumbo chuckled, but due to the amount of Neopets complaining, no-one heard them.

     They noticed a Red Poogle walking over their way. “I’m going to sit down, this is too much for me. I don’t like being a Poogle I want to be a Xweetok! I was a Chia before and thought that drinking a Blue Xweetok Morphing Potion would change me into a Xweetok” the Poogle said aloud and sat down on the Beach Lounge Chair, only to hear a loud rip noise when the Poogle sat down, not knowing that the Meercra Whoopee Cushion was there which set off as soon as the Poogle touched it. The Poogle looked shocked as many Neopets looked at them curious to know what that sound was. Twumbo quickly took the chance to get out from under the Beach Lounge Chair with Mumbo.

     “HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!!” Twumbo yelled out, holding a Hand Buzzer Gag in his paw, shaking paws with every Neopet in sight, giving them a gentle zap in return. Mumbo followed after him, worried about the response from other Neopets.

     Kauvara looked at him. How could she have been so blind! “Of course, it’s April Fools! He wouldn’t have done this normally otherwise, would he?” she then laughed, as did many Neopets. “I completely forgot it was April Fools Day, I would’ve got you back otherwise but maybe that will be a trick of mine next year, Twumbo. Now we both have to work on turning everyone into the desired pets they wanted to be.”

     Twumbo was pleased his trick didn’t get Kauvara really mad at him, and that other Neopets enjoyed it. He had to help her turn them into their desired species, and when that was finished, Twumbo went home, with Mumbo, feeling pretty proud of themselves and relieved they didn't have to write a note to Kauvara after all.

     THE END!


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