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King Skaarl to be Replaced by Slightly Rotten Meat

by stars4ever33


     BREAKING NEWS: King Skaarl, a most notable Neopian, known for being the King of Meridell is to be replaced by a slightly rotten half eaten turkey leg. The sudden change will be put into place effective immediately, for reasons unknown. It is rumored, however, that King Skaarl wishes to retire to Moltara., where he wishes to do nothing more than bathe in lava for 8 hours straight. We approached a Lady Azura of the Meridell castle and asked her how she felt about the change. She shook her head. “My king is the people’s king and wishes nothing but the best for them.” The Cybunny said with glimmer tears of hope in her eyes. When asked if she knew why the king was voluntarily giving up his position as king, she just responded with “I don’t know. I think he’s just tired.”

          For the past decade or so, people across Neopia come far and wide in order to try to make the old King laugh, and only a lucky few have managed to do so. We spoke with a Blumaroo who wishes to remain nameless, but says he was appointed to jester after making the king laugh long ago. His state was “I’m kind of glad the king is being replaced. He was kinda intimidating! I hope the half-eaten meat is a little more easy-going.”

          The slightly rotten half eaten Turkey leg, which the residents of Meridell have taken to calling him “Leggy” has released no statement so far. Several news outlets have reached out to “Leggy” in order to get response about how he feels of being crowned king. When we approached him, he was already sitting on the throne. When asked a question, he gave us no words and instead fell sideways. The medical team rushed in to make sure their new king was okay. Since then, we’ve gotten a report. “Leggy” is alright and will back on the throne tomorrow.

          Our crew headed over to Brightvale to ask the knowledgeable King Hagan, brother to King Skaarl about how he felt about the change. King Hagan merely huffed and said “Its about time my brother got replaced. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to Leggy, He’s very wise and knowledgeable. He has a lot plans for the future of Meridell, and I fully support him.” After which, King Hagan went on his way to his daily study session.

          According to a spokesperson for the castle, Leggy plans on implementing a system in which every day is Dr. Sloth day, so nobody would have to work, even the royal guard. Leggy also plans on further developing Meridell, making it a bit more modern, complete with a new shopping mall that will sell primarily Dr. Sloth merchandise. Leggy wishes that every home be outfitted with small statues of Dr. Sloth in order to praise him every day. The spokesperson handed us a pin that had a picture of Dr. Sloth with a thumbs up and then bid us good day.

          We were approached by Darigan who offered to give his stance on the matter. Of course, we couldn’t refuse Darigan himself. “I have always been weary of King Skaarl, and I’m even more nervous about this Leggy person.” He shook his head and sighed. “But as long as we continue to have peace, I see nothing wrong with it.”

          As we walked around town, people seemed to be acting odd. We caught a Lupe putting an “I LOVE YOU DR SLOTH” banner outside of his home. When asked about it, he said “Who doesn’t love the guy? He’s great!” He then proceeded to tear off his shirt to reveal another shirt underneath that had a big heart with Dr. Sloth in it. He then ran off in the other direction, fists in the air yelling “DR SLOTH IS THE BEST.”


     We went to the royal archives and dug up some information about Leggy, apparently, he was thrown out of the castle window by King Skaarl himself. The king was very upset by the fact that his cook had given him rotten meat and he wanted his servants to take it to the Rubbish Dump immediately. However, the turkey leg had hit a young servant boy in the head. When the boy was found he said the piece of meat had spoken to him! That the piece of meat was crowning itself king. King Skaarl had gone to his room at this time and has not been seen since. Rumor has it that he did head to Moltara but not for the lava bath. Rather, the mayor there simply wished to have a meeting with him. However, it seems the mayor is still awaiting the Kings’ arrival.

          Dr Sloth himself actually found his way to Meridell, we approached him about why the town has “Sloth Fever” he laughed and said. “Perhaps Meridell has finally come to their senses.” He clapped his hands together and smiled. “I am the best, everyone in Neopia should know this by now.” A little girl came up to him and asked him to sign her Dr Sloth notebook, to which he happily agreed. We then asked him why he came Meridell. His response was interesting. “I heard that Meridell had gone gaga for me. So simply had to come!” He shook our hands and sauntered off towards the castle.

          It has been a wild night folks, a half-eaten, slightly rotten turkey leg is now King in Meridell, King Skaarl has been reported in Faerieland, Moltara and even Altador, on world tour. He’s now spreading the word about Dr. Sloth. Leggy is doing great as leader and King Hagan even gave him the title of “honorary brother”. The future of Meridell looks very bright. Construction on the shopping mall has begun, Dr. Sloth himself even agreed to help oversee it. “It’s the least I can do for my fans” he laughed. Now, we sign off for the night, we have the sudden need to turn our house into a Dr.Sloth Shrine......

          This has been Stars4ever33, we hope you have a safe and happy night. Praise Dr. Sloth!


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