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Mutant Morphology Vol. 1

by hamster_wolf


     Mutants! We're all familiar with them, most Neopians are afraid of them. We all know transmogrification potions have a special effect on each species of Neopet that gives them a certain shape, but did you know they're not all exactly the same? No two mutants of a similar species are identical! In this article, we'll cover the basic, visible mutations, as well as subtle differences that have been observed between different Mutant members of the same species, from Acara to Hissi.

     Acara- Mutant Acaras' most notable feature are their glowing eyes and mouths, which can range from a subtle light to a bright neon one visible from a mile out. It's even been suggested their entire innards glow, too! Their toes are also different, with between three to five toes per foot per individual. Their coats come in tones of red or brown accented with dark blue or purple accents.

     Aisha- The first thing you'll probably notice about Mutant Aishas is the fact that they have three (working) mouths, as well as the lovely assortment of (working) tongues growing out of their spines. The biggest difference between Mutant Aishas is their skin type. While most Mutant Aishas are hairless, some come with a light layer of fuzz, and some even retain a normal fur coat like un-mutated Aishas. They come in shades of blue or turquoise, with small spots that can be faint or contrasting to their body color.

     Blumaroo- When a Blumaroo mutates, their fur falls out and their skin warps. There's not a whole lot of notable differences between them, but some Mutant Blumaroos have more body hair than others. The sagginess of their skin varies by individual, with some looking like a typical Blumaroo, but hairless; and others looking like they've got clothes several sizes too big for them. They come in light browns, with some looking almost grey.

     Bori- Boris are one of the biggest Mutants, being four to five times the size of a normal Bori, with huge paws and claws bigger than their heads. While they tend to have five main armor plates on their back, some have been seen with as many as ten, giving them a less-hunchbacked appearance. Their rough, shaggy coats are always green, with darker bellies, ear tips, and tail tips. While they tend to be a lighter green, some are a deeper color.

          Bruce- Another huge Mutant, Bruces' most noticeable feature is the spikes covering their back, which can be small and stubby or long and pointy. The main color on their body can range from blue to purple, and they can have a couple or quite a few darker spots on it.

     Buzz- Mutant Buzz have never looked too drastically different from their un-mutated fellows, with their biggest difference being a mouth full of fangs This can either typically be two big fangs jutting up from their bottom jaw, or a fierce, savage-looking with multiple fangs. They also have armor plated spots on the backs of their tails, and a few rare individuals even have multiple spots covering their backs. While they normally come in a dingy off-yellow color, they have been seen with bright yellow or dark yellow skin.

          Chia- It's not an artichoke! Mutant Chias typically have five spikes on their foreheads, but some have them continuing down their backs for a few rows. They come in greens, with the main portion of their bodies ranging from a desaturated grey-green, to a rich dark forest green. Their tongues are a noticeable feature (especially if you're familiar with the infamous Florg), and can be pink to purple in color.

     Chomby- The absolute biggest of the Mutants, if not one of the biggest 'pets around. These six-legged giants some in shades of purple and pink, and oddly enough for a scaly Chomby, they have a short head of hair and a goatee. Their hair can be any color with brown or black being the most common. The famous plates on their back are gnarled, and usually green. Last but not least, the big solid scales on their backs and foreheads are almost always red.

     Cybunny- Mutant Cybunnies are notable for their huge incisor teeth, which stick out against their black coats. While in most these are the only teeth you can see, some have sharp pointy fangs sticking out alongside their other chompers. While at a glance they look like they're completely hairless except for their ruff and the tip of their tail, some of them are covered in a short layer of fuzz. Their big claws are usually black, but some have been seen with bone-colored claws that match their teeth. Cybunnies are another Mutant that's covered in spots, as well as having dark-colored rings around their tail and on the underside of their fleshy ears.

     Draik- The first thing people notice about Mutant Draiks is their exposed brain! The amount exposed varies between individuals, but it almost always happens when they mutate. These guys have an all-around gnarly look, with bloodshot eyes, tattered wings and greasy scales. While they can get airborne, they're poor flyers thanks to the holes in their wings. They're still capable of breathing fire like all Draiks, but their flame is usually smoke and oily. Most commonly seen in a drab olive green flecked with large brown bumps, but they have been spotted with brown scales, and sometimes even patterns.

     Elephante- One of the more... unique Mutants, Elephantes have only a vague resemblance to the rest of their species. With no legs, they crawl around like Slorgs, though these guys are nowhere near as slimy. They gain an extra eye, and the only part of their faces that looks like an Elephante is their trunk and tusks. Their ears shrink and they grow venomous spines on their arms. Their bodies are shades of purple, usually lavender, and they can have few or many blue spots of any shade.

     Eyrie- Mutant Eyries are one of the most ferocious Mutants, with enough spikes to match their usually sharp tempers. Their wings atrophy completely, leaving them unable to fly. Instead, they can use their 'wings' as a second pair of arms, and have more powerful leg muscles than their airborne cousins. They come in greens and browns, and tend to be found in mountains and caves in the wild. Their two pairs of eyes are especially suited to hunting in the dark.

     Flotsam- If you ever see green slime floating in water, chances are a Mutant Flotsam has been in the area. While their three pairs of eyes give them a goofy appearance, they're just as formidable as Mutant Jetsams, and the spikes growing all along their backs aren't just for show. Some even have an ability to puff themselves full of water like Bubbles. Their long tongues are especially handy for reaching into underwater crevices for food. They come in blues on top, with a silver or white underbelly, making them hard to see on the water's surface or from below.

     Gelert- While not being an especially eye-catching Mutant, Gelerts certainly fit the description. Their eyes turn yellow and sunken. Their back and neck are covered with spines, ranging from a couple big ones, to dozens of thin quill-like spikes. Their fur becomes extremely oily, and turns shades of brown, green, or even grey. Mutant Gelerts have an unusual feature, where the odd hump of muscle on their neck gives them enormous jaw and neck strength. Chewing up bones is a breeze for these guys.

     Gnorbu- Mutant Gnorbus are perhaps one of the grossest mutated pets. Constantly oozing slime and covered in dandruff and oily skin, they’re not something you want to hug. While normal Gnorbus are famous for their fluffy coats, these ones have barely any hair, except for the tip of their tails and some on the backs of their necks. They gain a type of ridge above their eyes, which gives them the appearance of having their eyelids constantly stretched up; don’t worry though, they can close their eyes just fine. Mutant Gnorbus come in shades of brown, tan, and green, with pink underbellies. Watch out for their claws!

     Grarrl- The Mutant Grarrl is one of the least traditionally “Mutant” looking pets. Instead, they almost look like they belong in the Darigan Citadel. Their tongue gets very long, perfect for a non-stop eating machine. Some of them have even been known to grow an extra row of teeth after they mutate! They grow wings, and while they’re capable of flying, they’re usually not very good at it. They’re covered in spikes; the amount on their back varies, but they always have two Kau-like horns on either side of their skulls. They’re always a drab tan or olive, letting them blend into the Tyrannian landscape nicely. They have no markings except for two subtle dark chevrons on their snouts.

     Grundo- Mutant Grundos absolutely tower above their un-mutated friends. They’re huge, and can be as many as ten times as big as normal Grundos! Most of that bulk is pure muscle; they’re one of the strongest Neopets around. While they’re famously used as Sloth’s mindless minions, they can be surprisingly intelligent under all that mass. They have a fairly simple, unified appearance, although some of the bigger ones have been known to have their lower teeth turn into tusks. They come in shades of green, almost always a bright apple green, with piercing red eyes.

     Hissi- Famous for being two pets in one, Mutant Hissis are usually seen as unsettling. Each had has its own brain and personality, and despite what rumors you might hear, they cannot tell what the other is thinking. Each head operates its own side of the body, so if you’re ever being chased by a Mutant Hissi, get the heads to fight, and they won’t have the coordination to follow you. Instead of the normal wings that normal Hissis have, Mutant ones have arms that grow into powerful talons. They may not be able to fly, but they have immense strength and razor-sharp claws. Their scales are usually a muted green, and their spots are normally a washed-out brown. Some individuals have only a few spots, others are absolutely covered in them.

          That's all for today! Tune in next time when we cover species I - N in volume 2!


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