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Valentine's Petpets

by mewemy


     Valentine's Day is upon us which means a whole lot of pink, hearts, chocolate, and roses. Neopians typically spend Valentine’s Day sending each other mysterious valentines cards or exchanging kind words to each other on the boards. This marvelous day is full of love and cheer but there is much more here to be celebrated than just the gifts of jewelry and flowers from your neofriends. There might not be any valentine colored pets around but there is a beautiful array of valentine petpets that greatly deserve to some praise this month.

      The valentine petpet paint brush is a pretty little brush with rich light pink wood spotted in a red heart pattern. The bristles are a lilac purple dipped in blood red hearted ink. This lovely brush doesn’t come cheap as it can turn your petpet into the most adorable valentine's day themed cutie pie. Released on Valentine’s day only four years ago not everyone might be aware of these beautiful petpets. There are currently 12 valentine petpets in total which we are about to take a look at.

      The Acko, Baby Blu, Bearog, Cirrus, Clompkin, Farnswap, GX-4 Oscillabot, Kadoatie, Lyins, Magarl, Noil, Rock, and Turtmid all come in this color. While some were released on valentine's day, this wasn’t the case for all of them. The Valentine's Day Acko and Lyins were released in June for example. This gives us great hope that one day soon every petpet will be released in a valentines day variant.

      These 12 petpets all have two things in common. They all come in either pink, red, or the combination of the two and they all feature hearts somewhere on them. We are curious to see if this pattern continues. Some of the petpets aren’t that much different than their pink version but others really stand out from the crowd and are a great choice to consider if you’re planning on painting your petpet anytime soon.

      The valentine baby blu is the only baby blu that is holding something, in this case a little red heart. That really is one of the most precious things on an already adorable petpet. The bearog’s three heads have had their shape slightly altered to resemble hearts. The cirrus has unique eyes that resemble buttons and features an adorable little heart rain shower splashing out from the fluffy cotton candy like clouds. The perfect petpet for a baby. The farnswap is the only of it’s kind to fashion a collar, can you guess the design of the charm? That’s right, a heart! What’s really neat about the GX-4 Oscillabot is that it’s screen actually shows a heart on the monitor which is a really clever touch. The noil has a lovely heart shaped ears and nose giving it almost a plushie look. A much loved petpet, the kad, has his tail bent into the shape of a heart.

     There is a lot of praise to be said for these petpets because their color really brings a uniqueness to each species. However, not all of the valentine petpets have something about them that makes them stand out from the rest. The valentine Acko, Magaral, Clompkin, Lyins, and Turtmid are all pretty similar to their original form only that they are in the valentine day themed colors of red and pink. They are still a lovely option if you want something more girly but not over the top lovey dovey and obviously valentines day theme. They of course all still feature a heart on them somewhere even if it is just a tiny one as this is an important feature of the valentine petpets.

     Now there is one petpet left that I didn’t mention for the simple fact that I wanted to save the best for last. The valentine rock is the most unique of the group. When you first hear it, it is hard to picture a love themed rock as rocks are typically dingy little things. Rocks are boring and there isn’t a whole lot you can do with them, right? Well, this petpet truly goes outside of the box to pull it off. When this little plain silver rock gets a dip from the valentine petpet paint brush at the rainbow pool something magical truly does happen. No longer is this little guy a rock but he transforms into a delicious decadent box of chocolates. That’s right, chocolates!

     With a velvety red box wrapped in a pink bow the rock petpet becomes something really quite delightful. Featuring 5 yummy milk chocolate candies and 5 delicious dark chocolates, it is tempting to eat this little petpet but we advise you to please not do that! Instead, opt to make this pretty little petpet your pets new friend. You certainly wouldn’t regret it!

     Now you’re probably wondering that since there are no valentines day paint brush/pets what would you possibly match a valentine’s day petpet with! Well you have a few options that would go really well together. Naturally any pink or red pet would be an obvious match but there are a few other good options worth taking a look at.

     The baby Usul and Uni are both pink and adorable making them a good pair for one of the cuter valentine petpets such as the cirrus. Any chocolate pet is a terrific match as chocolate is typically associated with Valentine's day and the colors of brown and pink go very nicely together. Faerie pets aren’t a bad option either since they tend to be on the girly side. White pets are neutral enough to match with everything. There are also quite a few pink species of pets found amongst the candy, dimensional, and pastel pets if you know where to look!

     No matter what color or species your pet is however, you’re sure to find a suitable match for one of the pretty and desirable valentines petpets. So start saving your neopoints and one day this lovely petpet paint brush can be yours! With time, one day every petpet will come in a valentine day variant and neopia will be a little bit happier and loving with the addition.


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